Our McCormick Ancestry

Unless further research proves fruitful, our McCormick ancestry must start with a McCormick family, which lived on a farm on the townland of Drumbane, in County Donegal. The short northern boundary of the townland borders on the river Finn as it nears the little village of Clady, which is just inside the border of County Tyrone. The early generations of the McCormicks, belonged the Church of Ireland and attended "Urney Church" which lies in a country location beyond Clady in County Tyrone. The official name of the church is Christ Church and it serves the Parish of Urney, which lies partly in County Donegal and partly in County Tyrone. The present church was consecrated in 1866 replacing an earlier church located a short distance away.

The inscriptions on a large flat grave-sized tombstone located in the "Old Cemetery" which surrounds the remaining ruins of the earlier church, constitutes an important guide to McCormick family history. The stone may be located by turning left when one enters the gate of the "Old Cemetery" and proceeding parallel to the cemetery wall until two large flat stones with the McCormick inscriptions are spotted. The first stone has information, which as yet cannot be related to the information on the adjacent one. The second stone carries the names of the early McCormicks of Drumbane, Co. Donegal, and of McCormicks of Ballought, a townland located a few miles away near Sion Mills in the parish of Ardstraw, Co. Tyrone. There is further tombstone information within the old ruins of the old church at the back of the cemetery. The information there deals with later generations of the McCormicks of Drumbane. It is likely that if one had a plan of the cemetery that one might locate other tombstones within either the "Old Cemetery" or the adjacent "New Cemetery" which would have information about related McCormicks or families they were linked to by marriage. In many cases the old flat stones are obscured by plant growth and it would take some time to make a thorough check.

Returning our attention to the Drumbane-Ballought tombstone near the cemetery wall, the first entry at the top of the stone deals with one John McCormick and his wife Jane. At this point, it is assumed that John lived on the townland of Drumbane, although this is not stated. It is also assumed that he is the father of Joseph McCormick, the next male entry on the stone, whose residence is stated as being Drumbane. Some of the dates on the stone are very difficult to read and it is possible that some of the numbers have been misread. Subject to the above assumptions and possible errors in dates, the McCormick information on the tombstone and information from other sources can be pieced together as follows:

Family # 1

John McCormick & Jane

John McCormick was born in 1749 and died on the 11th of July 1835, at the age of 86 years. He was married to Jane (?), who was born in 1742 and who died in February 1832, at the age of 90 years. (The date of her death is difficult to read and could be a later date.) There's also a mention of Isabella Elizabeth "Betty" Sproule as the mother of Robert (below). There are 4/5 presumed sons; Charles, Robert, John, Joseph and maybe Hugh.

Family #2A

Charles McCormick (b. c1777 d 1841-51) & Ann McCann b. 1791-1796 d. June 11, 1855)

Charles may have been John's first son. According to records, a Charles McCormick was born in Urney, Co. Tyrone. He seems to have enlisted in the British army in 1794 and served in the 62nd Foot Regiment; 64th Foot Regiment; 71st Foot Regiment; 4th Dragoons; 57th Foot Regiment. He was discharged in 1817 at the age of 50. He married Ann McCann of County Donegal, daughter of Dennis McCann and Ann Cahill. At some point they moved to Glasgow, Scotland. Their address is given as 64 Govan Street, Hutchensontown, Glasgow. They had nine children.

Hugh McCormick (b. c1824)(d. February 28, 1868) According to the UK census of 1851, Hugh was born in Ireland. He married Susan Harris (b. 1827)(d. May 16, 1861) of Ireland. They had six children.

(1) Charles McCormick (b. c1848)(d. June 11, 1902)

Charles was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He married Mary Howden (b. 1845)(d. after June 11, 1902) of Lanarkshire, Scotland, on July 12, 1867 in St John's RC Chapel, Portugal Street, Glasgow. They had six children.

(a) - Charles McCormick (April 13, 1868)(d.?)

Charles was born in Hutchenstown, Glasgow, Scotland.

(b) - Hugh McCormick (b. November 13, 1869)(d.?)

Hugh was born in Calton, Glasgow, Scotland.

(c) - Ann Hepburn McCormick (b. July 5, 1872)(d.?)

Ann was born in Calton, Glasgow, Scotland.

(d) - Susan Harrison McCormick (b. December 10, 1874)(d.?)

Susan was born in High Church Parish, Glasgow, Scotland.

(e) - Mary McCormick (b. 1876/77)(d.?)

(f) - Jane McCormick (b. 1878/79)(d.?)

(2) John McCormick (b. c1850)(d. February 21, 1908)

John was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He married Ellen Hanigan, daughter of William Hannagin and Isabella McKenna of Shettleston, Glasgow, on June 23, 1873 at St Francis RC Church, Cumberland street, Glasgow. He is listed in the 1851 census as John Cormick. They had four children.

(a) - William McCormick (b. Septmeber 30, 1873)(d. April 20, 1949)

William was born in Upper Fauld's Place, Hutchensonstown, Glasgow. He married Mary McKenna (b. November 15, 1873)(d.?), daughter of Patrick McKenna and Sarah Curran of Hutchensonstown, Glasgow on August 27, 1892. They had two daughters.

1. Ellen McCormick (b. June 8, 1893)(d. ?)

Ellen was born 24 Reid Street, Glasgow, Scotland. She married John Thomson (b. 1889)(d.?) on Septmeber 24, 1909, at Calton Church of Scotland Parish Church. Their marriage was witnessed by John Carey and Lizzie Craig. At the time of their marriage John Thomson was 20 years old and worked as a house painter. He lived at 44 Marlborough Street Glasgow. He was a single man. Nellie McCormick was a single woman of 18 years of age who worked as a pottery worker. She lived at 53 Little Brown Street Glasgow.

2. Sarah McCormick (b. 1895/96)(d.?)

(b) - Hugh McCormick (b. January 15, 1876)(d.?)

Hugh was born at 8 Errol Street, Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Scotland

(c) - Jane McCormick (b. July 3, 1878)(d.?)

Jane was born at 20 Water Street, Milton, Glasgow, Scotland.

(d) - John McCormick (b. February 2, 1881)(d. October 9, 1963)

John was born in 20 Water Street, Milton, Glasgow, Scotland. He married divorcee Margaret Kane, daughter of Thomas Kane and Mary Jane Bothwell, of Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, on 12 August 1913 in St Mirren's RC Church, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Margaret had two children from her previous marriage. She and John had a further nine children.

1. Catherine "Cathy" Ashcroft McCormick (b. October 30, 1912)(d. January 11, 1978)

Catherine was born in 9 Greenhill Road, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. She married Cornelius McColl Smith, son of Robert Smith and Mary Ann Donladson of Baillieston, Lanarkshire, Scotland, on July 4, 1942 at St Teresa's RC Church, Possilpark, Glasgow, Scotland. She is buried at St Peter's RC Cemetery, Dalbeth, Glasgow, Scotland. They had four children.

A. Margaret Smith

B. Robert Smith

C. Mary Ann Smith

D. Joseph Smith

2. Helen Hannigan McCormick (b. May 13, 1914)

Helen married John Halpin (b. c1912) son of Edward Halpin and Mary Ellen Morgan on January 16, 1945 at St Teresa's RC Church, Glasgow, Scotland. The marriage was celebrated after banns according to the rites and forms of the Roman Catholic Church. The priest was Father Michael McCarthy of St Teresa's Possilpark. The witnesses were William Rattray of 17 Orr Avenue, Greenock, and Patricia McCormick of 182 Allander Street Glasgow. The bridegroom was an unmarried man of 33 years of age who was an engineer's labourer. He lived at 182 Allander Street Glasgow. His father was deceased. The bride was unmarried and aged 30 years. She was a newsagent's assistant who lived at 182 Allander Street Glasgow. No information about children.

3. John McCormick (b. October 9, 1915)(d. January 31, 1916)

John died as an infant at Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, Scotland.

4. Margaret McCormick (b. October 8, 1918)(d. February 8, 1919)

Margaret died as an infant at 65 Bishop Street, Port Dundas, Glasgow, Scotland.

5. Mary "Molly" Fultan McCormick (b. October 8, 1918)(d. December 1, 1922)

Molly died sometime after her twin sister at Ruchill Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland.

6. David McNaughton McCormick (b. December 31, 1920)(d. May 4, 1985)

David was born at 65 Bishop Street, Port Dundas, Glasgow, Scotland. He married Elizabeth Kane (b. c1919) daughter of Patrick Kane and Elizabeth Quinn, on 26 March 1951 in St Bridget's RC Church, Baillieston, Lanarkshire, Scotland. They had one child.

A. John McCormick (b. October 9, 1951)

John was born at Maternity Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland.

7. Thomas Kane McCormick (b. February 16, 1922)(d. October 10, 1983)

Thomas was born at 65 Bishop Street, Port Dundas, Glasgow, Scotland, He married Margaret Burke (b. December 3, 1918) of 35 Buchanan Street, Baillieston, Glasgow, Scotland, on October 28, 1950, at St Bridget's RC Church, Baillieston, Lanarkshire, Scotland. They had one son.

A. William McCormick (b.after 1950)

8. Hugh McCormick (b. November 10, 1923)(d. July 19, 1943)

Hugh died while serving during the Second World War.

9. Patricia O'Donnell McCormick (b. December 27, 1924)(d. September 9, 2001)

Patricia was born at 65 Bishop Street, Port Dundas, Glasgow, Scotland. She never married but had a long term partnership with John Drummond. They had one son.

A. Matthew John McCormick (b. January 16, 1965)

Matthew was born at 133 Balornock Road, Glasgow, Scotland. He has been married twice. First he married Fiona McGeechan on 15 November 1991 in St Andrew's Episcopal Church, Uddingston, Lanarkshire, Scotland. After they divorced, he married Sharon Louise Nugent on 30 October 1999 in Registration Office, Park Circus, Glasgow, Scotland. He has one son from his second marriage.

(i). Luke David McCormick (b. February 9, 2004)

(3) Catherine McCormick (b. 1854/55)(d.?)

Catherine was born in Glasgow, Scotland.

(4) Thomas McCormick (b. June 8, 1857)/d. November 20, 1857)

Thomas died as an infant at 14 Rose Street, Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Scotland. He is buried at Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland.

(5) Jane McCormick (b. December 5, 1858)(d. March 18, 1903)

Jane was born at Govan Street, Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Scotland. She married Robert McFarlane of New Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire, Scotland on 20 April 1885 in 2 Kersland Street, Partick, Lanarkshire, Scotland. The marriage was celebrated after banns according to the forms of the Free Church of Scotland. The minister was Thomas J. Anderson of Lyn Street Church. The witnesses were William Gordon Lawrence and George McFarlane. Robert McFarlane was a master grocer. He was a single man of 36 years of age. He lived at 18 Water Street Glasgow. His father was deceased. Jane McCormick was 26 years of age and lived at 52 Water Street Glasgow. She was unmarried. Both of her parents were deceased. They had five children.

(a) Archibald McFarlane (b. c1886)(d.?)

(b) Hugh McCormick McFarlane (b. c1890)(d.?)

(c) Robert McFarlane (b. c1893)(d.?)

(d) George McFarlane (b. c1895)/d.?)

(e) Jane McFarlane (b. c1897)(d.?)

