Most of the pictures that I have are one's that are fairly recent, but I thought that I would share them for people that have roots in this area; but are unable to make the trip.

The first photo is rather interesting. It is a newspaper article about soilders. I have not personally visited the small cemetery, but I believe it to be on land now owned by the Weber family East of Yarrow. I at one time tried to be permission to check the cemetery out, but one of the Weber son's didn't seem to interested. I would eventually like to have some photos of the markers, but I am sure the Cemetery is really neglected.

Next are photo's of the Bear Creek Church of Adair County.

A nice memorial was placed.

I guess the Air Conditioning was never installed, but here is the heat source.

And the pulpit is still in place.

The pews are in slight disarray.

But here is a photo of one of them.

Next is a memorial for the First Settlement in Adair County.

As you can see, it is a very large rock.

I thought that this photo was interesting, it is an old cellar located close to the large rock.

East of Kirksville stands the Olive Hill School of Adair County.

The door faces to the south, on a rather large hill.

And, well.

The chalkboard is still in place, but the ceiling is falling in.

In the Northeast corner of Adair County a school is standing (that I assume is) Wilmathsville School.

The chalkboard has a few things written on it, and there is an old plastic flag.

There is also an old piano.

Other Misc Photos:

I wanted to include a map of the cemeteries of Adair County.

Here is a photo of the Old Adair County Courthouse of 1853 (? was it built then, or is that when the photo was taken?)

Next is a photo of the Sabbath Home Methodist Church of Adair County.