Thomas Hughes Cook
Thomas Hughes Cook
Thomas Hughes Cook was born 6 May 1831 in South Carolina in either Union County or Edgefield County. He died 11 Nov 1907 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Pickens County, Georgia. Him and his wife are both buried in Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery in Jasper, Pickens County, Georgia. Thomas donated this land to the church. In 1853 he married Julia Ann or Julia or Julian Lodossia Bowen. She was born March or May 1829 and died 11 June 1905 or 06.

Thomas weighed about 200 pounds, had a long beard and had ďa lot of Irish in himĒ according to family lore. He was a Baptist, a Republican and a hard worker. In the Civil War he was in Company C, 43 Regiment, Infantry, Army of Tennessee, Pickens County, Georgia. He enlisted as a Private on 19 May 1862. At some point Thomas and another man took shelter from a storm in a shed. They were both court marshaled and due to be hung. The other man was hung but Thomas escaped. On 19 April 1864 Thomas took the Oath of Allegiance to the U.S. Government at Chattanooga, Tennessee. At some point he did return to Ga. He is on the 1860 census and on the 1870 census on page 3 for Pickens County, Georgia.

I do not know anything about the parents or siblings of Thomas except for one, a brother named Samuel Crozier Cook who was married to Missouri Catherine Crocker and they lived and died in Cherokee County, Georgia. Pickens Co was made from Cherokee and Gilmer Counties in 1853 so Thomas probably lived in Cherokee/Gilmer Counties and wound up in Pickens County without ever moving. There is a possibility that Thomas was related to Richard V. Cook also of Pickens County, Georgia. He is shown living next door in the 1860 census but any relationship is not yet proven.

Children of Thomas and Julia:
All born in Pickens Co Ga.

1. Martha Ann Cook born 1854 married James A Aiken March 1874 in Pickens County, Georgia
2. John Henry Cook born 27 March 1855 died 28 May 1934 in Fairmont, Georgia and buried in Bethany Church cemetery. He married Dialthia Timmons 25 Nov 1897 in Georgia. She was born 28 Dec 1859
3. Samuel Eli Cook born 3 March 1857 and died 18 Sept 1938. Buried at Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery. He married Mary Caroline Green 30 Aug 1877 in Georgia. She was born 22 April 1862 in Cherokee County Georgia and died 26 March 1947, buried same church.
4. Joseph Eldert Cook born 11 April 1858 died 4 Aug 1919 in Haleyville, Marion CO Al at New Hope Baptist Church married Sara Casadina Cornelison 23 Dec 1881 in Cherokee Co Ga. She was born 7 Feb 1860.
5. Thomas U Cook born Aug 1861 married Alma V Taylor 3 Feb 1884. She was born 25 May 1866, Second spouse was Rose Belle Fuller married 10 April 1904.
6. Rhoda C Cook born 17 April 1864 and died June 1866 in Ga,
7. Annie Isabella Cook born 4 Oct 1866 and died Feb 1947 in Sentinel, Washita, OK and buried in cemetery there of same name. Married James P Timmons 15 July 1883 in Cherokee Co Ga.
8. Malinda Cook born Aug 1869 married Charley Ware 29June 1884 and then Eli J Coffee 1889 and he was born Jan 1860.