(6) Elizabeth (Anderson?) McCormick (b. May 14, 1861)(d. July 7, 1861)

Elizabeth died as an infant at 12 Wellington Lane South, Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Scotland.

Sarah McCormick (b. c1826)(d. November 12, 1883) Sarah was born in Strabane, County Tyrone, Ireland. She married Thomas McConneahy on 18 June 1854 in Gorbals parish, Glasgow, Scotland. No other details.

Ann McCormick (b. c1828)(d.?) Ann was born in Strabane, County Tyrone, Ireland.

Jane/Jean McCormick (b. c1829)(d.?) Jane/Jean was born in Ireland.

Rebecca McCormick (b. 1831)(d. 1836)

Margret McCormick (b. c1833)(d. c1837)

John McCormick (b. c1835)(d. c1838)

Eliza McCormick (b. c 1836)(d. April 12, 1882) Eliza was born in Strabane, County Tyrone, Ireland. She married William Masterson on 16 July 1863 in St John's RC Chapel, Portugal Street, Glasgow, Scotland. No other details.

Charles McCormick (b. c1839)(d.?) Charles was born in Glasgow, Scotland.

 Family #2B

Robert McCormick (b.1781 d.1837) & Margaret Hamilton (b.1789 d.1837)

It is believed that Robert may have been John's second son although this cannot be confirmed. He was born in Plumtree, Nottinghamshire but, at some point, moved to County Tyrone and his address was given as Castlederg. He married Margaret Hamilton of (?) on (?) in 1806. Robert's parents are listed as John McCormick and Isabella Elizabeth "Betty" Sproule. The records of their children are sketchy and unreliable. If they are taken to be true, they had five children born in 1810, all of which died in 1823.  "That seems highly unlikely. Others are more detailed. He died in Palo Alto, Iowa, USA.

Elizabeth McCormick (b. March 3, 1829)(d.1907) Elizabeth is listed as being born in the UK. In 1848 she married Thomas Graham (b. 1819)(d. 1863 Ireland) of Castlederg, Co. Tyrone. They had nine children. Elizabeth died in Sumner, Missouri, USA.

(1) Ellen Graham (b. November 18, 1849)(d. September 16, 1923)

Ellen married ? Burns of ? in Denville, New Jersey, USA. They had at least one child. She died in Sumner, Missouri, USA.

(2) Rebecca Graham (b. c1850)(d.?)

(3) Margaret Graham (b. 1851)(d.?)

Margaret married ? of ? in 1873.

(4) Elizabeth Graham (b. 1853)(d.?)

Elizabeth married ? of ? in 1877.

(5) Robert Graham (b. December 1, 1855)(d. April 27, 1948)

Robert was born in Londonderry, Ireland. He married Sarah Ann Fields (b. 1856)(d. 1920) on ? At some stage, he moved to Missouri, USA. They had at least three children.

(a) - Elizabeth Matilda Graham (b. April 5, 1881)(d. September 9, 1881)

Elizabeth was born in Missouri. She died as an infant.

(b) - Robert C Graham (b. April 7, 1892)(d. January, 1977)

Robert was born in Rothville, Missouri, USA. On Oct 31, 1931 he married Pauline Buck in Chillicothe. They had one daughter.

1. Blanche Graham (b.?)(d.?)

Blanche married ? Zagrodzky. They had two sons.

A. Russell Zagrodzky

B. Robert Zagrodzky

(c) - John Wesley Graham (b. April 24, 1897)(d. January 1975)

John was born in Sumner, Missouri, USA. He married Madge Dean on July 14,1918. He lived his entire life in the Prairie Mound and Rothville area. They had at least three children.

1. Jean Graham

Jean married ? Moore.

2. Lee Graham

3. (infant) Graham

(6) Calhoun Graham (b. January 21, 1857)(d.?)

Calhoun married Emma Josephine Deems of Merritstown, Pennsylvania, USA on October 20, 1861, in Crete, Nebraska, USA. They had seven children.

(a) - Charles Calhoun Graham (b. February 19, 1882)(d. February 5, 1968)

Charles was born at Pleasant Hill, Nebraska, USA. He married ? of ? on July 3, 1903.

(b) - George Edgar Graham (b. May 22, 1883)(d. June 14, 1958)

George was born at Pleasant Hill, Nebraska, USA. He was married twice; to Grace L Kremer on ? and then Winnifred Violet Robb (of Bird City, Kansas) on September 2, 1906 in Toronto, Kansas. George died in Bozeman, Montana, USA. He had 6 children.

1. Edgar Russell Graham (b.?)

Edgar married Frieda Elizabeth Maurer (b. September 19, 1904) of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They had two children.

A. ? Graham

B. Ruth Graham (b.?)

Ruth married Don Ulm and had two children.

(i). ? Ulm

(ii). ? Ulm

2. Robert Calhoun Graham (b. January 10, 1910)

3. ? Graham

4. ? Graham

5. ? Graham

6. ? Graham

(c) - Grace Andre ws Graham (b. April 23, 1885)(d.?)

Grace married ? on May 25, 1913.

(d) - Robert "Bert" Arnold Graham (b. December 4, 1886)(d. November 5, 1950)

Bert was born in Crete, Nebraska, USA. He married ? on October 25, 1911.

(e) - Clarence Thomas Graham (b. April 23, 1888)(d.?)

Clarence married ? on July 28, 1915.

(f) - Clayton Noble Graham (b. June 4, 1891)(d.?)

Clayton married ? on April 28, 1915.

G. Clara Emma Graham (b.?)(d.?)

(7) Annie Graham (b. 1862)(d.1884)

(8) Jane Graham (b. 1862)(d.?)

(9) John Graham (b. c1863)(d.?)

Ellen McCormick (b. 1832)(d.?) Ellen was born in Castlederg, County Tyrone, Ireland. She married James McClung. They had eight children that we know of.

1. Ellen McClung

2. James McClung

3. Margaret "Maggie" McClung

4. Samuel McClung

5. Isabella McClung

6. Elizabeth "Lizzie" McClung

7. Minnie McClung

8. William McClung

Family #2C

John McCormick (b. 1791 d. February 7, 1881)

& Elizabeth Sproul (b.c1794 d. May 15, 1837)

& Isabella Stewart (b. 1807 d. 1888)

John was married twice. First to Elizabeth Sproul and they possibly three children; Thomas, John Jr, Robert and James. Elizabeth died at the age of 43. And then Isabella, with whom he had one or two children; (Charles) and Isabel. The family moved to the USA leaving Ireland in 1838 and finally settling in Palo Alto in 1856. He is documented to have been living in Durham, England in 1851. During a newspaper (Emmetsburg Democrat) interview in 1917, their son John Junior said "[His parents] were living in a sod house. Long poles were used for joist and smaller poles were placed across them to hold up the sods for a roof. There was no lumber in the country at that time. The grass was so high that it was dangerous to turn out cows. They might wander away and get lost. Hence they were staked out. Mr. McCormick tells us that he and his brother batched it out for eight years. They had no floor in their house. They baked their own bread and ate their meals off a shingle block. They never had to call a doctor. Mr. McCormick claims that they had plenty of cream, an abundance of eggs and did not have to pay $4.00 per bushel for their potatoes. They did their baking in a Dutch oven. They bought the first mower owned in the county and they cut hay from 1861 to 1863 for farmers in West Bend and Walnut townships. They also owned the first hay rake in the county."

Thomas McCormick (b.?)(d.?) Thomas was clerk of court in 1859 and county judge in 1861. Thomas named the area around Rodman, Fern Valley, after his home in Ireland, Fern hill, which is just outside Castlefin, County Donegal.

John McCormick (Junior) (b. April 19, 1825 d. 1919). John was born in County Tyrone. He married Mary Ann Badder (?) of (?). In 1848, John moved to the USA in the region of Rodman, Palo Alto, Iowa. He lived in New Jersey for ten years. While living in New Jersey, an incident occurred that illustrates some of the difficulties of pioneer life. John Jr. wrote to his brother Robert, saying that he would like to have a letter every week. Robert replied from Palo Alto, "The frost has busted my ink bottle and it is fifty miles before I can get another." John Jr started for Iowa in the spring of 1858. He reached Iowa City by rail and from that place came by team to Fort Dodge. John was chosen superintendent of schools on Novemver 6, 1860 and the first school was taught in Martin Laughlin's home in the spring of 1861. He served two years. His salary was $50 per year. He was also coroner in 1861 and he was elected sheriff in 1867. He was treasurer of Fern Valley township for eighteen years. We know that he and his wife had at least one child.

(1) Eliza Jane McCormick (b. 1874) (d. 1945)

Eliza Jane married Jess Wallace Crook (b. 1871 d. 1901?). They had at least one child.

(a) - Eva Bell Crook (b. 1905?)(d. 1974)

She married Donald Cipperly Crouse (b. 1905 d. 2002). They had at least one child.

1. Donna Crouse (b. 1934)(d. 2007)

Donna married William Robert Moore (b. 1932). They had at least one child.

A. Debbie Moore (b.1955)

Robert McCormick (b.?)(d.1858)

Robert volunteered in assisting the army bury the dead in the aftermath of the Spirit Lake Massacre (March 1857) where 35-40 settlers were killed by Sioux Indians in revenge for the Sioux tribe chief's brother being killed. The trek was long and hard and a sudden blizzard caused some of the returning party to lose their way. Two of them perished in the cold and were found years later. One year later Robert was killed in a gunfight over a piece of timber.

James McCormick (b. April 5, 1832)(d. October 29, 1910)

James was born in Tyrone, Ireland. James was made sheriff of Palo Alto in 1859. At some point, James lost part of his foot due to frostbite on a wagon-train after picking up his mother and sister when they moved to Iowa. His sister Isabella wrote this about the experience; "When he realized that his feet were frozen, he had to have help to remove his boots, and his toes rattled on the floor as if they were stone. The hotel people brought in quantities of snow in a tub and insisted he put his feet in the snow until the frost would be drawn out gradually." He married Ellen Graham (born County Tyrone, Ireland November 18, 1849) on August 27, 1868 in New Jersey. It seems that James moved to Sumner, Missouri at some stage. James and his wife had at least two children.

(1) John Thomas McCormick (b. July 18, 1874)(d.?)

John Thomas was born in Iowa. He married Jessie Benton Matthews. They had two children.

(a) - John Thomas Jr.

(b) - Annabel Matthews McCormick

Annabel married William Thomas Stewart (b. May 18, 1903)(d. September 13, 1903) of Sumner, Missouri on August 15, 1924. They had two children. She is buried at Lakeside Cemetery, Cunningham Township, Charlton County, Missouri.

1. - William T "Bill" Stewart (b. April 19, 1925)(d. January 23, 2000)

Bill married Bessie Jean Cross (b. March 22, 1926)(d. January 18, 2005) on August 6, 1946. They had three children.

A. Patsy Stewart

B. JoAnne Stewart

C. James Stewart

2. - Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Stewart (b. July 17, 1929)(d. May 30, 2010)

Betty married William James Montgomery Jr on June 28, 1947. She was a member of Sumner United Methodist Church, Eastern Star, Taylor Golden Rule, Triangle Class (UMC) UMW, Amereican Legion Auxiliary, Chariton County Republican Women and Linn County Community Chorus. She had the following children

A. William James Montgomery III

William became a clergyman. He married Martha.

