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Generation No. 1

1. JOHN COOK He married SARAH PUNSONBY 15 October 1701 in Haile, Cumberland, England.

Children of JOHN COOK and SARAH PUNSONBY are:
2. i. WILLIAM COOK, b. 13 October 1702, St.Johns Beckermet,Cumberland.
d. 6 August 1765, Grange, Beckermet, buried at St.John's Beckermet, Cumberland.
ii. DOROTHY COOK, b. 23 September 1707, St.Johns Beckermet, Cumberland.
iii. ELLINOR COOK, b. 19 March 1708/09, St.Johns Beckermet, Cumberland.

Generation No. 2

2. WILLIAM COOK was born 13 October 1702 in St.Johns Beckermet, Cumberland, and died 6 August 1765 in Grange, Beckermet, buried at St.John's Beckermet, Cumberland, UK. He married RUTH COOK (Nee Kitchen) 27 January 1731/32 in Whitehaven, Holy Trinity. She was born 1710 in St.Johns Beckermet?, and died 5 February 1794 in Grange, St.Johns Beckermet.

Children of WILLIAM COOK and RUTH COOK are:
i. SARAH COOK, b. 1733, St.Johns Beckermet, Haile, Cumberland, England
d. 17 January 1752, St.Johns Beckermet, Haile, Cumberland, England.
ii. RUTH COOK, b. 1737 m JOHN COOK 13 July 1756, St.John's Beckermet, Cumberland.

iii. ELIZABETH COOK, b. 1738 m THOMAS HERD, 12 August 1760, St.John's Beckermet, Cumberland.
iv. MARY COOK, b. 1740, St.Johns Beckermet, Haile, Cumberland.
d. 23 November 1815, St.Bees, Cumberland
m. HENRY WALKER, 1761, St.Johns Beckermet, Cumberland
v. ELIZABETH COOK, b. 24 September 1743 m THOMAS HERD 12 August 1760, St.John's Beckermet, Cumberland. Son THOMAS born 1762 at Haile, Cumberland.
3. vi. HANNAH COOK, b. 13 November 1745, St.Johns Beckermet m JOHN BARWISE 1771, St.Johns Beckermet, Cumberland, England
4. vii. ##ANNE COOK, b. 9 April 1748, Grange, Beckermet, Cumberland.
d. 4 June 1811, Croasdale, Ennerdale, Cumberland, England m CLEMENT MOSCROP, 1770 at St.John's Beckermet, Cumberland, England.
5. viii ELEANOR COOK b 24 September 1742 m THOMAS PEARSON 4 February 1766.


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Anne Cook and Clement Moscrop of Croasdale, Cumberland.