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(My thanks to Cynthia McFarland for the below information on the Dunglinson family).

When Robert FLEMING’S 1st wife died he married Mary IRVING on the 15th August 1779 in Whitehaven at Holy Trinity Church. Robert was 53 years old. Robert was the son of Henry FLEMING (or FLIMING) who originated from St.Bees.

Robert Fleming was born at Ennerdale on 9th September 1726 and was the eldest of 4 children. His mother was Catherine Jackson the daughter of Richard and Catherine JACKSON and she was born on 28th April 1689 in St Bees.  Robert already had 9 children from his first marriage to Eleanor Williamson and then had two more from his second marriage.  His daughter Martha FLEMING was born on 30th May 1784 in Ullock Cumberland and their son Jonah was born 29th December 1779 also in Ullock. 

The first DUNGLINSON we can trace is Joseph who was born in 1780 at Cockermouth.  When he was 28 he married Martha FLEMING at Crosthwaite Church Cumberland. They had seven surviving children, three girls and four boys. Joseph died in 1838 at Cockermouth aged 58. His daughter Mary also died in the same year aged 15.

When their eldest child John was born Martha & Joseph  must have been living at Thornthwaite Cumberland where he was christened in 1810. Their next child, a daughter, Eleanor,  was born in 1811 at Braithwaite Cumberland a village just a couple of miles from Thornthwaite between Keswick and Cockermouth. . The family had next  moved to Little Clifton where Jonah was born in 1813 and where Joseph was noted in the Church records as a tenant farmer. 


Sometime before 1815 their son John must have died because in 1815 their next son was named John and christened at St Michaels Church Workington in 1815.

They were in Cockermouth from 1821 since the rest of the children were born there.

The next four children were all born at Cockermouth, Joseph in 1818, Sarah in 1821, Mary in 1823 and Robert in 1826.

In 1841 the family were living at Kirkgate, Cockermouth where Joseph is a labourer. Joseph and Martha are now 60 but still have 3 sons and a daughter living with them.

John is a shoemaker and Joseph a thread maker, Eleanor’s occupation is bad to read on the census image but she was in employment and Robert was only 15.

Eleanor, their daughter in 1851, was living with Thomas and his daughter Sarah  at St Helen’s St , Cockermouth where Thomas is still employed as a hatter. None of the other step children are at this address but there is a boarder Jane HUNTER aged 3 years. Jane is the daughter of Mary Ann HUNTER of Great Clifton who is a Servant at the home of  Charles ROSS, a farmer, as was a John CASSON who may have been brother to Thomas.

Thomas CASSON died in 1858 leaving Eleanor a widow still with Jane HUNTER now 13 living at the house in St Helens St. and in the 1861 census Eleanor now 60 years  of age (named on the census as Ellen) is working as a stay maker. Jane , classed as a boarder and a scholar is now 13years old.

Eleanor is now  in the house at Kirkgate in 1871 with Jane HUNTER who has now married Jonathon RITSON and they have a son George .

By 1881 there have been great changes in the last 10 years for Eleanor.  Jonathon RITSON has changed his occupation and is now a Domestic Coachman and Jane and their son George b 1871 Cockermouth and a daughter Ellen who was b 1872 at Greysouthen, other children Tom b 1874, William D. b 1877 and Mary b 1879 were all born at Workington where the family are now living at 5 Park Terrace (which was in the vicinity of Park End Road).

 On the 1881 census Eleanor is also living at this house although Jonathon is named as the Head and Eleanor is registered as the Grandmother (??). They had another son Jonathon b 1883 while living at Workington.  Eleanor died in 1889 aged 79 and in 1891 the RITSON family had been split. Jonathon is now at Moota House pub at Blindcrake as a lodger and bar assistant to Elizabeth CANNON.

Tom is at Dovenby as nephew of Thomas RITSON, Mary is at Craggs farm Papcastle

as niece but Jane , Ellen and William are at Butcher’s Lane, Ashville Village Harrogate as servants at the home of a Headmaster a John BEWICK who lived with his two sisters and 3 lodgers , a teacher of mathematics, a teacher of science and a teacher of foreign languages. Youngest son Jonathon only 8, is a boarder at another house in Pannal.

In 1901 the family are all together again at Harrogate where Jonathon is a coachman all 5 children are at this address. Jonathon (Snr) is a mason’s labourer as is William and Jonathon now 18 is a baker.

 We know no more at this time about Jane and her family or what happened to her parents.


Martha Dunglinson's son Jonah had married Frances MILLER in 1830 when she was 23 and he was only 17. She was born in 1807 at Tallentire and was the daughter of David MILLER and Margaret ROPER. Frances already had a son David MILLER who was born in 1826 when she was 19 at Tallentire. By 1841 they had a daughter Martha b 1831 at Bridekirk Cumberland and named after her Grandmother, a son Jonah b 1834 in Cockermouth, named after his father and a daughter Sarah b 1838.

