Some of the farmland around Pardshaw. Pardshaw Cragg in the distance.



The first we know of the Barwise family of the parish of Dean is the marriage of Robert Barwise to Mary Gridale (Grisdale) noted in the Dean parish registers

�Robert Barrows and Mary Gridale both of Pardshaw by Banns� Robert and his three children, John, Mary and Jane where all noted under Barrows in the parish register for Dean. We are unsure of Robert�s origins at this time.

When Robert died he is noted in the parish registers:

Buried in the year 1793 as follows...

April 4th 1793 Robert Barwise of Kirby (Curby) aged 77 years.

At this stage we are not sure exactly where the family farmed, the couple are noted as being �from Pardshaw� in Dean when they married.��Their daughter Jane was born 26 October 1746 and died 28 March 1753 at a young age was noted to be 'of Kirby', in the parish of Dean in the registers. Kirby seems to be a small hamlet not far from Pardshaw Hall heading in the direction of Mosser.

John Barwise their eldest son married Hannah Cook daughter of William and Ruth Cook, Hannah was from a large family of girls from Grange, Beckermet. John married Hannah Cook, 12 February 1771 at St.Johns Beckermet.When John died he was noted in the parish registers as �John Barwise of Kirby, householder died 23 September 1800, aged 57�. Hannah died in 1818.

When John senior died in 1800, in his will he�mentions his four children by name,�his three younger, Ruth, Mary and Hannah and his eldest son and heir John Barwise and names his freehold closes commonly�called and known by the names of Back of High and Snab Morras belonging situate lying and being at or in Pardshaw in the parish of Dean and names his wife Hannah as his executrix.� His will was proved at Workington 16th February 1801 and Hannah signed.

John Barwise junior never lived long enough to enjoy anything his father may have left him as he died not long after his father and noted in his will 'being visited with sickness but of sound mind and memory'� he left everything to his mother Hannah, mentions his elder sister Ruth and this three other sisters and his brother Robert who seems to be in some far off place 'in case he shall live to come to Kirby'.

Hannah Barwise (nee Cook) makes her will in 1807, she mentions her daughter Ruth Walker wife of Henry Walker, Mary Horner her other daughter married to Joseph Horner and her son Robert gets a mention again but must still be away in parts unknown 'but in case he should not return' and her other daughter Hannah�who seems to benefit greatly and inherits all the property and personal possesions. Hannah actually died in 1818.

By the time her mother dies in 1818 Hannah had been married to William Hellon for nearly ten years they married on 23 January 1808. They are noted to be farmers at Kirby on the 1841 Census for Dean.

William Hellon, 60 farmer
Hannah Hellon, 60
John Hellon 25
William Hellon 25
All given as born Cumberland.

In 1851 Hannah is noted as being a widow

1851 Census for Dean - Hamlet of Pardshaw Hall

William Hellon�� Head�� 37� Farmer of 30 Acres������������������������

Hannah Hellon�� Mother 74 W Land Proprietor and Housekeeper

Hannah Hellon died 31st January 1865 'Hannah Hellon of Kirby, aged 88 years' and her husband William Hellon died 2 November, 1849 two years before the 1851 census.

Of the four Hellon children only their daughter Hannah survived, Joseph, William and John died at relatively early ages.� Hannah went on to marry William Routledge 21st August 1830 and the parish register records.

'Hannah Hellon, Spinster married William Routledge, bachelor both of this parish witnesses:John Hellon and Mary Pearson'.

They had a large family noted on the 1841 Census for Branthwaite

Branthwaite Row

William Routledge� 35 Farmer
Hannah Routledge� 30
Grace� 10
William 8
Andrew� 6
John����� 4
Hannah 2
Mary Anne� 2 Weeks

(Joseph born 1843)

Hannah Routledge died on the same date as her son Joseph was born 'Hannah Routledge, July 16th 1843, aged 33 years' so I would say she must have died in childbirth, Hannah died but we now know that Joseph survived.

Of the children Grace died at an early age 'Grace Routledge of Branthwaite Row, December 16th 1849, aged 18 years.'

�William married Hannah Martin in March 1871 in Whitehaven (no children noted),

1881 Census for Workington

113 Church St
Workington, Cumberland, England

William ROUTLEDGE�� Head�� M�� Male�� 48�� Dean, Cumberland, England�� Grocer����
Hannah ROUTLEDGE�� Wife�� M�� Female�� 54�� Workington, Cumberland, England�������
Jane BODEN�� Serv�� U�� Female�� 16�� Hayton, Cumberland, England�� Domestic Ser

1883 Trade Directory: -� Routledge, William grocer,� 113 Church Street, Workington.

We now know that William Routledge emigrated to the USA.  He left his eldest son William Routledge behind in Workington and of course Grace who died aged 18.  The Family moved to the USA between 1841 and 1850.

1850 Census for Rockford Illanoise, USA

William Rutledge 45 male Labourer from England

Andrew Rutledge 16

John Rutledge 13

 Hannah Rutledge 11

Mary Anne Rutledge 9

Joseph Rutledge 7

They were all born in England on the Census