Children of Harry and Esther Moore continued.

Children of Harry and Esther Moore continued.......
With their Spouses

Lil, & Doug Raze

Russ and Lil Wile
(2nd husband)
Easter --1960's.


Harry & Grace Moore
In a photo booth

Harry & Grace
Moore family reunion 1983

Jim & Lil -1930's

Jim & Lil (Schultz) Moore
Fun in a photo booth.

Jessie & Jack Palmer

Jessie and Jack Palmer

Jack & Pat Moore
On the beach in Calif.
Jack and Pat
They look like they're having fun!

Betty & Dan
Their wedding day, April 11, 1942

Betty, Corinne & Tiny
(Betty's 2nd husband and daug. Corinne)

Bill & Maryann Moore

Bill and Maryann Moore
Lake Minnetonka before their marriage

Bud and Helen Moore
Christmas 1949?

Bud Moore with daughter Lynne
and grandson Mikel Plasket
Dec 1999

Helen Moore
February 2003


August 11, 1984
Last photo of the brothers and sisters taken together.
It's very sad to think they have all passed on now.
L-R --- Jack, Jim, Betty, Harry, Lil and Bill
(Bud missing from photo)

With their spouses.
August 11, 1984. Moore Family reunion Lake Minnetonka.
Left to Right - Betty, Jack & Pat, Jim & Lil, Keith & Helen (he stepped in for his father), Harry & Grace, Lil & Russ, and Bill & MaryAnn


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