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Buena Vista County Births and Christenings
Nain Danish Lutheran Church, Newell
Confirmations, 1922-1940

Rev. Hakon Jorgensen was the pastor of this church during the time of all of the confirmations below. The parents' names are included if in the original record, or if known to me.

Andersen, Harry Andersen, Elsie Maxine (daughter of M/M Bendt Andersen)
Christensen, Arnold Christensen, Henry (son of M/M Chris S. Christensen)
Christensen, Orval (son of M/M Clarence Christensen) Christensen, Marion Leonard (son of M/M S. P. Christensen)
Christiansen, Orville (son of M/M A. K. Christensen) Grau, Doris Irene (daughter of Mrs. Andrew Grau)
Christiansen, Rose Kristen Hansen, Myrtle Elisabeth (daughter of M/M Carl A. Hansen)
Jensen, Ellen Kladstrup, Donald (son of M/M Peter Kladstrup)
Johansen, Anna Molgaard, Adaline Marie (daughter of M/M Enoch Molgaard)
Johansen, Axel (son of M/M J. A. Johansen) Molgaard, Enok Christoffersen (son of M/M Enoch Molgaard)
Jorgensen, Alvin Theodore Schmidt, Rebbecca Elfreda (daughter of Mrs. Niss Schmidt)
Lund, Annetta (daughter of M/M L. P. Lund) Skow, Esther (daughter of M/M O. H. Skow)
Nielsen, Erling  
Olsen, Alice Louise  
Petersen, Mabel
Schmidt, Marie (daughter of Mrs. Niss Schmidt)  
Thomsen, Elna (daughter of M/M Anton Thomsen) Bonde, Anna Bernice (daughter of M/M Peter Bonde)
Thomsen, Harold Grau, Ivan (son of M/M Alfred Grau)
  Grau, Robert (son of M/M O. J. Grau)
  Grau, Solon (son of M/M George Grau)
Johnsen, Hazel (daughter of Louis Johnsen
  Jorgensen, Johannes (son of M/M Hakon Jorgensen)
Andersen, Helen (daughter of M/M Marinus Andersen) Kjolhede, Doris (daughter of M/M Chris Kjolhede)
Christensen, Harold Nielsen, Tage (son of M/M Jens Nielsen)
Jensen, Jensina (daughter of M/M Kristen Jensen) Olsen, Ruth (daughter of M/M N. C. Olsen)
Jorgensen, Harry J. (son of M/M Martin Jorgensen) Petersen, Helen (daughter of M/M Albert L. Petersen)
Petersen, Thorvald Petersen, Ralph (son of M/M Andrew H. Petersen)
  Thorup, Agnes (daughter of M/M Peter Thorup)
  Vesgaard, Edna (daughter of M/M J. P. Vesgaard)
Willadsen, Leo (son of M/M Oscar Willadsen)
Andersen, Lucille (daughter of M/M James E. Andersen)  
Bodholdt, Lettie (daughter of M/M Hans C. Bodholdt)
Bodholdt, Viggo (son of M/M E. N. Bodholdt)  
Buch, Albert (son of M/M Nels Buch) Andersen, Marie
Christensen, Esther (daughter of M/M Chris S. Christensen) Bak, Clarence (son of M/M Anton Bak)
Frandsen, Marvin (son of M/M Harry Frandsen) Christensen, John
Holman, Gertrude (daughter of M/M Chris. Holman) Fredericksen, Paul
Holst, Edward (son of M/M Anders Holst) Gundelack, Herbert
Jensen, Walter Lawrence (son of Mrs. N. N. Jensen) Hansen, Herbert
Johansen, Elenora (daughter of M/M J. A. Johansen) Harris, Evelyn
Jorgensen, Gunnar Jensen, Elmer (son of M/M Andrew Jensen)
Kjar/Kair, Anna (daughter of M/M Nels P. Kair) Jensen, Robert
Mikkelsen, Helga M. (daughter of M/M Anton Mikkelsen) Johansen, Arnold