They were, at that time, living at Brewery Yard Cockermouth where Jonah was employed as a Cooper (a maker of beer barrels). This row of houses was next to the brewery and is now a block of flats, although the brewery is still there and brewing beer. It is probable that these houses belonged to the Brewery and were let to employees. Frances’ son David MILLER is an apprentice Spooler and is living with them.

Martha’s daughter Sarah in 1841 is employed by John SIMPSON and his much younger wife Elizabeth as a house servant at Brigham Hill Cockermouth. Sarah was to spend all of her working life in their employment.

We next find Martha in 1851 living at Kirkgate, Cockermouth with two of her sons John who is now 36 years old and Robert who is 24. The rest of her children were now married. Martha is a grocer so would have some income of her own. John is described as a Master Shoemaker and Robert is a Journeyman painter, which was similar to the contractors of today. He would not have a regular employer but would have served an apprenticeship and be employed as needed.

In 1851 Jonah’s family were living at Brewery Lane, Cockermouth, the change of address may be accounted for by Jonah‘s change of occupation. He is now 38 and a hat block maker. There was at this time a big Hat Manufacturing company opened so Jonah might have felt that this was a more profitable occupation.

At the night of the 1851 census their daughter Martha now 20 was staying as a visitor at the house of her Aunt Margaret (her mother’s sister) at the Harbour, Harrington Cumberland. The remainder of their family were at the brewery Lane house, their son Jonah who was 16 was an apprentice Shoemaker, (possibly working for his uncle John or perhaps they both worked for a shoe making company). Sarah who at 13 was a Hat Trimmer and Joseph (named for his Grandfather) who was 8 was of course at school.

There is a tracing of Frances’ son David MILLER in 1851, now married to a Dorothy from Cockermouth and living at Dinorben Street West Derby Liverpool. He is now 26 and his wife 31. They have a son John Sanderson MILLER born in 1848 at Liverpool. David is employed as a Rail Porter.

Joseph had married Mary WALTERS of Lanthwaite Green in 1842 and by 1851 had three sons. Daniel was born in 1844, Joseph (named for his Grandfather) in 1847, and Charles in 1850. All were born at Cockermouth. They were living in a house on Wyndham Row, a terrace next to Jonah, and Joseph now 33 is a thread maker at one of the many cotton mills in Cockermouth at that time.

Martha’s daughter Sarah, now, 30 is working as a House Servant at Fitz House Cockermouth to where the SIMPSON family had now moved. Also working here is a Robert MCCADE, a house servant from Keswick.

In 1861 Martha is now living at Main Street Cockermouth and is now 77 years old. She is described as a Housekeeper but probably just in her own home. Living with her is son John who is still not married and is now 45 years old and still making shoes. Martha died in 1865 aged 81.

By 1861 her daughter Sarah aged 40 is now working as a House maid at Bridekirk House, Bridekirk, the SIMPSON family having moved again. Also working here is Robert MCCADE again now aged 42 and employed as a Coachman.

Joseph now 43 is living at Main Street Cockermouth with Mary in 1861 and is a journeyman thread maker. He would be a craftsman at his trade and would be employed by others when needed. His son Daniel at 17 is a draper’s assistant and son Joseph now 14 was probably the clever one as he is employed as a banker’s clerk. There is now another son George born in 1856 and a daughter Sarah born in 1860. They had now had a total of 4 sons and a daughter. Charles had died in the 2nd quarter of 1851 aged about 6 months.

In 1861 Robert is living at Challoner Street Cockermouth having married Sarah DIXON from Threlkeld in 1856 at All Saints Church Cockermouth. He is still a painter but is now no longer a journeyman but is self-employed and employing 2 men. They have 2 sons. Joseph Dixon (named after his paternal Grandfather as was the old naming tradition for a first-born son and also given his Mother’s maiden name) who was born in 1857 and Robert (named after his father) born in 1861.

All three sons of Martha and Joseph have now a son of their own named Joseph (all cousins)

Jonah the eldest son is now 48 years of age and a widower, His wife Frances having died in 1857 aged 50. He is boarder at St Helen’s Street, Cockermouth and working as a Cooper again. The house in which he is living is at Market Place, Cockermouth and is just a short walk to the Brewery. His children are now all independent, and thanks to his son Jonah became a Grandfather at the young age of 42.

We find Jonah’s daughter Martha in 1861 working as a servant for one Edward Bowe STEEL and his wife at a house at Kirkgate, Cockermouth, she would be living in as this was her given address.

Son Jonah married a girl called Sarah who was from Lorton. She was born in 1832. They had 2 children Frances (named for her Grandmother) b 1855 and Sarah b 1860. The two children were both born at Whitehaven Cumberland so they must have been living there for at least 6 years but in 1861 are now back in Cockermouth living in St Helens Street where Jonah is employed as a Shoemaker. As Cockermouth has a tradition for shoe manufacture he was probably employed at a shoe factory rather than in a shop.

The youngest son Joseph is apprenticed to his Mother’s sister’s husband Joseph WILSON as an apprentice Blacksmith. He is now living with them at Henry Street, Harrington, Cumberland.

