Skinner Cemetery of Grundy County, Missouri

In May of 2006, my grandpa and I traveled south of Trenton, Missouri to the site that he recalled as being the Skinner Cemetery. At one point in time, the Skinner farm, school, church and cemetery were located along what is now Highway 65. The road now known as Skinner Road used to be the main artery into the town of Trenton. Over time, a more practical route was found, which is now Highway 65.

Somehow, the Skinner Cemetery has suffered from much neglect over the last 60 years or so. It was reported in bad shape in the late 1960's or early to mid 1970's; and time has not improved it any. I hope that hese pictures will somhow do it justice. We found only one stone standing over a two day period, and I have been back to the cemetery several times since.

Currently, my dad, grandpa, and I have been burning brush from the trees that I cut down in the Spring on 2006. Other relatives have hinted that they would be willing to pitch in some funding for a fence.

Here are some photos of the cemetery:

Before Pictures

During Pictures