The last letter written by my grandmother,


The last letter written by my grandmother, Esther (Clark) Moore, to her son, Bud Moore. She died just a few weeks later on her birthday, April 22, 1969. (I have transcribed her letter, leaving the spelling and grammar exactly as she wrote it)

April 8, 69

Dear Son Bud,

I was sure glad to hear from you, been wondering where I could write you, so your working at the Mint Hotel, hope you are still there when Betty, Tiny, Corinne, and maybe will come with, the first of June, they are going to fly, cause Tiny just has two weeks off, but maybe Betty and Corinne will stay longer. Tiny has a brother and sister out in Calif. All the snow is gone thank goodness it sure was a long winter. Lots of snow and cold weather too. I had a Easter card from the children and I had a nice letter from Helen. She said all the children doing real good in school. Lynne stays with her girl friends house, but come two or three times a week and are getting along fine. I am glad to hear that, and that Lynne works three or four days a week, but didn't say what kind of work. Its been raining off and on all day, we sure need the rain to make the grass green. Everyone here is just fine. I hear from one or the other now and then. I had a Easter card from Harry, Grace, Jim, Lil, Helen and the children and from Pat and Jack and children. I never gave out any Easter cards this year. Lillian wanted us to in for Easter dinner, but Betty had already ask Jean, Denie and Shelly for dinner. Shelly is the little girl Betty took care off since she was two weeks old, we all miss her a lot she is such a cute little girl. We had ham but I can't eat ham so Betty got me steak. Betty and I went and played Bingo I won two hams and two other games then I won the cover all for $90 I was sure lucky that. We go Wed and Sundays about a mile from here they have $95 games four or five times Betty and I bouth have won. She putting what she wins in the bank to save for the trip to Calif. so am I. Iam going in to Lillian's for a few days because I want to have a checkup because I have a hard time sleeping, but otherwise I am O.K. I will be 81 this month so I am doing alright for my age. Betty working at the hospital out here she working nights 11 till 7:30 in the morning. Corinne will out of school the end of May she will be in four grade in the fall she will be nine on August 16. both Bobby and Barbara Able are married and is Maryans brother for the life of me I can't think of his name but then you will know what his name is. Linda went down to see him and his wife last week he is in the service, they told me where but I have forgotten where. That would be nice if you would come back with Tiny and Betty and stay awhile. Lillian is working at Honeywell again been back about four weeks, so everyone quite busy out here. I suppose I better end this as its about time for Betty to get up and go to work. I may see you in June or if you come back with them. So save your money and come back with them. We all send our love and best wishes to you.

Lots of love and kisses, from your Mom, bye now

write again soon.

My Grandma ~

She slipped away so silently
We never said good-byes
I miss her smile and beauty
The twinkle in her eyes

So gentle and so loving
My Grandma was to me
So sweet and so soft spoken
A heart for all to see

I miss her gentle laughter
Her very tender touch
Always knew just what to say
When things in life were rough

She went to join my Grandpa
She missed him every day
Always said she'd see him
It happened just that way

Before she passed she reach out
She seemed to grab someone
I know it was my Grandpa
Her new life has begun

My memories are gathered
In golden treasury
A little piece of Grandma
Forever there for me

Thanks for all the lessons
You taught me very well
For me there is great meaning
It's your love I have held

You'll always be my Grandma
The one who loved me so
Now you are in heaven
With brightest gold halo.