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Would you believe that the photo on the edge was just taken this summer. I often wonder if this was the type of home my ancestors lived in back in the 1800s. This particular cabin is owned by one of my husband's cousins, though we call him Uncle George. The cabin is just steps from the house we spend a week or two in every summer for vacation.

This picture was taken in Rutherglen, Ontario, Canada. Rutherglen is located about 20 minutes east of North Bay, and to me it is probably one of the most beautiful places in Ontario.

If life was perfect, this is where I would have chosen to live. I have always said that, "I was born in the wrong era."

This page is my memorial page to Our Relatives. I have scanned some of the old photos I have and have decided to add them here. I hope you like them.

Click the names to see their pictures.

Earl Jackson and Annie Livingstone
This a picture of Earl and Annie Jackson, my husband's Grandparents. I'm not sure when it was taken, but I believe it was in the early 1930s.

Michael Abbott and Mary Mabel Butler

This is a picture of Michael Abbott and his wife Mary 'Mabel' Butler, my Great Grandparents. This picture was taken some time before February 1920 as that was when Mary Mabel died.

Mary Mabel Butler

This is Mary Mabel Butler. Instead of using her given name, she used her middle name, which didn't help my research much until I found her parents and siblings in the 1901 census.

Erma Abbott Pinch

This is a picture of Michael and Mary Mabel Abbott's daughter, my Grandmother, also in the picture is my oldest daughter. This picture was taken 8 years before Erma died.

Children of Daniel and Henrietta Reavely Butler - New

This is a picture of the remaining children of Daniel and Henrietta Butler taken after 1893 as their daughter Catherine died in 1893.

Jane Howey - New

Jane Howey is Daniel's mother, she is the daughter Daniel Howey whose father was Robert Howey UEL

Philip Butler - New

Philip Butler is Daniel's father and the husband of Jane Howey

Jemima Osterhout - New

Jemima Osterhout is Henrietta Reavely's mother, she was the wife of Mark Reavely. This is a copy of an original handpainted ceramic.

Mark Reavely - New

Mark Reavely is Henrietta's father, and the husband of Jemima Osterhout.

Here is a little poem I wrote back in September 2000.

A Genealogists View

Genealogy research is not done in vain
It is how our ancestors' memory remains
As we conduct our research, come what may
We learn what their lives were like in their day.

As we cross the gap of years gone by.
We learn what travel was like before we could fly
If not for our Ancestors' skills and bravery
Who could tell just where we would be?

Written by: Cindy Jackson
14 Sept 2000

This candle burns in memory of those who lived and died before us!

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Revised April 24, 2001