We celebrated Holidays

Christmas Eve was always celebrated at our grandparents home.



Christmas at Grandpa & Grandma Moore's
1949 at  3108 Harriet Ave South
Left to right. Jerry Moore, Claudia, Kenny, & Jack. Background Grandpa opening his gifts.



Left to right standing: Jessie, Duane, & Joyce. Middle: Sandra, Varyl, Claudia, Maryann, & Jack. Front:
Linda (on Varyl's lap), Kenny & Dick
Grandpa and Grandma Moore.
Grandpa received the wagon for xmas to use at the lake to haul his fish. I don't know about the rest of the cousins, but I  had hoped that wagon was for me!



Claudia and Kenny dancing in the kitchen. Xmas -about 1953

1953 Left to right: Grace, Lil, Grandma, Harry front: Lynne, & Duane


Grandpa Moore having a "Highball".

Left to right: Jim, Lil Moore, Jack, Lil, Grandma & Grandpa.


Thanksgiving at Aunt Lil's house



Thanksgiving at Aunt Lil's house.
2417 11th Ave South. Minneapolis
The aunts and uncles.



Aunts and Uncles Cousins



Moore Family
Clark Family
Lake Minnetonka