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My name is Christine St John and I have been tracing my Family History for many, many, years now. It all started with some very old Walker burial deeds of ancestors in Maryport, Cumberland, England and a family story from my Grandmother, Agnes Ruth Graham Hodgson (nee Walker) which partially came true.

I started my search from my grandmother and worked backwards with the information of the old burial deeds, birth certicates and marriage certificates.  My search has been a marvelous journey for me though the county of Cumberland, Yorkshire and Lancashire, England in the last ten plus years  and I have met many wonderful people in the process, so I decided to build this site so I can share that knowledge I have gained with others!

This site originally started off as a 'Walker' website.  In the last few years since I have built the site I have found out so much more information and it has grown to include so many other branches and families that I had to rename it and completely rebuild it to what it is now and I am still adding new branches and information continually.
A Possible Origin for the name Walker

Scottish and English

In the middle ages surnames were often taken from the everyday lives of people.  Occupations were a large part of everyday life and therefore we find today many surnames derived from an occupation, such as Butcher, Baker, Cooper. 
Waulking is a process for fulling cloth to make it more airtight. The word 'waulking' is a Scots word from the 14th century meaning the same as "full"in English. The waulking process not only fulls the cloth but also shrinks it slightly.  In the Highlands, the Gaelic surnames MacNucator, MacNucadair, Macuchaider,etc (son of the waulker, son of the fuller), translates into English as Walker.  It is said the term "waulking" was coined by a non-Gaelic speaker who saw a waulking done by the feet and modified the word "walking".
Occupational surname for a fuller, or person who walked on damp raw cloth in order to thicken it. Derived from the Middle English "walkcere," meaning "a fuller of cloth," and derived from the Old English "wealcan," to walk or tread.

The Walker Family Story tells of the descendants of William and Eleanor Walker of Orchard House, Rottington, Cumberland, England from basically the year 1700 to recent times when the descendants left England and went to Australia, USA and Canada and other far off places.
(The County of Cumberland, England interests primarily)

 'The 3 Ezekiel's' tries to give the reader a small peek into my three mariner's lives in Maryport, Cumberland, England.  There were three generations of Ezekiel Walkers all mariners right down to my GGrandfather. There may have been other mariners but these three I have collected the most information about and have found the most interesting over the years for me to research and of course not forgetting I am directly descended from.  So Anchors away my lads!
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