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We invite you to visit our Website for more information about our Clan and to discover our genealogical resources as they relate to Galbraith, Galbreath, Gilbreath, Gilbraith, and other Galbraith-derivative surname spellings.

We are a nonsectarian, nonprofit organization whose goal is to rekindle the Galbraith Clan spirit and closeness among our members, to assist and encourage genealogical research pertaining to the Galbraith family, and to collect, collate and store Galbraith history and genealogical data so that it is readily available to our families and descendants. We will also strive to further the preservation of our Scottish traditions, art, music, and culture.

We have several ongoing Galbraith genealogy projects, including a sizable user-contributed genealogy Library and over 10,000 pages of Galbraith genealogy data available on CD and DVD.

Our journal, The Red Tower, is published four times a year with scholarly and entertaining articles by our genealogy researchers, and lots of other entertaining and useful Scottish history and cultural information.

Our online Galbraith genealogy database has Family histories of many of our members viewable online by Clan Galbraith Association members

We have a new and exciting Galbraith Surname DNA Testing project underway and invite all those with Galbraith and Galbraith-variant spelling surnames to participate. Participating in this program automatically earns 1 free one-year membership in The Clan Galbraith Association and provides access to our online genealogy database.

Stop by our website, see what we have to offer, and say hello!