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"WILTON, a hamlet in the parish of Haile, county Cumberland, 2 miles E. of Egremont."

William Walker (William of Wilton) was born 10 November 1734 to William and Eleanor Walker.  William was his second son by  Eleanor and lived and farmed at Brackenthwaite, Wilton, Haile.  He married Mary Bassett 15 November 1767 at Haile, the parish registers tell us this...'William Yeoman, married Mary Bassett, spinster both of this parish by banns.  William signed and Mary a mark.  Witnesses were Aaron Haile and Gerard Thompson.'

William's father William Walker of Rottington died 1766 just a year before he married Mary Bassett in 1767.  In his will he mentions his son William.

'I also give and bequeath to my son William of Wilton in the county foresaid the sum of five pounds of lawful money of Great Britain'

William had 4 children by Mary, Henry (1768), Nelly or Eleanor (1769)  Elizabeth (1773) Anne or Hannah (1775) all noted in the parish registers as children of 'William and Mary Walker of Brackenthwaite'.

Henry married Jane Armstrong 5 May 1804 at St.Bees.

(5 children Walker)

Nelly or Eleanor married James Brearley 28 December 1790 at St.Bees.

( 2 children Brearley)

Elizabeth married Jacob Glaister 5 March 1798 St.Bees.

( no children Glaister)

Anne or Hannah married George Glaister (brother of above) 9 December 1799 at St.Bees.

(10 children Glaister)

There are many connections through these lines to other families in the area but the main line that concerns this page and the author is Henry Walker and Jane Armstrong of Nethertown, St.Bees, Cumberland.1.  HENRY was born 9 May 1768 in Haile, Cumberland, England, and died 1824 in Nethertown, Cumberland, England.  He married JANE ARMSTRONG 5 May 1804 in Saint Bees, Cumberland, England.  She died Aft. 1824.



i.    MARY WALKER, b. 19 May 1805, St.Bees, Cumberland, England.

2.   ii.   WILLIAM WALKER, b. 19 December 1806, Saint Bees, Cumberland, England; d. 1858.

3.   iii.  ANN WALKER, b. 21 May 1808, St.Bees, Cumberland, England.

4.   iv.  HENRY WALKER, b. 20 November 1811, St.Bees, Cumberland, England; d. 25 June 1856, Beckermet, Cumberland, England.

v.   ELIZABETH WALKER, b. 23 July 1816, St.Bees, Cumberland, England.

Generation No. 2

2.  WILLIAM WALKER was born 19 December 1806 in Saint Bees, Cumberland, England, and died 1858 in of High Prior Scale.  He married MARY MOSSOP 13 September 1837 in Egremont, Cumberland, England, daughter of JOSEPH MOSSOP and ANN WALKER.  She was born 1807 in St.Bridgets Beckermet, Cumberland, England.

1851 Census, Nethertown

William Walker  H M 44 farmer of 56 Acres  born St.Bees

Mary                   W F 44 farmers wife                "  St.Bridgets

Henry                  S  M 12 Scholar                  born St.Johns

Ann                      D  F  7       "                            St.Bees

Jane                    D  F  6       "                            St.Bees

Had two more daughters called Ann and Mary who died in infancy and are buried at St.Bridgets with their parents.

MARY MOSSOP was born about 1807. Married William Walker 13 September 1837 at Egremont. William was a farmer at Nethertown and related to the Walker family of Rottington.  They had five or six children, Henry, Ann, Mary, Hannah/Anne (who may be the same child or two), and Jane. Ann and Mary died as infants. Anne died in 1856 aged 19. Jane died also aged 19 in 1864. Thus it appears that when Mary’s brother Clement died in 1866 Henry Walker was the sole surviving descendant of this side of the family. William Walker had died suddenly in 1858 after a fall from his horse. In 1871 Mary and her sister-in-law, Margaret, Clement’s widow, lived next door to each other in Beckermet St. John, both in receipt of an annuity.

Children of WILLIAM WALKER and MARY MOSSOP are: 

5.   i.    HENRY WALKER, b. 4 November 1838, St.Johns Beckermet, Cumberland, England; d. 10 March 1909, St.Bridget Beckermet, Cumberland, England.

ii.   ANNE WALKER, b. 1844, St.Bees, Cumberland, England; d. 19 July 1856, St.Bridget Beckermet, Cumberland, England (aged 13).

iii.  JANE WALKER, b. 1845, St.Bees, Cumberland, England; d. 21 October 1864, St.Bridget Beckermet, Cumberland, England (aged 19).

3.  ANN WALKER was born 21 May 1808 in St.Bees, Cumberland, England.  She married ISAAC BENSON 18 September 1831 in Saint Bees, Cumberland, England, son of JOHN BENSON and ELIZABETH BIRKETT.  He was born 15 January 1808 in St Bees, Cumberland, England.

Children of ANN WALKER and ISAAC BENSON are:


i.    HENRY BENSON, b. 2 December 1832, St.Bees, Cumberland, England; d. 27 January 1833, St.Bees, Cumberland, England.

ii.   WALKER BENSON, b. 1838, Egremont, Cumberland, England.