B. Grace Montgomery

Grace married ? Goring.

C. Roselle Montgomery

Roselle married Chris Heller.

D. Ellen Rae Montgomery

Ellen married Steve Shiflett.

(2)  Harriet Anna McCormick (b. August 19, 1884)(d. November 3, 1954)

Harriet married Frank Eugene Bushnell (b. July 18, 1884) of Brookfield, Linn County, Missouri. They had two children.

(a) - Grace Iona Bushnell (b. November 26, 1914)(d. May 26, 2011)

Grace was born and died in Brookfield, Linn County, Missouri. She married Glenn P Demarest on July 14, 1914. They had at least one child.

(b) - William E Bushnell (b. c1920)

William was born in Chariton County, Missouri.

Charles McCormick (b. July 22, 1840)(d. August 2, 1909)

Charles married Emma Louise Cornish on March 16, 1869, and they were the parents of eleven children, seven of which are documented; Mary E, Cora, Margaret, Charles, Blanche, Robert and Grace. He left his home in County Donegal, Ireland when he was 10 years old, first living in New Jersey for a number of years and reaching Palo Alto, Iowa in 1858. Charles died while living in Pasadena, California at the age of 69. It was noted that Charles was a half brother of John and James but a full brother of Isabel. Charles and Emma lived in Emmetsburg where Charles became a successful and well renowned businessman. He was described as "active and zealous in business matters, and shrewd, but honest in his business dealings." His business interests grew until he be became generally recognised as one of the wealthiest men in the community. Besides his keen insight into business affairs he was a noted character in other ways. He was always cordial and genial. He met every one with a pleasant salutation a kind word and a complimentary comment. No one could feel very doleful after meeting him. In his home he was kind and devoted to wife and children and none was prouder of a family than was he of his. He was a good provider and took great pleasure in his home and family.

(1) Mary Emma McCormick (b. June 6, 1874)(d. November 8, 1941)

Mary Emma McCormick, the daughter of Charles and Emma McCormick, was born on a farm near West Bend, on June 6, 1874. When a little girl, she moved with her parents to Emmetsburg where she received her schooling. As a child, she entered into the membership of the Methodist church of Emmetsburg and remained a member until when she transferred to the First Presbyterian church at Pasadena, California. On January 6, 1896 she was united in marriage with Julius H. Knoblauch (b. 1868)(d. 1922) at Emmetsburg. To this union there were born three children. Mrs. Bert E. Frost of Washington. D.C. and Julius C Knoblauch of Huntington Park, Cal. and a son who died in infancy. Mrs. Knoblauch was very popular when a resident of Emmetsburg a number of years ago and took a leading part in club and lodge activities. She was a member of the Eastern Star and Pythian Sisters in Emmetsburg and of the P.E.O. and Shakespearean club at Pasadena, Cal. She was Grand Chief of Iowa of the Pythian Sisters in 1924 and at the time of death she was a Junior Supreme Representative of the order. She is buried at Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa.

(a) - Francesca Knoblauch (b. July 20, 1899)(d. January 13, 1986)

Francesca married Bert E Frost (b. June 20, 1891)(d. October 5, 1952) of Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa.

(b) - Julius Charles Knoblauch (b. September 8, 1902)(d. August 3, 1991)

Julius married Erma D ? of Palm Desert, California. They are both buried at Palo Alto, Iowa.

(2) Cora Ellen McCormick (b. February 1880)(d. June 2, 1923)

Cora Ellen married Benjamin Merwin Quigley (b. 1875)(d. 1951) in 1903. They had three daughters. She is buried at Altadena, Los Angeles County, California.

(3) Margaret Elizabeth McCormick (b. March 27, 1884)(d. November 8, 1964)

Margaret married William Somerset Douglass (b. 1879)(d. 1938). She is buried at Altadena. Los Angeles County, California. There are no other details.

(4) Charles Jackson McCormick (b. April 10, 1886)(d. March 17, 1942)

Charles was born at Emmetsburg. He married Williemarie Hannon. They had two children. Charles is buried at Altadena, Los Angeles County, California.

(a) - Charles Jackson McCormick Jr (b. c1915)

(b) - Madelina McCormick

(5) Blanche Ethel McCormick (b. January 16, 1889)(d. May 30, 1953)

Blanche married Roscoe Conkling Haskett (b. 1886)(d. 1919). She is buried at Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California. No other details.

(6) Robert Harold McCormick (b. November 1, 1891)(d. August 1, 1968)

Robert married Florence Kollack Chamberlain (b. May 17, 1891)(d. January 9, 1914) of Cook County, Illinois, USA sometime around 1911-1914. Florence died at a young age (22) shortly after they were married. They had a son who died at birth.

Isabel(la) McCormick (b. April 16, 1845)(d. September 11, 1927)

Isabel(la) married Ira Dexter Stone (b.1834)(d.1913) in a double wedding shared by her brother, Charles, on March 16, 1869. She left Ireland when she was a young child with her family. She and her mother left Newark, New Jersey, for Iowa in 1856, to join other members of the family. They reached Iowa on November 16 where Isabella's brothers, Robert and James, were waiting for them with an ox team to bring them to the family farm in Rodman, through the deep snow and swollen rivers. James got frostbite in his foot and had to have part of it amputated in Fort Dodge. Isabella became a schoolteacher. Isabella and Ira had two children.

(1) John M Stone (b. 1870)(d. 1953)

John married Emma E Lehman (b. 1874)(d. 1954). They had at least one child.

(a) - Albert L Stone (b. 1905)(d. 1993)

Albert married Louise Burgeson (b. 1907)(d. 1989). They are buried at West Bend, Palo Alto, Iowa.

(2) Isabelle Stone (b. December 1871)(d. 1946)

Isabelle married Frank H Brown (b. 1865)(d. 1947). They are buried at West Bend, Palo Alto, Iowa. No other details.

Family #2D

Joseph McCormick (b.1794 d.1878) & Elizabeth (b.1795 d.1837)

& Anne (second wife?) (b.1789 d.1869)

Joseph McCormick, assumed to be the son of John McCormick, died on March 20, 1878, at the age of 84. The tombstone information includes the fact that he was a resident of Drumbane. The tombstone information does not include any reference to his wife Elizabeth. The records of Urney Parish, however, states this fact, as there is baptismal information in these records about some of their children. An Elizabeth McCormick is recorded as being buried on May 15, 1837, at the age 42. This Elizabeth is not identified as the wife of Joseph, but she is listed as being from Drumbane. Her age at death ties in nicely with the period during which the children were born. It is likely that Joseph and Elizabeth were married 1818, give or take a year or two, and it is also likely that their firstborn child was a girl.

The surviving records of Urney Parish date from the period of 1813-1815 and they seem to have been carelessly and irregularly kept until the mid-1800s. In a parish census taken in 1849, Joseph McCormick�s name is immediately followed by that of "Anne", his wife. In this entry, sons, John, Thomas, Joseph and David, and daughters, Eliza and Sarah were still living at home. Elsewhere the parish records state that one Ann McCormick of Drumbane was buried on April 1869, at the age of 80. The death of Joseph�s wife, Elizabeth, in 1837, preludes any children of the marriage of Joseph and Anne, as she would have been 48 years old, even if Joseph had immediately remarried. Griffith�s Evaluation, a survey taken for taxation purposes, states that in 1857 that Joseph McCormick held 30 acres, two roods of Drumbane from Sir Fred W. Heygate. When the vestry of the parish of Urney assigned pews in the new church on July 28, 1866, Joseph McCormick and his family of Drumbane were assigned Pew No.6. As yet, the parish records have not been checked beyond the early 1870's, and it is possible that when this is done that further information about the death of any McCormick born in the late 1700's will not be found. A search of the records of the surrounding parishes may provide information about some of the early McCormick marriages for it is customary for the marriage to be performed in the bride�s parish.

Evidence from various sources, linked with some assumptions, suggests that Joseph McCormick and his wife Elizabeth had at least nine children, five girls and four boys. Their names and likely order of birth was as follows: Jane, John Thomas, Joseph, Mary Anne, Jacob, David, Charlotte, Elizabeth and Sarah. As not very much information has been gathered about the girls, information about three sons will be presented first. John Thomas, Joseph and David fathered three branches of McCormicks.

Family # 3A

John Thomas McCormick & Margaret Leitch

(b.1821 d. Dec.20, 1885) (b.1826 d. Dec.28, 1896)

John Thomas McCormick, the eldest son of Joseph and Elizabeth McCormick, married Margaret, the daughter of Samuel Leitch of the townland of Skelpy in parish of Urney, Co. Donegal. They were married by Vincent B. Smyth in the presence of Wm. John Leitch, James Gordon and Joseph McCormick on September 21, 1853. The groom would have been 32 and the bride 27. As their marriage residence is listed as being of Ballought (various spellings), a townland near Sion Mills in the parish of Ardstraw, Co. Tyrone, when their first child was born, it follows that John Thomas acquired land in Ballought not more than a few years before his marriage. Although living in the parish of Ardstraw, they continued to attend church in the parish of Urney, Both husband and wife were buried in the McCormick grave in the "Old Cemetery" of "Urney Church".

John Thomas, as the eldest son, would ordinarily have inherited the Drumbane farm but in many cases the oldest son would not care to wait until the death of his father and could well have worked out some other form of settlement. Marrying and living in the same home as ones parents as well as other unmarried brothers and sisters was not always a satisfactory arrangement. The most likely explanation is that John Thomas� father Joseph acquired the land as he is listed in the Hamilton Rent Books of 1849/50 as to having land in Ballought (or Ballaugh as it is spelled there). John Thomas then acquired the land from his father at the time of his marriage.

John Thomas and his wife Margaret had nine children, six sons and three daughters. Details about their children and their children�s descendants follows:

(1)- Joseph McCormick (Born. Aug.1854) (Died?)

It is possible that this eldest son of a large family preferred to take money as a settlement for his inheritance. At any rate as a young man he went to the U.S.A. with his cousin Joseph McCormick of Crillen, near Kesh, Co. Fermanagh. His cousin settled in Iowa and perhaps he did the same. No further information is available at this time.

(2)- Elizabeth (Bessie) McCormick (Born. 1855) (Died. Late 1920's)

"Aunt Bessie" as she was known, married an elderly widower, William Houston (born. c1838). William was the first child of Ezekiel and Margaret (nee Fletcher). He lived and farmed in Ballought close to Bessie�s home. He had one son, Ezekiel (born Jan. 24, 1879) and two daughters, Mary (born Jan. 25, 1881) and Jane (born Sept. 22, 1882) from his first marriage, to Mary (nee Thompson). William died prior to 1915. William and Bessie had three daughters and one son as follows:

(a)- Eliza Jane Houston (Lizzie) (Born. October 4, 1889) (Died?)

She married one James McKane and lived between Strabane and Londonderry. It is believed that they had a family.

(b)- Margaret Anne Houston (Maggie) (Born. April 27, 1891) (Died?)

She married John McCausland (born August 17, 1861)(died April 20, 1950) son of William McCausland (1823-March 10, 1915) and Rebecca (nee McKean) (1833-January 8, 1923). They lived in the townland of Drumenan, in the St.Johnston district in Co.Donegal and they had no family.

