Ancestry of Neisha Siltz-Gooden

These are the surnames that I am affiliated with, either by birth or through my husband.  Most of the family information has been acquired from other researchers and family. It is meant to be starting point only. I can not verify sources, except for the research I have done personally. Feel free to contact me for additional information not listed here or at my main genealogy site. Good luck!

I have several that I am happy to share.
Can you identify these Mayfields, Edwards or Keithleys?

My surnames:

This family came form Prussia/Germany. My 2nd great grandfather, Philip W. SILTZ, came to America in 1866. He traveled with a brother, but they separated upon arrival. Philip came south to KY and IN. The brother went to New England and I believe is the immigrant ancestor for the descendants of Joseph Benjamin SILTZ. I have seen the name SILTZ as early as 1681, but cannot connect just yet. Other names associated with this family are: HORNUNG, HILT, LAMKINS, WEBER, GODIN, GODDEAU, ROSE, DIECKMAN, FREY, BRIGGS, and HARMON. You can find all the SILTZ information we have put together at my main site:

 I am descended from Johann HERMANN(8th great grandfather)-John HARMON-Christopher/Christian HARMON-Mattias HARMON-Abraham HARMON-Isaac HARMON- William HARMON- Clarence HARMON-Loyd HARMON- Launa HARMON(my mother). Other names associated with this line are: FREELY, KENDAL, ADAMS, MILLER, BURGESS, KEITHLEY, and REGIS. Our family was situated in Indiana and the surrounding region. You can find more information at:

  Most Keithleys are descended from one of Samuel KEITHLEY's 5 sons who came from Germany.  Samuel (the father), John KEITHLEY(my 5th great grandfather)- Joseph KEITHLEY-James B. KEITHLEY-John Yenawine KEITHLEY-James David KEITHLEY-Mable C. KEITHLEY( my grandmother). Other names connected with my line: RIBLEN, BERGER(BURGER), SLOAN, BRUBECK, and EDWARDS  More information:

 Robert MAYFIELD(8th great grandfather)-James MAYFIELD-Micajah MAYFIELD-Levi MAYFIELD-Sutherland MAYFIELD-Sarah Jane MAYFIELD(my 2nd great grandmother). There are a lot of researchers needing concrete evidence that Micajah is Levi's father...nothing yet, but I am contacted with several researchers who are getting close. Other names connected with my line are SUTHERLAND, CONNOR, CATESBY, ROOKSBERRY, HUNTER, and EDWARDS

 I am descended from Henry EDWARDS who came to Indiana among the pioneers about 1820 and settled in Floyd Co., IN. The small town of Edwardsville is named after this family. My line: Henry EDWARDS-Harvey EDWARDS-William Henry EDWARDS-Mary Jane "Mollie" EDWARDS ( my great grandfather). Other names connected to this family are HUNTER, MAYFIELD, and KEITHLEY. You can find more information at:

 Yes, this is the same ADAMS family that is connected with the presidents, John and John Quincy ADAMS. Our lines are descended from Henry ADAMS, me from his son Edward, the presidents from Joseph. The line is: Robert ADAMS(my 14th great grandfather)- John ADAMS-HENRY ADAMS- John ADAMS- HENRY ADAMS(our link to the presidents)-EDWARD ADAMS-John ADAMS- Daniel ADAMS- Thomas ADAMS- Daniel ADAMS- Aaron ADAMS- Lavina ADAMS(my 3rd great grandmother). Other names affiliated with this family are: PENNIMAN, PARTRIDGE, SANFORD, WATKINS, ROCKWELL, HARMON, STONE, and SQUIRE. My line is at:

  From what we know we are descended from William DIEHL I who came from Germany. The earlier generations are in a mix up at this time, and there isn't a definite connection to the 3 William DEALs, but here is what seems to be my line: Daniel DEAL(my 6th great grandfather)-John DEAL Sr.-John DEAL, Jr.-William DEAL-Mary Adeline DEAL(my 2nd great grandmother). Other names connected with this family are: SHAKE, DECKER, IKERT, COSBY, BARNETT, GRASS, SINCLAIR, and KING.  More info at:

  My WEBER line came from Germany and settled in and near Louisville, KY. My line: George Frank WEBER(my 2nd great grandfather)-George F. WEBER-Dorothy WEBER(my grandmother). Other names associated with this line are: METZ, SILTZ, HINCKLYN, HARLY, BUCKINGHAM, RENSHAW, WILSON, ZIMMERMAN, SHERRICK, and LOW. You can see what all I have at:

Mary Elizabeth METZ was born in Metz, France/Germany and married George Frank WEBER, also of Germany. The METZ family came to America abt 1853. Mary came to Louisville, KY and then on to Floyd Co., IN. She is my 2nd great grandmother. For more info follow the link above for WEBER.

