I will be adding more detailed information about the business in the coming future; but for now I wanted to put a link to the photos:

Here are some photos of the outside of the building (please note that I have not come across any color photos; so if you have seen one, please let me know).

View from 9th Street 1956

Another view; I think along 9th Street, but I am not sure what the Ford Sign is for (help?)

This is a photo of what I think is the original shop (help?)

Another photo, showing what I remember as the back part of the shop, with the garage door to the right

And then a photo of the east side

And another one but it doesn't look the same as the other one?

These are photos of the bus stop that was torn down to make room for the new shop.

Here is a second view

And here are pictures of the New Shop excavation:

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
I think this photo would be looking to the south?

And here is a photo of the wall of the old shop that collapsed during the excavation. This would have been the South wall of the building.

With a second photo of the now somewhat drafty old shop building.