(c)- Mary Ellen Houston (Ellie) (Born. August 4, 1892) (Died?)

She married Mr. John Knox who lived close to Ballought. It is thought that they had no family.

(d)- William Ezekiel Houston (Willie) (Born. July 28, 1893) (Died?)

He married a McKane, probably not a relative of his sister�s husband and went to Australia in the 1920s. He died there but it is thought his body was returned to Ireland.

(3)- Anne (Annie) Maria McCormick (Born. March 25, 1858) (Died Sept. 13, 1936)

She married her cousin Joseph McCormick, the son of David McCormick, of Drumbane Co. Donegal, on (?). David had inherited the Drumbane property. (See Family # 3C)

(4)- Samuel (Sam) McCormick (Born. 1860) (Died. Late 1930's)

A recheck of the Urney parish records is required, as either the minister neglected to record his birth and baptism, or the writer missed seeing the entry. As the second eldest son, it would have been assumed that Samuel would have inherited Ballought from his father John Thomas McCormick. Perhaps his marriage in the mid-1880s was a factor and a financial settlement was a solution. "Uncle Sam", as he was known, married his cousin Francis (Fannie) McCormick, a daughter of Joseph McCormick (See Family # 3B) of the townland of Crillen, near Kesh, County Fermanagh. On the 3rd of April 1886, he entered an agreement to purchase the writer�s grandfather�s one- half of the townland of Crillen. Robert Sproule had inherited one-half of Crillen and the home and buildings on that half from his uncle, Joseph Sproule. Robert Sproule�s father, also Robert Sproule, had originally owned the other half of the townland of Crillen which also had a home and buildings on it. Old Robert Sproule died in 1847 and a few years later his widow married Joseph McCormick the father of Frances McCormick. In short, two farms, once Sproule properties, were now in the possession of two McCormicks, uncle and nephew (son-in-law).

As a young man Samuel McCormick had worked with a coach maker and acquired all the skills of the trade. In addition to farming, he often undertook jobs in his field of training and in carpentry. In 1909 Samuel sold his Crillen farm to Wm. J.T. McCormick. Samuel and Frances had five daughters. The first three went to the U.S.A. at intervals between 1906 and 1914. It is thought that they first went to Iowa, which is understandable, as they could have contacted their mother�s brother, Joseph, who had gone to Iowa as a young man. It is believed that around 1914, Samuel�s wife, Frances, and the two youngest children left for the U.S.A. Samuel was to follow them but he never did. He continued to live in or near Kesh for some years. Later he lived with his widowed sister Annie at Drumbane. When her son David planned marriage, he moved into a cottage on the farm. He is buried in Urney Cemetery. Children were as follows:

(a)- Eva McCormick (b. around 1888) (d.?)

(b)- Gretta McCormick (b. about 1891) (d.?)

She won a scholarship to or at Celbridge College and became a teacher. She is known to have returned to Ireland for a visit in the 1950's.

(c)- Blanche McCormick (b. about 1893) (d.?)

All we know about Blanche is that she had a daughter called Mrs. Grover Rogers of 9315 Swinton Avenue, Sepulueda, California, U.S.A. 91343. She visited Ireland in 1978.

(d)- Annie (Nancy) McCormick (b. about 1897) (d.?)

(e)- Martha McCormick (b. about 1900) (d.?)

All of the girls got married. It is thought that they and their mother who was born on October 21, 1858, all lived in California.

(5)-Vincent Beatty Smyth McCormick (b. March 10, 1862) (d. 1953)

It is obvious that Vincent was named after the minister who married his father and mother. Vincent, the third son was next in line to inherit the Ballought farm but he had "served his time" in business and it is thought that he preferred to receive money as his inheritance. At any rate, he became a general merchant and seed merchant in a store on Main Street, Castlederg, Co. Tyrone. It is believed his name is still on the store. Vincent married Helena Crawford, believed to have been a twin. (Her twin sister�s name was Martha. She married a Methodist minister, Edward White.) Helena Crawford was the daughter of Isaac Crawford of the townland of Cullion, Pettigo, Parish of Templecarn, Co. Donegal. (Helena�s aunt, Anne Crawford, the sister of her father, married David McCormick of Drumbane.) (See Family # 3c) Helena was born about 1875 and is thought to have died about 1956. Vincent and Helena had two children, a boy and a girl as follows:

(a)- Albert McCormick (b.?) (d. November 1978)

Albert inherited his father�s business and operated it until his death. Albert married (?). Albert and his wife had one daughter who now probably runs the business.

(b)- Florrie McCormick (b.?)

Florrie, Albert�s sister, had married Charlie Moffit, a businessman who lives somewhere near Omagh, Co. Tyrone. There are (?) children.

(6)- William John Thomas McCormick (b. March 4, 1864) (d. January 13, 1945)

"Willie" inherited his father�s farm of Ballought. His father, John Thomas, died in late 1885. Prior to his inheritance, Willie had planned to be a schoolteacher. In Willie�s time the Ballought farm consisted of 75 Irish acres, a larger acre than used elsewhere. On July 29, 1896(?), Willie married his cousin Martha McCormick, the daughter of David McCormick and Anne Crawford of Drumbane, Co.Donegal. Martha was born on June 25, 1873, and died on September 16, 1940, at the age of 66. Both Willie and Martha are buried in the Drumbane - Ballought grave of the McCormick�s in the Old Cemetery of Urney church, the church in which they were married. About three years after they were married, Willie purchased 35 acres of the townland of Glentimon, which lay just north of the Ballought farm. In 1909 Willie and his growing family moved to the Crillen farm of about 75 acres which he bought from his brother Samuel. (He continued to hold the Glentimon properties but they were about 20 miles away from the Crillen farm near Kesh, he rented these farms for several years.) He also bought the second Crillen farm of about 75 acres from his cousin, the Reverend John Harper McCormick, the son of his Uncle Joseph McCormick who died in 1907. In 1917 Willie sold the Crillen properties, the farm with the "Old house" being sold to a Mr. Philips and the property with the new house being sold to a Mr Aiken. The family had returned to the Ballought farm but shortly after heard that an attractive property called Magheracallaghan in Co.Donegal was up for sale. This property, consisting of 144 acres, was located close to the Drumbane property and in visiting in that area with the McCormick relatives, Willie had always admired the property. Willie bought the Magheracallaghan property for about six thousand pounds from three elderly sisters by the name of Cunningham. Once again Willie had two properties separated by several miles, so the Ballought farm was sold to his widowed sister, Mrs William Houston for her son William. The son later sold the property and moved to Australia. The Glentimon property was sold to his brother Vincent McCormick who rented the farm out. Willie bought a 30-acre farm in the townland of Coolyslin near Castlefin in the mid-1920s with the intention that it would be a farm for his second son, Fred. The Magheracallaghan property, renamed "Elwood", became the property of the eldest son Joseph. (Joe)

William J.T. McCormick and his wife Martha had a family of ten children, consisting of eight daughters and two sons, as follows �

(a)- Olive Margaret McCormick (b. August 16, 1897) (d?)

The above married George Sproule (b. March 19, 1896 - d. November 9, 1974) on the 23 October 1918. George had inherited the farm of Caraveitragh, part of the townland of Caraveitragh, and adjacent property in the townland of Cavan, located near Clones, Co. Monaghan. Their four eldest sons were born there and the three younger sons in Alberta, Canada, to which the family moved to in 1928. As a family has been rather prolific and would require too much space for the purpose of this account the following is offered as a summary �

1. - Robert "Bert" Sproule, (b. September 15, 1919)(d. November 17, 1974)

Bert was born at Caraveitragh. Farmed in the Chancellor district east of Calgary, Alberta. Bert is buried in Standard Alto. Six adult children, four sons and two daughters. All but two of the sons are married and each has children.

A. Robert Sproule (b.?)

2. - Cecil George Sproule (b. June 9, 1921)

Cecil was born at Caraveitragh. A retired Staff Sargent of the Edmonton Police Force, Edmonton, Alberta. Two sons by his first marriage (now married with children). Widowed and remarried with one daughter by his second wife.

3. - Neville William Sproule (b. August 8, 1922)

Neville was born at Caraveitragh. Neville worked as a building contractor and lives in Oyama, British Columbia. He married Irene Violet Lefever of Medicine Hat on October 30, 1943. They have five adult children, three sons and two daughters.

A. Brian K. Sproule (b. February 17, 1947)

Brian was born in Vernon. He is not married.

B. Neville Lisle Sproule (b. November 20, 1948)

Neville married Suzana Kovachich of Prince George, BC, on July 8, 1972. They live in Oyama, BC. They have two sons.

(i). George Neville Sproule (b. August 9, 1978)

George was born in Vernon, BC. He married Lindsay Boilard of Oyama, BC, on September 15, 2001. They have two children, a boy and a girl.

I. Samantha Rae Sproule (b. November 14, 1999)

II. Hunter James Sproule (b. March 8, 2002)

(ii). Michael Lisle Sproule (b. April 25, 1981)

Michael was born in Vernon, BC. He married Ana Argueta on June 30th 2002.

C. Colleen Gayle Sproule (b. July 24, 1953)

Colleen married Gordon Mitchell Graves of Oyama, BC, on August 11, 1973. They have two sons.

(i). Darren Scott Graves (b. October 21, 1978)

Darren was born in Bonvile, Alberta.

(ii). Dustin Kyle Graves (b March 13, 1981)

Dustin was born in Bonvile, Alberta. He has one son.

I. Dean Kyle

D. Sharon Irene Sproule (b. May 6, 1956)

Sharon married Rocky George Saliken of Kelowna, BC, on June 10, 1978. They live in Abbotsford, BC. They have two sons.

(i). Riley Jay Saliken (b. August 20, 1988)

Riley was born in Abbotsford, BC.

(ii). Tanner Reed (b. June 12, 1993)

Tanner was born in Abbotsford, BC.

E. Kevin A. Sproule (b. September 23, 1960)

Kevin was born in Vernon. He is not married.

4. - Albert Frederick "Fred" Sproule (b. May 28, 1926) (d. March 7, 1998)

Fred was born at Caraveitragh. A former high-school teacher in Edmonton, Alberta, he was married with two sons. He is buried in Edmonton.

5. - John "Jack" Alvin Sproule (b. March 21, 1934)

Jack was born at Bassano, Alberta. Farming in the Hussar district, east and north east of Calgary. Three sons, the youngest deceased as an infant.

6. - Winston Eric Sproule (b. December 11, 1939)

Winston was born at Standard, Alberta. A retired minister in Rosebud, Alberta, north east of Calgary. Married Vera from Ukraine and has three sons.

A. Wesley Sproule (b.?)

Wesley married Lois (?) of (?) on (?).

B. Royal Sproule (b.?)

C. Garfield Sproule (b.?)

7. - Garfield Raphael Sproule (b. December 14, 1940)(d. August 4, 1942)

Garfield was born at Standard, Alberta. Drowned on the family farm in the Chancellor district.

George Sproule operated a 400 acre farm about 60 miles east of Calgary and south of the hamlet of Chancellor from the spring of 1929 to 1948 at which time George and Olive moved to Bowness, later incorporated into the city of Calgary. George continued to operate the farm on a commuter basis for another few years and then sold it to his eldest son Robert who farmed nearby. In turn Robert sold it to his eldest son, Robert.

