Surname Hawkins

          Hawkins Genealogy Page.

          HAWKINS, George Gaddis
          HAWKINS, Esther Bell


          Name: George Gaddis Hawkins ..Photo..
          Date born: 10/11/1886, Jackson, Miss.
          Date died:
          Burial place:
          Spouse: Ammiline Celestine Walker
          Date married:
          Esther Bell

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          Name: Esther Bell Hawkins-Darrow ..Photo..
          Date born: August 8, 1908, Ruston, LA
          Date died: January 14, 1986, Orlando, Florida
          Burial place: Cremated, buried in front yard of their home in Orlando, between her two favorite magnolia trees
          Occupation: Real estate agent, home maker, High preistes of Eastern Star
          Parents: George Gaddis Hawkins and Ammiline Celestine Walker
          Spouse: Joseph Luis Clawson
          Date married: June 28, 1931, Shreveport, LA
          Joseph Luis Jr.

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