Brother, You Are the Best

Brother, You Are the Best

There are years lost behind us,
full of words we never spoke,
and now we have our separate lives
and less time to share together.
But in my heart I have always felt
the love we have,
and neither distance nor time
can take away the bond
we forged as children...

Growing up, we played and fought,
talked and laughed.
Beyond the fun and games,
beyond the battles we waged,
we found in each other
unending support
and a lifelong friend.
Through thick and thin,
and difficult times,
we emerged together as one,
protecting each other
from the world.
I know that if either of us
ever need anything,
we can count on the other
to give our all
and help in every way possible.

Perhaps words are not always
necessary in our relationship,
because we both know what's there.
But today I want to take the time
to remind you how much I really care
and thank you for all
that you have been to me.
I could never ask for, want,
or need a better brother,
because I have the best in you.
I love you!

-- Erin N. Himelrick

I love you brother!

Dedicated to my brothers Steven, Ernest & David who I love very much. SISTERS GENEALOGY