Around 1958 George and Olive bought a home in the northern part of Calgary. George was killed in 1974 while riding as a passenger in a car. He is buried in Northmount Cemetery, Calgary, as is his youngest son, Garfield. Olive sold the Calgary home in the summer of 1979 and moved to live with her son Cecil in Edmonton.

(b) - Annie Crawford McCormick (b. March 4, 1899)(d. May 7, 1978)

Called "Nan" by her family, she was married on 28 August 1921 at Urney Parish Church, to William "Bill" Drean (b. May 26, 1882) (d. April 1, 1952) . He is buried in Portrush, Co. Antrim. He served in the merchant navy.

1. Thomas William "Tom" Drean, M.B.E, 1977 (b. March 19, 1922 in Glasgow) (d. September 16, 1988 in Plymouth, England)

Tom�s career was the Royal Navy in which he rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He was a much loved and respected person and served as a councillor in Plymouth and was Deputy Lord Mayor 1987/88. He married Jean Elizabeth Connor (b. January 16, 1928)(d. September 17, 1979) on February 11, 1952 in Cornwall. His mother also lived in England for the latter part of her life and is buried there. Tom and Jean had three children as follows:

A. Guy Fraser Drean (b. December 8, 1955)

Lives in London.

B. Andrew Peter "Ross" Drean (b. February 9, 1958)

Served in the army where he learned his trade, carpentry. He and his wife, Jennie Louise Atkinson (m. August 21, 1985) run their own Shopfitting/Construction business. They live in Reading, England and have three children.

(i)- Siobhan Elizabeth Drean (b. October 20, 1988)

(ii)- Kirsten Louise Drean (b. May 25, 1991)

(iii)- Samantha (Sammie) Georgina Drean (b. September 26, 1997)

C. Jonathan Charles Thomas Drean (b. August 12, 1968)

Married Geraldine Steiner on 18 January 1997. They live in London and Plymouth.

2. Garfield Crawford "Gary" Drean

Gary served in the British army before and during World War 2. After the war he went to Pennsylvania, USA where his Uncle Fred was living, where he started farming. It is believed that he did not marry.

(c) - Elizabeth Palmer McCormick (b. March 31, 1901)

On October 24, 1928, she married James Aiken (b.?)(d. 1958?) of Kesh, Co. Fermanagh. After some years near Kesh the family moved to Belfast. They had two daughters:

1. Rosemary Aiken (b.?)(d. November 10, 1998)

Rosemary made a career in banking and in the 1970's became one of the first women to become an Assistant Manager of a bank (Northern Bank, 109 Royal Av, Belfast). Rosemary was unmarried and lived with her mother on the outskirts of Belfast.

2. Kathleen Aiken (b.?)

Kathleen married Robert "Bert" Rudd. They have three children:

A. John Rudd (b.?)

B. Keith Rudd (b.?)

C. Valerie Rudd (b.?)

(d) - Mary "Molly" Helena McCormick (b. August 2, 1902)

Molly never married and lived close to her brother, Fred, in Omagh.

(e) - Maud McCormick (b. June 22, 1903)(d. June 9, 1973)

Maud married Blake McCartney (b. December 13, 1894)(d. January 20, 1956), a son of William and Margaret McCartney of Skea, Co. Fermanagh, on February 16, 1927. Husband and wife are buried in the cemetery of Ardess Church near Kesh, Co. Fermanagh. Blake operated a thriving general store and other services in Kesh. They had five children:

1. Garfield "Gary" W.G. McCartney (b. August 27, 1929)

Gary became a physician and for many years operated a clinic in Lisburn, Co. Antrim. In 1978 Gary entered a contract to go as a doctor to Saudi Arabia to help staff a new government hospital. Gary married Marilyn Johnston, of Omagh, Co. Tyrone, and had two children:

A. Rory McCartney (b. ?)

Rory married Elizabeth (?) of (?). They have two children.

B. Siobhan McCartney (b. ?)

Siobhan married Lewis McCallum of (?). They have three children.

2. Norman Samuel McCartney (b. March 10, 1931)(d. August 22, 1958)

Norman was in business with his father at Kesh. He died as a result of injuries suffered in a driving accident. He was not married. He is buried in the cemetery of Ardess Church near Kesh.

3. Maureen Evelyn McCartney (b. September 6, 1932)

Maureen married Brian Loane, of Kesh. In recent years they have taken over the business founded by Maureen�s father. They live in Kesh. They had four children:

A. Blakely Loane (b. ?)

Blakely married Sharon (?) of (?). They have two children.

(i)- Sharni Loane (b.?)

(ii)- Claire Loane (b.?)

B. Karen Loane (b. ?)

Karen married Drew Campbell of (?). They have two children.

(i)- Emma Campbell (b.?)

(ii)- Stephanie Campbell (b.?)

C. Mark Loane (b. ?)

Mark married Joy Armstrong of (?). They have two children.

(i)- Kris Loane (b. May 3, 1988)

(ii)- Brian Loane (b. April 9, 1991)

For more about Brian, visit his website at http://www.brianloane.co.uk

(iii)- Kerri Loane (b. November 16, 1995)

D. Jill Loane (b. ?)

Jill married Colin Parkinson of (?). They have four children.

(i)- Lucy Parkinson (b.?)

(ii)- Ben Parkinson (b.?)

(iii)- Abigail Parkinson (b.?)

(iv)- Molly Parkinson (b.?)

4. Patricia "Pat" Harriet Maud McCartney (b. January 16, 1936)

She married Edward "Ted" John McLeer, a son of John McLeer and Dora Stevenson of Irvinstown, Co. Fermanagh, on July 17, 1958. He is an inspector in the Royal Ulster Constabulary. The McLeer�s live in a country residence near Newtonards, Co. Down. They had four children as follows:

A. Laura Patricia McLeer (b. July 15, 1959)

Laura married Tom Henry of (?). They have two children.

(i)- Ryan Henry (b.?)

(ii)- Stuart Henry (b.?)

B. Julie Marina McLeer (b. September 17, 1962)

Julie married Bill Corry of (?). They have two children.

(i)- Genna Corry (b.?)

(ii)- Scott Corry (b.?)

C. Norman John McLeer (b. June 26, 1965)

Norman married Adrienne (?) of (?). They have two children.

(i)- Nathan McLeer (b.?)

(ii)- Rebeka McLeer (b.?)

D. Sheena Maureen McLeer (b. December 29, 1969)

Sheena married Ian Hunter of (?). They have one child.

(i)- Ben Hunter

5. Raymond Blakely McCartney (b.?) - (d. April 11 2007)

Raymond married Caroline Moore. He served in his father�s business and later went into the operation of hotels in Kesh and near Enniskillen. Later he sold these hotels and purchased several hundred acres of the estate surrounding Necarne Castle near Irvinstown, Co. Fermanagh. It was Raymond that filmed the aftermath of the "Poppy Day" bombing, where eleven people were killed, in Enniskillen on November 8th 1987. The amateur video footage was shown on news programmes to millions all over the world. Raymond is also promoting new business ventures in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh where he now lives. Raymond and Caroline have two children:

A. Jayne McCartney (b. November 20, 1968)

Jayne married Gordon Daley of Monea, Enniskillen. Jayne was born in Kesh but now lives outside Enniskillen, where she runs her own art studio called "The Poppy Patch". She was educated at Portora Royal School. They have three children.

(i)- Christopher Daley (b. December 12, 1993)

(ii)- Meagan Daley (b. April 4, 1995)

(iii)- Rose-Anna Daley (b. September 15, 2000)

B. Terry McCartney (b. January 25, 1971)

Terry married Mary McGonagle of Newtownstewart. Research shows that Terry has continued into the hotel business as his father did. He currently owns a hotel in Co. Fermanagh. (There is a link to it on the main page). Terry and Mary have one child, a boy.

(i)- Lewis Blakely McCartney (b. August 13, 2002)

(ii)- Ellen Rosie (Ellie) McCartney (b. April 13, 2005)

(f) - Joseph "Joe" John Thomas McCormick (b. September 17, 1905)(d. 1990)

Joe married Elizabeth Mary "Elsie" Bustard (b. November 12, 1901)(d. May 9, 1973) the daughter of Robert Crawford Bustard and Elizabeth Annie McCormick, on October 23, 1930. Joe farmed the Magheracallaghan farm near Castlefin, Co. Donegal, and inherited the farm from his father. In the post World War II years, farm help was difficult to get and the farm involved considerable work. The property was sold in two stages. Joe and his family then moved to a farm called Ferndale close to Omagh, Co. Tyrone. Joe lived on the farm up until his death in (?). Both Joe and Elsie are buried in Omagh.

1. Olive McCormick

She married William "Will" Carson, the son of Samuel Carson and Daisy Kelly of Drumclamph Farm, Castlederg, on (?). He operated an auctioneering business in Castlederg, Co.Tyrone up until his death in 1996. Their children are as follows.

A. Samuel Joseph Carson (b. 1952)

George married Kathy Harry. They live in Cardiff, Wales. Samuel is a Senior Educational Psychologist with the early intervention service, Sure Start. They have one son.

(i)- George Carson (b. 1996)

B. Sandra Carson (b. 1956)

Sandra married John Hutchison, a retired bank manager, and lives in Newtownards, Northern Ireland. They have two children.

(i)- Rachael Hutchison (b. 1986)

(ii)- Stuart Hutchison (b. 1988)

2. Wilfred Robert McCormick(b. June 7, 1933)

Wilfred was born in Magheracallaghan, Castlefin were he worked with his father for some time on the farm until they moved to Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland in 1956. He was married Marie Bainton, a nurse from London, England, in Belfast, on June 8, 1957. They immigrated to Canada together on March 17, 1958, settling in Calgary, Alberta. He purchased he Bowness home (this originally belonged to the Sproules) in 1958. Wilfred and Marie divorced in 1967. Wilfred now lives in Calgary and was employed by the Calgary Transit System. Wilfred remarried and has three children, one from his first marriage and two stepdaughters from his second marriage to Caroline Reiter (married June 9, 1984).

A. Pamela Joyce McCormick (b. August 1967)

Joyce married David Keith Pailey. They have their own landscape contracting business. They have three children.

(i)- Timothy Paley (b.?)

(ii)- Scott Paley (b.?)

(iii)- Jenna Marie Paley (b.?)

B. Kathryn "Kathy" Elaine Reiter (b. August 30, 1968)

Kathy married Dennis Pinco (b. October 1963 in Edmonton, Alberta) on August 11, 1990 in Calgary. They have no children.

C. Michelle Carol Reiter (b. November 19, 1969)

Michelle married James "Jim" Albertson of Calgary on April 22, 1995.They have two children.