 I'm not currently doing any research on the SINCLAIR there are just too darn many of 'em! I can tell you that the family I am connected with settled in Indiana. George SINCLAIR(my 5th great grandfather)- Horatio SINCLAIR Sarah Marinda SINCLAIR(my 3rd great grandmother). DEAL and SHARP are connected with this family. More info:

 Rhine hart Heinrich BORDEN George BORDEN- Catherine BORDEN. This family settled in southern Indiana. Catherine married Isaac KING. More info:

 We are descended from Henry KING, Sr. I am very interested in finding Henry's parents. My line: Henry H. KING, Sr(my 6th great grandfather).-Henry KING, Jr.- Isaac KING James M. KING-John Sylvester KING Mable Berth KING(my great grandmother). Affiliate lines: DEAL, KILLIAN, KING, BORDEN, ELLEWICK, and HOWARD. More information at:

 Adam BROBECK(my 6th great grandfather)-Jacob BRODBECK-Joseph BROBECK-David BRUBECK-Margaret Francis BRUBECK(my 2nd great grandmother). Other lines connected with this family: ZEHNDER, BELL, THOMAS, and KEITHLEY. More info at:

 I have a book containing the descendants of Col. William BURGESS that I am willing to do look-ups in. My line is as follows: Cool William BURGESS(my 9th great grandfather)-Edward BURGESS- John BURGESS- Samuel West BURGESS- John West BURGESS-West BURGESS- Amos BURGESS- Joseph Peter BURGESS- Rose Ellen BURGESS(my great grandmother). Other names connected with this line are: ROBBINS, CHEW, SPARROW, WYVELL, BATTEE, SENSENY, HAAS, PINNAIRE, and HARMON. My line is at:


My husband's surnames:

  All the information I have on my husband's  lines can be found at my main genealogy site. I did not do any of this research, it was given to me by my mother in law who did the research in the 1980's.

 Thomas Griffin GOODEN(2nd great grandfather)-Edwin Stanton GOODEN- Glenn Edwin GOODEN(grandfather). Affiliate names: SHIRLEY, STONE, and BOCKUS

 Jacob THRUSH(5th reat grandfather)-John THRUSH-Isaac THRUSH-Charles B. THRUSH-Alma Glen THRUSH-Harold Al THRUSH(grandfather). Other family names include: SEAVER, PHELPS, YOUNG, HARDIN, and HURN.

  Joseph Dexter STONE- Augusta Francis STONE- Glendora Atica STONE. Other surnames: SUTHERLAND, RAYMOND, and GOODEN.

 James HURN(5th great grandfather)- Randal HURN- Simon Peter HURN- Luther Davis HURN-Thurman Mills HURN-Mary Ione HURN(grandmother). Affiliate surnames: DUNN, ALEXANDER, ATOR/ATER, McFALL, and THRUSH.

 Thomas Brown Lee HARDIN(3rd great grandfather)-George Washington HARDIN- Minerva Abigail HARDIN(great grandmother). Other surnames include: LUSTER, BESSEY and THRUSH.

 Eldridge Wesley McFALL(3rd great grandmother)- John Wesley McFall- Johnie McFall(great grandmother). Other names: TURRENTINE, HOWELL, and HURN.

 George BOCKUS(3rd great gandfather)- Charles Henry BOCKUS-John Alfred BOCKUS(great grandfather).  Other names include: STRAUN, BRANSON, SCHNEPP.

 John Samue SCHEPP(2nd great grandfather)-Fred John SCHNEPP-Dora Leona"Eldora Lee" SCHNEPP(great grandmother). Other surnames: MEDOWE, HASKINS, and BOCKUS

ATOR (also ATER)
 Johann Kasper ATER(7th great grandfather)- Casper David ATER- Henry ATER- Mattias Dout ATOR- Texas ATOR(3rd great grandmother). Other surnames include: VANDELENAH?, STEINER, PARROTT, McDANIEL, and HURN.

 James TURKINGTON(8th great grandfather)-William TURKINGTON- Alexander TURRENTINE- Samuel TURRENTINE-Archeclaus TURRENTINE-Sarah Jane TURRENTINE(3rd great grandmother). Other surnames include: CRAWFORD, SPENCE, WILSON, SMITH, and McFALL.

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