Children of Harry and Esther MooreMy uncles and aunts

Children of Harry and Esther Moore
My uncles and aunts

all born in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Lillian Esther Moore,
born, Feb 20, 1913. Died Sept 11, 1998 in Mound, MN. Buried at Hillside Cemetery Mpls. Married 1. Douglas Raze, Feb 22, 1932. Divorced. Married 2nd. Russell Wile, June 17, 1961.


Harry Richard Moore,
born May 19, 1914. Died Nov 20, 1987 in Mound, Mn. Buried Mound Cemetery, Mound Mn. Married Grace Jenks, April 28, 1938


James Lincoln Moore,
born Feb 12, 1916. Died Sept 17, 1990 in Minneapolis, Mn., Buried Ft. Snelling Cemetery, Mpls. Mn. Married Lillian Schultz, July 3, 1937


Jessie Marie Moore
, born April 25, 1918. Died Jan 23, 1940 in Mpls. Mn. Buried Hillside Cemetery, Mpls. Mn. Married John Palmer, Oct 10, 1937.


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Baby Girl Moore, Born Oct 31, 1919 in Minneapolis MN.  Died Nov 1, 1919. Cause of death was Atelectasis. Atelectasis is the collapse of part or all of a lung by blockage of the air passages (bronchus or bronchioles), or by very shallow breathing.  Secretions that plug the airway, foreign objects (common in children) in the airway, and tumors.  In an adult, small regions of atelectasis are usually not life-threatening, because unaffected parts of the lung compensate for the loss of function in the affected area. In a baby or small child, lung collapse due to a mucus obstruction or other causes can be life-threatening.   The baby was buried at Crystal Lake Cemetery in Minneapolis.


Jack George Moore,
born Aug 25, 1921. Married Patricia Flynn, July 13, 1948. Died August 12, 2002, in Santa Rosa, CA


Elizabeth (Betty) Moore
, (my mother) born March 8, 1923. Died April 4, 1994 in Moundsview, Mn. Buried Ft. Snelling Cemetery, Minneapolis, Mn. Married 1. Daniel Hartl, April 11, 1942 (divorced) Married 2. Elvin A. Julik, Jan 20, 1960


William John Moore,
born July 29, 1926. Died Jan 28, 1986 in Excelsior, Mn. Burial, Excelsior, Mn. Married MaryAnn Hutmaker, Feb 10, 1948

Frederick Albert (Bud) Moore
, born Jan 24, 1930. Married Helen Hudak, Aug 16, 1948 (divorced) Died May 25, 2002 in Ogden, UT


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