(i)- Kailee Ann Albertson (b. January 19, 1997)

(ii)- Matthew James Albertson (b. May 24, 1999)

3. Iris McCormick(b.?)

Iris married the Rev. Thomas "Tom" Sawyers, the son of Robert and (?) Sawyers of Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone. Their children are as follows:

A. Paul Sawyers

B. Wesley Sawyers

C. Shirley Sawyers

4. William Joseph McCormick(b. July 28, 1945)

William also immigrated to Canada in May 1964 at the age of nineteen. He settled in Calgary, Alberta, where he worked with the Canadian Pacific Railway and later with Western Co-Op Fertilizers as an electrician. He is now semi-retired. He married Sandra "Sandy" Gaile Wheatley, of Calgary, on August 2, 1969. They divorced in 1981. He never remarried. Their children are as follows:

A. Kimberly Deanne Elizabeth McCormick (b. January 4, 1970)

Kim married Keith Scott McLean (b. 24 September 1967), of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, on August 8, 1992, in Morley, Alberta. Kim studied journalism but is now a full-time mother at home and someday plans to write children�s storybooks. Keith runs his own legal firm. They have two children.

(i)- Keara Danielle McLean (b. February 20, 1993)

Keara was born in Calgary.

(ii)- Daineal Keegan McLean (b. August 23, 1996)

Daineal was born in Calgary.

B. Ryan Kirby McCormick (b. April 1, 1972)

Ryan married Katherine Dawn Greenwall on September 5, 1995, in Calgary. Ryan is a designer of custom furniture and his wife, Kathy, is a legal secretary. They have two children.

(i)- Liam McCormick (b. June 27, 2003)

(ii)- Carleigh McCormick (b. October 5, 2006)

C. Aran Tyrone McCormick (b. October 4, 1974)

Aran married Meghan Catherine Stephenson (b. July 17, 1977) on August 15, 2009 at St. Georges-in-the-Pines Anglican Church, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Meghan works in Human Resources for an Oil Company. Aran is currently working on his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the "Alberta College of Art and Design" and composes music and does freelance Art.

(g) - Harriet Raphael McCormick (b. May 31. 1908)

Harriet immigrated to the USA in 1930 and soon became a full time worker for the Pillar of Fire Church organisation which has several branches in various states. She never married. When she reached retirement age she returned to Ireland for a time living at Omagh where her sister Molly and brother Fred and his wife lived. She returned to her church work and stationed herself near Denver, Colorado.

(h) - Frederick "Fred" William McCormick (b. January 4, 1910 � December 6, 1991)

Fred immigrated to the USA on October 26, 1929 and settled in Pennsylvania. Much to his surprise he inherited a 70-acre farm in the townland of Drumdoit, Castlefin, in the 1930s not far from his fathers Magheracallaghan farm in Co.Donegal. It was left to him by two distant relatives, Samuel and William Nelson. The depression was on and Fred decided not to return to Ireland to farm. Around 1939 he asked his father to sell the farm for him and received a very low sum for the property. Fred served in the US army in World War II and saw his service in Europe in one of the divisions under the overall command of General Patton. He returned to Pennsylvania following the war and on March 22, 195? He married Blanche Little (b.?). In 19?? Fred sold his farm near (?) and returned to Ireland. Finding things to his liking, he decided to retire there and he and his wife moved to Creggan Park, Omagh, a few doors away from his sister Molly. He died in Omagh Hospital and is buried in Cappagh parish graveyard. They had no children.

(i) - Frances Adelaide McCormick (b. June 7, 1911)

Frances married Richard Benson, (b. Oct 10,1908), son of Alex and (?) Benson, who then lived at Caraveitragh near Clones, Co. Monaghan. They were married in Urney Church on (?). Their three eldest children were born at Clones. Richard went into the auctioneering of livestock and real estate and since 19?? Has been operating in Coleraine, Co. L�derry. Their children are as follows:

1. Evelyn Elizabeth Benson (b. November 10, 1936)

She went to Canada in (?). She married John Markewitz (b.?), the son of (?) of (?) on (?). Their children are as follows:

A. Rachel Markewitz (b. June 30, 1970)

B. Naomi Markewitz (b. Feb. 2, 1973)

2. William "Billy" Alexander Benson (b. April 17, 1939)

Billy married Ann Trolland (b.?) of (?), the daughter of (?) on (?). Billy is in partnership with his father in Coleraine. There are two children:

A. Brian Benson (b. March 13, 1974)

B. Jill Benson (b. December (?), 1976)

3. John "Jack" Malcolm Benson (b. July 19, 1941)

Jack also joined his father and brother in the auctioneering and real estate business in Coleraine. On (?) 1979, he married (?), the daughter of (?), of (?). They live in Portrush.

4. Gladys Morrow Benson (b. December 4, 1943)

Gladys married schoolteacher, Joel Harper (b.?)(d. Sept 24 2002), the son of (?), of (?). Gladys lives in Portrush. The names of their children are:

A. Shauna Harper (b. May 15, 1971)

B. Guy Harper (b. April 2, 1974) (d. March 30, 2000)

Guy was the victim of a brutal assault on his way home from a local night-club and died as a result from the injuries he had sustained. He had worked as a photographer in the fashion industry. His murderer is serving time.

5. Harold "Harry" Winston Benson (b. March 17, 1945)(d. September 2, 1972)

Harry was killed in a car accident. He was not married.

6. Robert "Bert" Neville Benson (b. April 6, 1947)

Bert married Sandra Hector (b.?), the daughter of (?), of (?), on (?). They live in Lisburn, Co. Antrim, where Bert is with an engineering firm. They have two children as follows:

A. Neil Benson (b. Jan. 24, 1973)

B. Gary Benson (b. May 26, 1977)

(j) - Evelyn Mabel McCormick (b. March 28, 1914)

She married Edward Caldwell (b. April 22, 1908)(d. April 9, 1979), on June 20,1945 at Strabane Church of Ireland church. Edward was the son of Thomas Caldwell and (?). Evelyn was a bookkeeper/typist for Smith's Mill, Strabane. Her hobbies were gardening, embroidery, singing with Laggan Choir and music.  She played the organ, piano and mandolin. Edward was a keen farmer and being interested in raising sheep and breeding pedigree Shorthorn cattle, as well as, growing grain crops, at Feddyglass, Raphoe, Co. Donegal. His eldest son joined him in operating the farm and continues to operate it following his father�s death. Edward is buried in Ballylennon Churchyard, Donegal. The Caldwell�s had three sons as follows:

1. Thomas "Ted" Edward Caldwell (b. April 28, 1946)

On July 26, 1975, Ted married Margaret Jennifer Ferguson (b. June 8, 1952), the daughter of (?), of (?) in Glenhoy Presbyterian Church, Co.Tyrone. Jennifer is a maths teacher in Strabane High School. They have 3 sons. Ted continues to farm at Feddyglass and live in Fairyhill House.

A. Richard Edward Caldwell (b. September 22, 1979)

B. Mark Andrew Caldwell (b. August 4, 1981)

C. David William Caldwell (May 21, 1985)

2. William John "Don" Caldwell (b. May 19, 1949)

Don married Judith Marie Wray (b. October 10, 1953) in Raphoe Presbyterian Church, Co.Donegal, on September 1, 1984. They live in New Buildings, a village about 3 miles from Londonderry. Don is a manager of the Northern bank in Londonderry. Judith was a secretary and until 1986, worked in the livestock mart in Raphoe. They have three children.

A. Matthew William Caldwell (b. February 7, 1986)

B. Adam Watson Caldwell (b. May 18, 1989)

C. Rebecca Eileen Caldwell (April 2, 1993)

3. Kenneth Andrew Caldwell (b. November 12, 1954

Kenneth married Susan Maud Duncan on July 15, 1981, in Ray 1st Presbyterian Church, Manorcunningham, Co.Donegal. They live in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin. Kenneth is a mechanical engineer and travels for Lister Machine Tools, Dublin. Susan worked as a secretary in Letterkenny until her marriage to Kenneth. They have three daughters.

A. Judith Christina Caldwell (b. May 18, 1982)

B. Laura Suzanne Caldwell (b. September 14, 1983)

C. Diane Evelyn Caldwell (September 11, 1988)

(7) - Charlotte McCormick (b. May 12, 1866)(d. 1868)

At about the age of two she fell into a well on the Ballought farm and was drowned.

(8) - David McCormick (b. May 1, 1868)(d. disappeared)

He became a teacher and it is believed that he taught for a time in the Strabane Academy. In 1901 or shortly after he went to Australia where he secured a job as a surveyor with the government. After a time all correspondence ceased and the family was never able to find out what happened to him. Perhaps he lost his life in a fire or was drowned and his body was never identified.

(9) - Jacob George McCormick (b. May 3, 1870)(d. November 18, 1885)

As a boy George jumped off a stone wall and seriously injured his leg. The injury did not respond to whatever medical treatment was available at the time and he was confined to a wheelchair. He died when he was 15 and was buried in the Drumbane-Ballought plot in the Old Cemetery of the Urney church.

This concludes a review of the family of the John Thomas McCormick and his wife Margaret Leitch and their descendants as far as information allows as of 1980.

Family # 3B

Joseph McCormick & Elizabeth McCrea Sproule (widow)

B. 1820 ? B. June 24, 1819

D. May 1, 1907 D. August 13, 1916

Joseph�s tombstone in the cemetery of Tubrid Church (Church of Ireland) near Kesh, Co. Fermanagh, states that he died on May 1, 1907, at the age of 84. If the age is correct, he was the second son of Joseph and Elizabeth McCormick of Drumbane, Castlefin. In 1851, he married Mrs. Elizabeth Sproule, the widow of Robert Sproule, of the townland of Crillen near Kesh, Co. Fermanagh. Robert had died in 1847 at the age of 44 leaving four young children, one of whom died a few months later. Robert Sproule had married Elizabeth "Bessie" McCrea on July 16, 1840, the daughter of John McCrea and Rebecca Harper of the townland of Clonaweel, parish of Drumkeeran, Co. Fermanagh. Robert and an older brother, Joseph, held about equal portions of all but a small portion of the 155-acre townland of Crillen. The Robert Sproule family has lived in the "new" house on the western portion of the townland while his bachelor brother, Joseph, lived in the "old" house, just beyond the wall on the eastern portion of the townland. In addition to her three surviving children by her first marriage, Rebecca, Martha and Robert, the widow and her second husband Joseph McCormick had six children. Information about these children follows:

(1) - Joseph McCormick (b. July 11, 1852)(d.1947)

As a young man he moved to the USA and settled in the state of Iowa in 1881. It is thought that his address was Westbend in Palo Alto County, Iowa. He went to work for his father's cousin Charles McCormick. It is thought that he was accompanied or followed shortly after by his cousin, Joseph McCormick, the eldest son of John Thomas McCormick of the townland of Ballought, Co. Tyrone. Joseph was married to Emma Schriver of Algona in 1889 and they were the parents of four children, George, Mary and her twin Mabel and Walter.

(a) - George McCormick (b. 1890)(d. 1969)

(b) - Mary Louise McCormick (b. April 26, 1893)(d. February 1985)

Mary married ? Cromie of Spoken, Washington. She is buried at Riverside, Rodman, Palo Alto, Iowa.

(c) - Mable L. McCormick (b.1893)(d.?)

Mabel was born in West Bend, Iowa. She married E.J. Van Horn on 1 Oct 1924 in West Bend, Palo Alto. It's thought that they had at least three children.

1. Anna Belle Van Horn (b.abt 1924)

2. Kenneth E. Van Horn (b.abt 1925)

3. Grace Van Horn (b.?)

Grace married ? Murlock and they had at least one child.

A. Don Murlock (b.?)

Don has at least two daughters.

(i) - Misty Murlock

Misty married ? Wei and they have two children.

