Moore Family

Moore Family
Parents of Harry Henry Moore



George E. Moore

Harry H. Moore

Etta Orr

Born: April 29, 1868
Place: Stillwater, MN
Died: Sept 4, 1935
Place: Minneapolis, MN


Born: Feb 9, 1872
Place: Wisner, NE
Died: June 9, 1944
Place: Mpls, MN.


George Moore and Etta Orr were married on February 25, 1889 in Sioux City Iowa. It appears George went to Iowa to work and met Etta while living there. George was the son of Patrick and Norah (McMahon) Moore, immigrants from Ireland. Etta's parents, John Orr and Julia Hoyt were from Pennsylvania and New York respectively.

George worked on the C St. P.M.O Railroad in Sioux City as a tinner. Their first two children, Eden and Frank, were born there and in 1892 George brought his family back to Minnesota. They lived in St. Paul where his parents and many of his aunts, uncles, and cousins lived. Between 1895 and 1896 they moved to Minneapolis where George again found work on the railroad. They were the parents of 13 children, one died young or may have been stillborn. After their children were grown George and Etta took in a foster child named Helen. She was just a baby at the time, born about 1930. She was raised as one of their own and lived with them until Etta's death in 1944.

Later in his life George became child-like and most likely had Alzheimer's, but at that time it was referred to as senility. George died on Sept 4, 1935 of a heart condition and bronchial pneumonia and is buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Minneapolis. Etta suffered injuries when she was hit by a street car as she was crossing the street. She never recovered and died on June 4, 1944. She is buried at St. Mary's Cemetery as well.


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