6.   iii.  ELIZABETH BENSON, b. 1841, Egremont, Cumberland, England.

iv.  ISAAC BENSON, b. 1847, Egremont, Cumberland, England.

v.   MARY BENSON, b. 1848, Egremont, Cumberland, England.

4.  HENRY WALKER was born 20 November 1811 in St.Bees, Cumberland, England, and died 25 June 1856 in Beckermet, Cumberland, England.  He married MARY ANNE CHESTER 27 December 1847 in Saint John Beckermet, Cumberland, England, daughter of ISAAC CHESTER and MARY RYLEY.  She was born 25 July 1810 in Beckermet, Cumberland, England, and died 25 September 1852 in Beckermet St.Johns, Cumberland, England (aged 42).

In his will proved 10th Dec 1856, Henry was of Nodow Bank, St. John's Beckermet.

His wife is not mentioned so presumed dead and has a daughter Jane who was just a child.  He also has a brother William Walker of St. Bees and sisters Elizabeth Walker and Anne Benson (nee Walker) who married Isaac Benson and also names a nephew William Benson.

All the proceeds of his estate are to go to his sister Elizabeth to use for the benefit, education and support of his daughter Jane until she is twenty one.  Leaves Elizabeth all household goods and furniture for her own personal use and for the use of Jane.  If Jane dies they are to go to Elizabeth solely.



i.    JANE WALKER, b. 12 October 1851, Saint John Beckermet, Cumberland, England; d. 26 March 1882, London, Middlesex, England; m. SAMUEL D. SHILLITO.



Generation No. 3


5.  HENRY WALKER was born 4 November 1838 in St.Johns Beckermet, Cumberland, England, and died 10 March 1909 in St.Bridget Beckermet, Cumberland, England.  He married ESTER HUTCHINSON 22 May 1862 in St.Bees, Cumberland, England, daughter of ISAAC HUTCHINSON and ESTER DICKINSON.  She was born 19 April 1840 in St.Bees, Cumberland, England, and died 7 February 1879 in St.Bridget Beckermet, Cumberland, England (aged 39).



Henry, son of William Walker and Mary Mossop, was baptised 4 November 1838 at Beckermet St. John. He married Esther Hutchinson of Braystones, niece of Margaret Hutchinson his uncle Clement Mossop's wife, on 22 May 1862 at St. Bees. They had nine children of whom one or two died young. Henry lived on an estate at Sellafield (from maps exactly the area on which the power station now stands) which he inherited together with substantial property from his uncle and probably his father.   As can be seen from the above family, his mother Mary was the only one to have children and he was the sole male heir of this line.   His wife Esther died aged only 39 in 1879 and Henry never remarried. 


Henry inherited High Prior Scale a property which has been in the Mossop family since  1684, from his mother's brother. At his death in 1909 he divided his property between his children but it was sold by them shortly after. So ended the Mossop connection with High Prior Scale which had lasted some 227 years.  There are many Hutchinson/Dickinson/Mossop connections through this line and through the Mossop connection eventually goes full circle back to Eleanor Walker born 1741 the daughter of William and Eleanor of Orchard House, Rottington married Clement Mossop of Rottington Hall, St.Bees, Cumberland.


i.    ESTHER WALKER, b. 1864, St Bridgets, Cumberland, England; d. 20 April 1931, St.Bridget Beckermet, Cumberland, England (aged 67).

ii.   CLEMENT WALKER, b. 1867, St Bridgets, Cumberland, England.

iii.  HENRY WALKER, b. 1869; d. 7 November 1879, St Bridgets, Cumberland, England 

7.   iv.  ISAAC WALKER, b. 1869, St Bridgets, Cumberland, England; d. 13 October 1946, St. Bridgets Beckermet, Cumberland England (of Beckermet).

v.   SARAH WALKER, b. 1873; d. 8 May 1876, St Bridgets, Cumberland,England vi.  JANE WALKER, b. 1875, St Bridgets, Cumberland, England.

vii. JOHN SHARP WALKER, b. 1877, St Bridgets, Cumberland, England; d. 14 August 1914, Lost on the S.S. Foret at Salford. (aged 37).

6.  ELIZABETH BENSON was born 1841 in Egremont, Cumberland, England.  She married GEORGE DOUGLAS September 1872 in Whitehaven Registration District, Cumberland, England.  He was born 1837 in Harrington, Cumberland, England. Many Benson connections through this line.


i.    GEORGE DOUGLAS, b. 1873, Egremont, Cumberland, England.

Generation No. 4

7.  ISAAC WALKER was born 1869 in St Bridgets, Cumberland, England, and died 13 October 1946 in St. Bridgets Beckermet, Cumberland England (of Beckermet).  He married (1) ELIZABETH JANE Aft. 1881.  She died 21 May 1903 in St Bridgets Beckermet, Cumberland, England (aged 26).  He married (2) ANN ELIZABETH DOUGLAS December 1907 in Whitehaven Reg. Dist, Cumberland, England.  She was born 1878, and died 13 June 1958 in St Bridgets Beckermet, Cumberland, England (aged 80).


i.    ELIZABETH  WALKER, b. 1909, St. Bridget Beckermet, Cumberland, England.