(ii) - Mariah Murlock

Mariah married ? Storm and they have one child.

(d) - Walter McCormick (b. 1896)(d. 1990)

Walter married May L (?). All else we know about Walter is that he was still on the Westbend farm in 1956. We also know that he was drafted into The Great War.

(2) - John Harper McCormick (b. August 21, 1854)(d. October 27, 1931)

He became a Minister in the Church of Ireland. For many years he served in a country church called Ahamplish in Co. Sligo. Later it is believed he served in Co. Roscommon and then retired to Dublin. On his father's death in 1907 he fell heir to the Crillen farm which his mother brought into the marriage with his father. (His stepbrother, Robert Sproule, inherited the adjoining Crillen farm following the death of his Uncle Joseph Sproule in 1879.) John Harper McCormick sold the Crillen farm to his cousin, William Thomas McCormick. John Harper McCormick married Frances Eliza Loftus?, the daughter of (?), on (?) 1885(?). John H. died in Rathgar, Dublin in 1931. They had five children as follows:

(a) - Loftus McCormick (b.?)(d.?)

He, like his father before him, became a minister of the Church of Ireland. He married (?), the daughter of (?), of (?), on (?). It is believed that they had no children. Loftus was living in retirement at Bray near Dublin in the 1950's.

(b) - Frances Joseph H. "Frank" McCormick (b.abt 1892)(d.?)

He became a schoolteacher. No other particulars are known.

(c) - Eileen A. McCormick (b.abt 1888)(d.?)

She became a nurse. No other particulars are known.

(d) - Olive Eliza McCormick (b.abt 1890)(d.?)

She distinguished herself by winning a prize at Trinity College, Dublin, which before that had always been won by male students. It is thought that she may have been a teacher but no further particulars are known.

(e) - Adryth Francis McCormick (b.abt 1905)(d.?)

No details are known.

(3) - Charlotte Elizabeth McCormick (b. July 30, 1856?)(d.?)

On (?) she married George Dunlop (b.?)(d.?), and for a time lived on or near the townland of Doora not far from the Crillen farm. The family emigrated at intervals to Canada, a daughter, Martha and a son George leaving around 1909/10. At first they lived in Toronto. It is believed that there are seven children, four boys and three girls. The following is not necessarily the order in which they were born:

(a) - Margaret "Maggie" Dunlop (b.?)(d.?)

She lived in Toronto. She never married

(b) - Elizabeth Dunlop(b.?)(d.?)

She married (?) Reid (?). They lived in Toronto. She was still alive in the 1950's.

(c) - Martha Francis Dunlop (b. around 1890)(d. July 31, 1979) She married John Tait (d. 1967) on June 25, 1913 and lived in or near Brandon, Manitoba. She is buried at Rosewood Memorial Gardens, Brandon, Manitoba. Martha and John had four children, in no particular order:

1. Jack Tait

2. George Tait

3. Robert Tait

4. Margaret Tait

(d) - Joseph Dunlop(b.?)(d.?)

No information

(e) - George Dunlop(b.?)(d.?)

No information

(f) - John "Jack" Dunlop(b.?)(d.?)

No information

(g) - James "Jimmy" Dunlop(b.?)(d.?)

All we know so far about Jimmy is that he seems to have been the only sibling who survived his sister, Martha.

(4) - Frances "Fannie" Anne McCormick (b. October 21, 1858)(d.?)

She married her cousin Samuel McCormick of Ballought, Co. Tyrone, probably around 1886. (See Family # 3A)

(5) - Eleanor Mary Jane McCormick (b. July 24, 1860)(d.?)

Perhaps she was known as "Jennie". It is believed that she went to the USA and later persuaded her sister Frances� children, Greta, Eva and Blanche to come to the states.

(6) - Jacob George McCormick (b. October 19, 1862)(d.?)

Perhaps Jacob died or immigrated at a young age as there are no records of him.

Further information about the members of Family #3B should be available, e.g. From the Church of Ireland records about ministers which should disclose information about John Harper McCormick and his son Loftus McCormick. The descendants of Fannie McCormick who live in the USA should have considerable knowledge.

Family # 3C

David McCormick & Anne Crawford

Bapt. March 9, 1827 B. 1835

D. January 25, 1892 D. January 20, 1904

David may have been the fourth son and sixth child of Joseph and Elizabeth McCormick of Drumbane, Castlefin, Co. Donegal. Although he seems to be a younger son, he was the one who inherited the farm on the townland of Drumbane. Perhaps this was because his brothers John Thomas McCormick and Joseph McCormick were already married and established on their own farms when he married. David was married on February 19, 1863, to Anne Crawford, the daughter of Isaac Crawford, a farmer on the townland of Cullion, located near Pettigo, Co. Donegal. Anne had three brothers, James, Robert and Isaac Crawford. James was a traveller with Jacobs Biscuit Company of Dublin, Robert for a time was mayor of Sligo town and Isaac Jnr. and his wife Mary Jane had a daughter called Helena, who married Vincent McCormick, a brother of William J.T. McCormick.

(1) - Joseph McCormick (b. May 25, 1865)(d. April 16, 1906)

On the death of his father in 1892, Joseph inherited the Drumbane property. He married his cousin, Anne Maria McCormick (b. March 25, 1858)(d. September 13, 1936), the daughter of John Thomas McCormick of Ballought, Co.Tyrone (Family # 3A). Joseph and Anne McCormick had one son.

(a) - David Crawford McCormick (b. April 25, 1900)(d. January 25, 1981)

David married Elizabeth Henderson (b. April 2,1901)(d. October 25,1974), the daughter of Samuel Henderson who lived in the townland of Glentown, Urney, Co.Tyrone. It is thought that Elizabeth was a cousin of David�s. David inherited the Drumbane farm, after his father�s untimely death, at the age of six. At some time during this period the family converted to Methodism and started attending the Methodist Church in Strabane. David and Elizabeth had one son and two daughters as follows �

1. Hazel McCormick (b.1933)

Hazel married John Mehaffy, a farmer, from the townland of Carricklee, just outside Strabane and have seven children.

A. Anne Mehaffy (b. 1958)

Anne married Philip Smith, an insurance broker, from Strabane. Anne teaches in a Primary school in Strabane. They have four children.

(i)- Robert Smith (b. 1987?)

(ii)- Peter Smith (b. 1988?)

(iii)- Andrew Smith (b. 1990?)

(iv)- Hannah Smith (b. 1996?)

B. Olive Mehaffy (b. 1959)

Olive trained as a speech therapist and married Gerald Potterton, a farmer, from Trim, Co. Meath. They have four children.

(i)- Max Potterton (b. 1990?)

(ii)- Rachel Potterton (b. 1992?)

(iii)- Victoria Potterton (b. 1994?)

(iv)- Alison Potterton (b. 1999?)

C. Alexandra Mehaffy (b. 1960)

Alex has an administrative post at the Visitors� Centre of the Giant�s Causeway.

D. Rosemary Mehaffy (b. 1962)

Rosemary married Raymond Boyle, a former merchant seaman who now farms with his brother. Rosemary is a district nurse in Co. Down. They have three children.

(i)- Sara Boyle (b. 1988?)

Sara has won many Young Farmers� Club prizes.

(ii)- Alison Boyle (b. 1989?)

(iii)- Edward Boyle (b. 1992?)

E. Joyce Mehaffy (b. 1963)

Joyce married Will Crilly of Castlederg, Co. Tyrone. Will has his own business in Ballinahinch, Co. Down. They have one child.

(i)- John Crilly (b. 1996?)

F. William "Bill" Mehaffy (b. 1964)

Bill works and lives on the Carricklee farm. Married Ann Gillespie, a school principle, from Kinkasslagh, Co. Donegal in November 1999. They have one boy.

(i)- John Mehaffy (b. 2000)

G. David Mehaffy (b. 1965)

David works with the Kneverland Agriculture Firm in Denmark. He is a talented musician and regularly plays in an Irish band, which has performed several times on St. Patrick�s Day in New York.

2. Joseph "Joe" George McCormick (b. April 15, 1935)

Joe married Eileen Hastings (b. January 4,1945), the daughter of Hazlett (May 6, 1897 � December 20, 1977) and Letitia Hastings (nee Orr) (married May 6, 1924), of Legnatraw, St.Johnston, Co.Donegal. Joe inherited the Drumbane farm from his father in the mid-1970s. They have four children.

A. David Hazlett McCormick (b. January 2, 1968)

David married P�ivi Kaarina Penttinen (b. November 29,1969), the daughter of Pertti and Kaarina Penttinen, from Turku in Finland, on June 3, 1995 in St. Michael�s Church, Turku. David spent two years working in Dublin in sales before he entered agricultural college at Gurteen, Co. Tipperary. He worked a few years in the local agri-hardware store (Clonleigh Co-Op) in Castlefin. He then worked for AIBP Carrigans (Meat Processors) for two years as a Quality Assurance farm inspector before he and his family moved to Turku. He now works there as an English teacher and consultant to Finnish businessmen. Before they were married David and P�ivi appeared on Ulster Television (The Gerry Kelly Show) about their long-distance relationship. In 2007, they moved to the quaint town of Naantali, 20 minutes drive from Turku. They have three daughters and one son.

(i)- Katriina Annalisa McCormick (b. March 26, 1996)

Katriina was born in Letterkenny Gen. Hospital, Co.Donegal, Ireland, while her parents were still living in Ireland. She moved to Finland along with her parents when she was two years old. She, like her younger brother and sisters, is being brought up bilingual with English and Finnish. A keen gymnast, she, along with her team, won bronze medal in the southern Finnish Championships for her age group, in 2003. After giving up gymnastics in 2005, Katriina took up a variety of other hobbies. She played football for the local '96 girls' team for a couple of years but now attends drama, dance and arts lessons.

(ii)- Joseph Jonathan "JJ" Kaarlo McCormick (b. February 2, 1999)

JJ was born less than a year after his parents moved, in Turku University Hospital, Finland. His dream is to lift the European Champions' League Cup with Liverpool. For now, he has to settle with VG-62 '99 boys' team for whom he plays. He also is a Tae Kwon Do Green Belt.

(iii)- Annika Elina Kaarina McCormick (b. March 7, 2001)

Annika was born in Turku University Hospital, Finland. She is currently learning to play the piano.

(iv)- Fiona Kathleen Kastehelmi McCormick (b. June 21, 2008)

Fiona was born in Turku University Hospital, Finland.

B. Elaine Margaret Elizabeth McCormick (b. August 31, 1969)

Elaine married Declan McNulty (b. April 23, 1970), son of Sammy Joe and Carmel McNulty, from Clady, just one mile from the Drumbane home. Declan is a partner in a very successful PVC windows business called Granada Windows, while Elaine ran her own hairdressing business from home but gave it up to spend more time with the kids. They used to breed budgerigars as a hobby but quit after the Bird Flu epidemic. They built a house on the Drumbane farm. They have one son and one daughter.

(i)- Matthew Declan Joseph McNulty (b. August 11,1995)

(ii)- Rachael Leanne McNulty (b. May 2, 1998)

C. Joanne Louise McCormick (b. February 7, 1974)

Joanne married John Craig, son of William and Elizabeth Craig, of Broadlea, Raphoe. Joanne trained in nursing in Edinburgh before she came home to be married. John is a pig farmer but also has got into property development in recent years as crises after crises hit the farming industry. They are living beside the Craig�s Broadlea home. They have two daughters and one son.

