The Clark Family


Clark Family
Parents of Esther Lillian Clark



Frederick Albert Clark
Born March 11, 1858
Place: Seward, Illinois.
Died Aug 13, 1915 Mpls. MN.
Burial: Hillside Cemetery, Mpls. MN

Esther Lillian Clark

Eliza Mathilda Erickson
Born: December 3, 1860
Place: Carver county, Minnesota.
Died: Feb 26, 1901 in Mpls. MN.
Burial: Hillside Cemetery, Mpls. MN.


Frederick Albert Clark, the son of John Clark and Esther Palmer, came with his family to Minneapolis in 1868 from Pecatonica, Illinois, a small town near Rockford. Fred learned the trade of blacksmith from his father who owned "Hennepin Carriage Works", a blacksmith and carriage making shop in Minneapolis. He and his brothers worked in the family business. Fred married Eliza (Lizzie) Mathilda Erickson on Dec 15, 1880.

Lizzie was the daughter of Lars & Froen (Jonsdatter) Erickson, immigrants from Norway and Sweden. Lizzie was born in Carver County, Minnesota. Her family had lived on a farm outside the town of Chaska during the Sioux uprising of 1862 and moved to Minneapolis in 1865. She was said to have been a wonderful person and extremely loving mother. Unfortunately, at age 40 she became gravely ill. My grandmother said the doctor would come to their home and treat her by draining fluid from her stomach. Lizzie died leaving her husband to raise the younger children.

Fred moved the family to his parent’s home at 226 W 28th Street. Later, when my grandmother and grandfather were married, they also lived at this house for a short time. Fred was a very nice man and good to his children but had a drinking problem. By 1915 Fred and his brother Charlie were living alone in the house. Fred was drinking more and more, not holding down a job, and unable to share household expenses with his brother. The relationship became strained and Charlie finally told Fred he'd have to move out. Fred had no where to go, became very depressed, and on August 11, 1915 went to his bedroom and shot himself in the head. He was taken to Minneapolis General hospital and died 2 days later. I was able to find out the cause of his death from his death certificate, and the circumstances through Kathleen Crockett Van Fleet, a first cousin of my grandmother's. The newspaper accounts claim he committed suicide over the purchase of a diamond ring. However, Kathleen felt this was false information given to the newspaper

Fred and Lizzie are buried at Hillside Cemetery in Minneapolis. Also buried with them are their daughter's, Eva (Ringer), Jessie (McEachern), Jessie's husband Frank McEachern, and Jessie Marie Moore, daughter of Harry & Esther.

Marriage Certificate dated December 15, 1880

The above tin-type photograph appears to be
Fred A. Clark & Lizzie M. Erickson.
It was found amongst my grandmother's photographs.
I feel almost certain these are her parents,
as there is a strong resemblance to
the above photographs taken later in their lives.
It may even be their wedding picture.


Children of Frederick Clark & Lizzie Erickson


Eva L. Clark Born, Dec 22, 1879 in Mpls. Mn. Died Feb 6, 1904 in Mpls. Mn. Buried Hillside Cemetery. Married Frank Ringer in 1898.

Jessie V. Clark, born May 21, 1884 in Richfield, MN. Died Dec 20, 1924 in Mpls. Mn. Buried Hillside Cemetery, Mpls. Married Frank McEachern, July 12, 1906. **After Jessie's death, Frank McEachern married Pearl (Sieler) Clark, the widow of Jessie's brother Fred.

Esther Lillian Clark, (my grandmother) born April 22, 1887/88 in Richfield, MN. Died April 22, 1969 in Fridley, MN. Buried St. Mary's Cemetery, Mpls. Married Harry Henry Moore, Aug 15, 1912 in Mpls. MN

Frederick Albert Clark Jr., born Dec (1888) in Mpls. MN. Died April 24, 1924 in Mpls. Burial? Married Pearl Sieler, Dec 3, 1914 in Mpls. **His widow, Pearl, then married Frank McEachern, the widowed husband of his sister Jessie.

**A humorous note: My mother, Betty , related a story regarding her uncle Frank McEachern and aunt Pearl Clark: After the deaths of their spouses, Frank started dating Pearl. There was speculation in the family as to whether or not Frank would ever ask Pearl to marry him. My grandfather's comment was always "She hasn't gotten him drunk enough". So, when Pearl proudly announced one day that she and Frank were engaged, my mother, being a young child, blurted out, "Oh, so you finally got him drunk enough"?


Children of Frederick Clark & Eliza Erickson about 1890-91
Left, Jessie V. Clark
Top right, Eva Clark
Center on chair, Fred A. Clark Jr.,
Right, Esther Lillian

Death Certificate for Frederick Albert Clark Sr.

Death Certificate for Eliza (Lizzie) Erickson Clark

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