Samuel Eli Cook- (my great grandfather), 3rd child of Thomas & Julia
Born 3 March 1857 in Pickens County, Georgia and died 15 Sept 1938 in Pickens County, Georgia. He married Mary Caroline Green on 30 Aug. 1877. She was born 22 April 1862 and died 26 Mar. 1947. She was the daughter of Benjamin F. Green and Mirah Weatherby. Samuel and Caroline are also buried in the Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery in Jasper, Pickens County, Georgia.
Their children:
1. Thomas Jefferson Cook born 6 Aug 1878, died 19 Mar. 1960. Born in Pickens Co. Ga. And buried in Collinswood, Tenn. Wife # 1 Mollie or Mary L. Cowart on 17 Nov 1901. Wife # 2 Emma Burlison from Al.
2. William Frank Cook born 10 Feb. 1880 Pickens Co. Ga., died 24 Feb. 1969. Buried in Savannah Ga. Married Lula Carney who was born 9 Aug. 1884 and died 15 Oct. 1972. Buried same place. Married 1 Sept. 1901.
3. Henry Ervin Cook born 18 Apr. 1882 Pickens Co. Ga.. Died 7 Feb. 1965. Buried Ball Ground Baptist Church in Ball Ground Ga. Married 29 Dec. 1901 to Laura Louvenia Moody born 20 Aug. 1876 in Cherokee Co. Ga. Died 8 July 1955 and buried same place as him.
4. Benjamin Hughes Cook born 25 Apr. 1884 Pickens Co. Ga. and died 9 Feb. 1966. Buried Conus Creek, Cherokee Co. Ga. Married 12 Aug 1905 to Myrtie Moody born 19 Jan. 1883 Cherokee Co. Ga., died 14 Oct. 1943 and buried same as him.
5. Crozier Walter Cook (my grandfather) born 30 Aug. 1886 Pickens Co. Ga. and died 11 Mar. 1966 in Guin or Winfield Al. He was married about 5 times. The first (my fatherís mother) was Ora Fee Sizemore married 18 July 1909. She was born 26 Apr. 1893 and died 2 Mar. 1942. Buried in Guin Al. She was the daughter of Daniel Elderidge Sizemore and Rebecca I. Markham. My father was 10 when she died and canít remember anything. I know one of Crozierís wives was called Hattie and the last one was a Miss Love.
6. Delsia Esteller Cook born 16 July 1889 Pickens Co. Ga., died 27 Sept. 1990. Married 2 Jan. 1910 to Harvey Mote Chambers born 28 Dec. 1888 Pickens Co. Ga. and died 12 June 1961, buried at Bethany Church Cemetery in Pickens Co. Ga.
7. Stella Mae Cook born 2 Oct. 1892 in Pickens Co. Ga., died 10 Mar. 1962. Married James Hobson 11 Nov 1911 born 15 Nov. 1888 and died 8 Dec. 1951. Buried with wife.
8. Pearlie Magnolia Cook born 27 Aug. 1894 Pickens Co. Ga., died 20 Oct. 1979, buried San Antonio Tx. Married 7 Jan. 1912 to Grover Pettit.
9. Barbara Agatha Cook born 20 Oct. 1896 Pickens Co. Ga., died 18 Mar. 1956 Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery Pickens Co. Ga. Married 14 Oct. 1917 to Author Roland who died 6 Nov. 1918 WWI and buried overseas. Married #2 , 13 June 1920 to Joseph Columbus Cagle born 28 April 1880 Pickens Co. Ga. and died 1 Dec. 1961 Bethany Church Cemetery Pickens Co. Ga.
10. Ralph Hubert Cook born 18 Aug. 1899 Pickens Co. Ga., died 29 Sept. 1957 Bethany Church Cemetery. Married 17 Oct. 1917 to Mamie Alice Townsend born 20 Feb. 1900, died 5 Dec 1980 Bethany Cemetery.
11. Samuel Hugo Cook born 28 Apr. 1902 Pickens Co. Ga., died 1 May 1902 Bethany Cemetery.
12. Julia Caroline Cook born 1 Sept. 1903 Pickens Co. Ga. died 28 Sept. 1988 and buried at Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery in Pickens County, Georgia. Married 4 June 1933 to William Jethro Denson born 2 Apr. 1899 Pickens Co. Ga., died 30 Apr. 1970 and buried with his wife in Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery.

Children of Crozier Walter Cook (son of Samuel Eli, grandson of Thomas Hughes) and Ora Fee Sizemore
1. Robert Lloyd Cook born 23 June 1910 in Marion Co. Al., died 22 Aug 1990 Dale Co. Al. Buried in Newton Al. Married Emma Georgia Cook 21 Aug. 1937 born 28 Sept 1909 Cullman Al., died 21 May 1986.
2. Dovie Jane Cook 31 Jan. 1914 Marion Co. Al., died 19 Jan. 1989 in Detroit, Al. Married Roy Gilliland 24 Sept. 1937, born 21 Jan. 1910 Lamar Co. Al., died 21 Jan 1973 in Detroit, Al.
3. Ruby Rebecca Cook born 2 Oct. 1919 Marion Co. AL., died 22 Mar. 1995 Knoxville, Tenn. Married Coy Lester Gilliland 5 June 1936 born 27 May 1914 Lamar Co. Al., died unknown.
4. Private-my father-he and my mother have 7 children.

Brother of Thomas Cook:
Samuel Crozier Cook born in South Carolina on 30 Dec 1829 and died 8 March 1910. He married Missouri Catherine Crocker in unknown. She was born 11 Nov 1837 and died 6 April 1921. Both are buried at the Shoal Creek Cemetery in Cherokee County, Georgia. Samuel C. Cook served in Company G, Cherokee Legion during the Civil War.

Their children:
1. William Elbert Cook born 31 May 1855
2. Henry Worth Cook born 8 Jan 1857
3. Nancy Jane Cook born 23 Dec 1858 and married Jim Payne
4. Laura Ann Cook born 9 March 1861
5. George Thomas Cook born 3 Jan 1863
6. Mary Missouri Cook born 12 May 1865 married a Brown-unknown info
7. James Samuel Cook born 8 Mar 1868
8. Lucindy Cook born 29 April 1870
9. Rosella Melinda Cook born 6 Mar 1872 married a Jim Blalock
10. Alphoretta Cook born 10 April 1874
11. Robert Wesley born 1 June 1876 married Ada Walker 27 Sept 1894
12. David Charmer born 17 July 1879 married Barbara Chambers 5 Nov 1896
13. Effie Catherine Cook born 25 Sept 1882 married Henry Blalock 4 July 1897

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