(i)- Kathleen Louise Craig (b. December 27, 1997)

(ii)- Shannon Craig (b. 1999)

(iii)- Wilson Craig (b. May 5, 2002)

D. Wesley Joseph McCormick (b. September 25, 1980)

Wesley graduated from Greenmount College, Co. Antrim where he received his HND in Agriculture. He currently works for Donegal Creameries. A talented pianist (like his grandfather, David and his great-grandfather�s twin sister, Mary) and regularly plays the organ at the Methodist church in Strabane. He also likes to sing and has entered many karaoke competitions. He also has sung at a �Country Night� concert where some �Big Names� also performed.

3. Anne McCormick (b.)

Anne married farmer, William "Billy" J. Wilson of Shannagh, Raphoe, Co. Donegal. They have two sons as follows:

A. Richard Wilson (b. June 1967)

Richard married Alison Boreland, daughter of Eric Boreland, a farmer, and lay-preacher from Kerrykeel, Co. Donegal. They have two children, a daughter and a son.

(i)- Kerry Wilson (b. August 31, 1997)

(ii)- Sam Wilson (b. 1999)

(iii)- Rachel Wilson

B. Andrew Wilson (b. April 15, 1972)

Andrew spent some time working in Scotland but in 1996 he came home and took the lease of the Drumbane farm from his uncle, Joe McCormick.

(2) - Mary McCormick (b. May 25, 1865)(d.1912)

She was the twin sister of Joseph. She was educated at the Lifford Prior School a few miles from Drumbane and just inside the border of Donegal and not far from Strabane, Co. Tyrone. She became a nurse and it is recalled that a place called Randelstown, Co. Antrim is one of the places she nursed. She married Andrew Raphael, a clerk (lawyer) of the Petty Sessions at Ballymena. Andrew was a skilled organist and at times played in the Londonderry Cathedral. Mary and Andrew lived at Galorm, Ballymena, Co. Antrim. There were no children. Mary died of diabetes. It is likely that she is buried in the Ballymena area.

(3) - Isaac William McCormick L.LB. (b. June 30, 1867)(d. November 4, 1893)

Isaac took theology at Queens University, Belfast. He was clever and studious and during his studies took two years in one. He graduated with a Doctorate in Theology but just about the time he was to be ordained, he contracted meningitis and died, aged 26. His closest friend was a Roman Catholic priest, a Father Dominic. Isaac was not married. He was buried in the family grave within the ruins of the old Urney Church.

(4) - Eliza McCormick (b. April 14, 1868)(d. November 28, 1933)

"Lizzie" was also educated at the Lifford Prior School. She became a governess and at one time taught the children of the Rev. John Harper McCormick. She liked to write poetry, some of which may still be in the possession of relatives. It is thought that she won several poetry competitions. Eliza, like her sister, Mary, also contracted diabetes, which was probably a contributing factor to her death. She did not marry. It is assumed that she is the Elizabeth McCormick buried within the ruins of the old Urney Church and it is from that source that her date of death is given above.

(5) - Annie Crawford McCormick (b. June 25, 1871)(d. 1930's)

Annie married James Woods (b.?1870)(d.?1959), the son of David and (?) Woods of the townland of Glentimon, Co. Tyrone. He was educated in Dublin and qualified for the position of District Inspector of the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC). Because of eye trouble he returned to farming. He lived on the townland of Peacock bank but renamed his property Beachfield. James engaged in poultry breeding and sent birds to many shows. He also raised Kerry Blue Terriers and Bull Terriers. In 1905 he was a member of a six-man delegation who visited England to oppose Gladstone�s Home Rule Bill. He was a Presbyterian. Annie and James had three daughters as follows:

(a) - Aileen Woods (b. 1909?)(d. 1977?)

Aileen went to an agricultural school and became a poultry instructress. She married David Craig Gamble (b.1909?)(d.1977?), who was also in the government service, possibly agriculture, and who lived in Castlederg, Co. Tyrone, the son of James Gamble and Anne Jane "Jinny" Craig. They had four children but there is very little information about them.

1. William "Billy" Gamble (b.1935)(d.1939)

2. Mary Gamble (b.1939)

Mary Gamble married Fred Faulkner, a farmer from Cookstown & have 5 children.

3. Ann Gamble (b.1941).

Ann married John Evans, originally from Tregarron in mid Wales & live in Cardiff. They have 4 children.

4. Elizabeth Gamble (b.1942)

Elizabeth married Sandy Pottie, a vet from Castlederg (originally from Paisley in Scotland) & have 4 children.

(b) - Annie Crawford �Nan� Woods (b. c.1905)

She was married to Robert William �Bob� Hale (b1902-d2000), a teacher. He was lecturing in Queens University, Belfast in the mid-1960s, and they were living in Lisburn. They had one child, Patricia Ann (b. January 16, 1933) who is still living in Castlederg (Erganagh). Pat never married. She was a Dr of Zoology at Sheffield University - retired.

(c) - Rosemary Woods (b. April 1, 1912)

She married Terence Theodore McCorry, a teacher (d. December 24, 1985). They had 2 children. Rosemary was a schoolteacher. It is thought that she is several years younger than her sisters. There are no other details.

1. Alastair David McCorry (b. 1945) (d. 2002)

Alastair never married

2. June McCorry (b. 1950)

June married Ronald James Jordan and they have one son. They live in Belfast.

A. David Patrick Jordan

(6) - Martha Jane McCormick (b. June 25, 1873)(d. Sept 16, 1940)

Martha intended to go into nursing and purchased her uniforms when she agreed to marry William J.T. McCormick, her cousin and son of John Thomas McCormick. She and her husband are buried in the Drumbane-Ballought grave in the "Old Cemetery" of Urney Church. (For details see family #3A)

(7) - John Thomas McCormick (b. July (?), 1875)(d. March 27, 1942)

"Tom" had asthma from childhood and was never a robust man. He inherited a small farm on the townland of Drumbane with a new house adjacent to the property of his elder brother, Joseph. The address of "The Cottage" was used and the home had a lovely flower garden and a small orchard. Tom rented out the farmland to others. At some time between 1909 and 1917 he married "Sadie" Doherty, (b.1872?)(d.Jan.2, 1928), daughter of James Doherty. Sadie�s proper name was Sarah and she came from the townland bordering Crillen, Co. Fermanagh. Tom and Sadie had no children. At times, Tom�s spinster sister, Elizabeth "Lizzie" lived with them.

The other children of Joseph McCormick

(b. 1794 d. 1878)

Jane McCormick (b.?)(d.?)

Jane may have been the eldest child, and if so, was born around 1819. A Jane McCormick married William Hemphill on October 14, 1837. A Joseph McCormick was present at the marriage,(Urney Parish records) and one could assume he was the father.

Mary Anne McCormick (b.?)(d.?)

Mary Anne is tentatively judged to have been born around 1823-24. A Mary Anne McCormick was married to John McKelvey of the Parish of Upper Badoney, Co. Tyrone, on Dec. 8, 1842. A Joseph McCormick was present.

Jacob McCormick (bapt. April 30, 1826)(d. December 17, 1847)

Urney Parish records show that Jacob�s father�s name was Joseph in the baptismal entry. The burial entry says he was of Drumbane and was aged 17 when he died. Arithmetic shows that if it the same Jacob McCormick in both cases, that Jacob would have been born in 1830.

Charlotte McCormick (bapt. February 27, 1829?)(d. August 5, 1897)

The records of Urney Church leave no doubt but that she was a daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth McCormick of Drumbane. Charlotte married Matthew Fairman, son of Thomas Fairman, of Trenamullen, Stranorlar, Co. Donegal on April 2, 1867(though the Fairmans� records show that Charlotte was born in 1832). She was Matthew�s second wife and had three children by him. The children from Matthew�s previous marriage immigrated to Australia. Matthew inherited the Trenamullen farm from his father and it has been run by the Fairman family since. Charlotte died 5 August 1897 (aged 66). Her death was registered by her son Joseph and cause of death was "Obstruction of bowels - 5 days. Certified". Matthew died in 1900. Their children are as follows.

(1)- Joseph Fairman (b. June 10, 1868)(d. 1947)

Joseph married Georgina Lucas in 1908. He continued working the Treenamullin farm. They had six children.

(a) Cecil Fairman

Cecil emigrated to Australia. Details needed.

(b) - Harold Fairman (b.?)(d. 1990)

1. Hilary Fairman

(c) - Muriel Fairman

Married Russell Bockus, a member of the Canadian RAF. They had three or four children.

(d) - Ernest Fairman

Ernest married Susan Fleming. They had the following children.

1. Jeanna Fairman

Jeanna married Norman Denniston of Donegal. They moved to Canada and had the following children and a number of grandchildren.

A. Karen Denniston

B. Colin Denniston

2. Muriel Fairman

Muriel married Albert Adams, from Dublin. They had at least four children, including twins, Ben and Andrew Adams.

A. Ben Adams

Ben spent most summers working on his uncle�s farm in Treenamullin and studied agriculture at Gurteen Agricultural College at the same time as his distant cousin, David McCormick of Drumbane (They were both unaware of the relationship). Ben farms in Saudi Arabia. Ben married Laura (?) and have one daughter.

(i)- Jordan Adams

B. Andrew Adams

Andrew married Helen (?) in 2002.

C. David Adams

D. Susan Adams

3. Cecil Fairman

Currently working on home farm. He has at least two children.

A. Leah Fairman

Leah works and lives in London.

B. Kris Fairman (?)

Kris lives at home and works nearby.

C. Richard Fairman (?)

Richard works on the farm with his father.

(e) - Edward Fairman

Information needed

(f) - Frederick Fairman

Frederick lives in Dublin. Married Nancy (?). They have four children, two boys and two girls.

1. John Fairman

2. Alan Fairman

3. (?) Fairman

4. (?) Fairman

(2)- Elizabeth Fairman (b. c1869-71)(d.?) married Andrew Kilpatrick on 23-Sep-1890, in Stranorlar, Donegal, Ireland.

(3)- Thomas Fairman (b. 1872)(d. 1942) married Adelaide (Fairman) in 1899.

Elizabeth McCormick (bapt. May 25, 1834)(d.?)

Entries in the records of Urney Parish Church show that one Eliza McCormick and her husband Joseph Shannon of Ferns, (later of Inischoe and Lisnaskea) had children, as follows:

(1)- Charlotte Shannon (b. January 27, 1864)(d.?)

(2)- William Shannon (b. July 14, 1865)(d.?)

(3)- Eliza Shannon (b. April 27, 1867)(d.?)

(4)- Joseph Shannon (b. March 24, 1868)(d.?)

(5)- Jacob Shannon (b. January 6, 1871)(d. 20 April 1954)
According to PRONI, Jacob, of Innisclean, Urney, left his Effects of £169 15s to Maud E. Shannon (spinster).

(6)- Sarah Shannon (b. July 15, 1872)(d.?)

Sarah McCormick (b.?)(d.?)

Her birth is not in the records of Urney Parish records except as in the census of the parish taken in 1849.

Rewritten and updated by David McCormick

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