In 1858 Sarah now 20 had married Robert MCFARLAND at St Mary’s Church, Harrington. Robert was 28. As Sarah’s father was now a widower and a boarder in Cockermouth we can presume that Sarah had gone to live with her Mother’s sister Margaret WILSON at the Harbour, Harrington. The details on their marriage certificate show that Robert’s father was James MCFARLAND a husbandman but does not state if he was deceased. They both originated from Ireland and Robert is also given as a husbandman. Witnesses at the wedding were Sarah’s Aunt’s husband Joseph WILSON and Ann MORISTY.

1861 finds them living at 18 Lowther Street, Great Clifton where Robert is now a Coal Miner. They have already 2 daughters Frances born in 1860 (named after her Maternal Grandmother) and Mary born 1861 (As they seem to follow the traditional naming patterns it is possible that she was named after her Paternal Grandmother) Sarah and Robert went on to have another 6 children.

In 1864 Sarah, now aged 43 married Robert MCCADE. Their employer John SIMPSON had died and his widow moved to Leamington to a house she named ‘DERWENT’. During the 1871 census Sarah was visiting her brother Joseph but Robert was still in Leamington. By 1881 Sarah was retired although Robert was working as a coachman. He is now 62. They are no longer living with the Elizabeth SIMPSON but in their own home at 23 Villiers St North at Leamington. Robert is still living in this house in 1891, but Sarah had died in 1884 aged 62. Robert died in 1900 aged 81.

In 1871 Robert Dunglinson the painter has died and Sarah is now a widow. She is living at Main Street St Bees on a pension, and with her are her sons Joseph Dixon who is now 13 and Robert who is 11.

Joseph and Mary are living at Fitz Mill Brigham in 1871 with George who is now 15 and a clerk and Sarah who is 11. Joseph’s sister Sarah McCade is staying as a visitor during census night. Joseph and Mary are both Thread makers at one of the many mills. Joseph died in 1877 and in 1881 we find Mary living at Brigham Road Cockermouth in a house a couple of door from ‘Evening Cottage’. Living with her is her daughter Sarah now 21 and also her brother Swithen WALTERS aged 60. Both Mary and her brother are noted as having income from dividends and Sarah is a Dressmaker.

By 1881 George now 25 had married Margaret Hannah HUDDART in 1878. They are living at Bridge Street, Cockermouth and have a son Joseph b 1880. George is a Commercial clerk.

Their son Daniel had married Isabella Bulman the daughter of Thomas Bulman a stonemason and Elizabeth who were living at 11 Mill Street St Bees. They married in 1866 at Whitehaven. Now in 1871 they have 3 daughters, Mary b 1867, Isabella b 1869 and Sarah b 1870. Daniel has a very good job as a clerk in the Customs House at Whitehaven. By this time Whitehaven was a highly thriving port and there would be many ships arriving from all over the world, especially with cargoes of rum, so his job would be very important.

In 1891Daniel and his family in are living at 57 Brockman Road, Folkstone. He is now 47 year of age and his children now are 24, 21, 16 and 13 and a new son Harold D. H. who was born in 1890. Daniel is the Clerk in charge at H M Customs office. By 1901 the family has now moved to 5 Kelvin Grove Toxteth Park, Liverpool. All the children are unmarried and living at home. Daniel is now 57 and has risen in status to become the Principle Clerk at H M Customs Liverpool. Liverpool was one of the major ports in England so Daniel’s job would be most important. He must have also been earning a large amount as none of the rest of the family is employed. We can go no further with this family until further census returns are released.  Mary died in 1883.

In 1871 Jonah (Jnr) and his wife Sarah are separated and living at different addresses although they remain married. Jonah is now at Main Street Cockermouth and still a shoemaker and has at his address a female lodger age 63 who would help to pay the rent. His wife Sarah is now at Brewery Yard and is earning a living as a Charwoman. Their daughters Frances and Sarah are living here together with a son Edmond who is 8 years old and born at Cockermouth.

Jonah’s wife Sarah has moved to Workington by 1881, now 47 she has living with her, daughter Frances now unmarried at 26 and a general servant and Edmund who is 18 and a railway clerk. Their address is given as 4 Webb’s Buildings which was one of the maze of streets near to what is now known as the Cloffocks, Workington. We find in one of the Directories of Workington for 1901 an E DUNGLINSON living at 69 Vulcan’s Lane Workington who is mentioned as a shipping clerk. There is no trace of Jonah after 1871 or of Sarah and Frances after 1881.

By 1881 Jonah and Sarah’s daughter Sarah has left home and is found working as a general servant at Mountain View Cockermouth for a family called FAWCETT, who are in business as a Drapers employing 13 people. By 1882 she has married John HASTINGS who originated from Lorton, and who happened to be a traveler in Drapery wares. They were living at 46 George Street Salford by 1891 and had a daughter Ethel b 1886 and a son John Leslie b 1887. None of the rest of the family can be found in the 1881 census but be 1891. In 1901 the family is now at 82 George Street and has another boy Joseph Lawson b 1893 and another daughter Muriel b 1895. John’s occupation is now as a Commercial traveler in Woolens. All the children are registered as born in Manchester.