Petersen, Myrtle Olsen, Arnold
Petersen, Norman (son of M/M Albert H. Petersen) Petersen, Howard
Petersen, Soren (son of M/M Jens Petersen) Thomsen, Marjorie
Petersen, Thorvald  
Schmidt, Peter Nissen (son of Mrs. Niss Schmidt)  
Bonde, Lauritz Merlyn (son of M/M Peter Bonde)
  Carlsen, Velma (daughter of B. Carlsen)
Christensen, Eleanora Grau, Hazel (daughter of Mrs. Anna Grau)
Christiansen, Anna Gundelack, Roma (daughter of M/M Henry Gundelack)
Clausen, Viola Hansen, Wanda (daughter of M/M Nels Hansen)
Grau, Richard Thuesen (son of M/M Alfred Grau) Hertz, Alice (daughter of Mrs. Martin Andersen)
Jensen, Thorvald Henry Jorgensen, Margot (daughter of M/M M. Jorgensen)
Jorgensen, Ellen Arua (daughter of M/M Hakon Jorgensen) Kjolhede, Clifford (son of M/M Chris Kjolhede)
Jorgensen, Oda Kladstrup, Norman (son of M/M Peter Kladstrup)
Pedersen, Christian Lucht, Gladys (daughter of Mrs. Ellen Lucht)
Pedersen, Helen Agneta Petersen, Betty (daughter of M/M Nels A. Petersen)
  Willadsen, Evelyn (daughter of M/M O. S. Willadsen)
Bodholdt, Harold (son of M/M Hans C. Bodholdt)  
Fredericksen, Oda Luella Andersen, Marian (daughter of M/M Alfred Andersen)
Haahr, Alma (daughter of M/M George Haahr) Christensen, Marjorie (daughter of M/M Clarence Christensen)
Hansen, Myrtle Fredericksen, Donald (son of the late N. Fredericksen
Jensen, Elmer Grau, Arlan (son of M/M Alfred Grau)
Johansen, Agnes (daughter of M/M J. A. Johansen) Grau, Ruth (daughter of M/M George Grau)
Schmidt, Edith (daughter of Mrs. Niss Schmidt) Holst, Altabel (daughter of M/M Anders Holst)
  Jensen, Arnie (son of Mrs. C. Jensen)
  Johnsen, Dwight (son of M/M Carl Johnsen)
Molgaard, Darlene (daughter of M/M Enock Molgaard)
  Skow, Howard (son of M/M O. H. Skow)
Andersen, Richard (son of M/M Jus G. Andersen) Trukken, Junella (daughter of M/M Carl Trukken)
Bak, Myrtle (daughter of M/M Anton Bak) Vesgaard, Martha (daughter of M/M J. P. Vesgaard)
Christensen, Dorothy (daughter of M/M A. K. Christensen)  
Christensen, Edna (daughter of M/M J. E. Christensen)  
Jensen, Eunice Evelyn (daughter of Mrs. N. Jensen)
Jensen, Opal Beatrice (daughter of M/M John Jensen)  
Jensen, Rosa Matilda (daughter of M/M Kristen Jensen) Christensen, Marie (daughter of M/M Ole Christensen)
Jensen, Stella Bernice (daughter of M/M John Jensen) Haahr, Agnes (daughter of M/M George Haahr)
Jorgensen, Halvor (son of M/M Hakon Jorgensen) Husted, Elva (daughter of M/M Jens Husted)
Jorgensen, Karen Ingeborg (daughter of M/M Martin Jorgensen) Iversen, Elva (daughter of M/M G. Iversen)
Petersen, Eugene (son of M/M Andrew H. Petersen) Jensen, Helen (daughter of M/M Andrew Jensen)
Pedersen, Harry (son of Mrs. Marie Pedersen) Jorgensen, Paul (son of M/M Martin Jorgensen)
Skow, Vinnie (daughter of M/M Oscar H. Skow) Kjolhede, Arnold (son of M/M Chris Kjolhede)
Thorup, Caroline (daughter of M/M Peter Thorup) Kladstrup, Ruth (daughter of M/M Peter Kladstrup)
Trukken, Myrtle Christine (daughter of M/M Carl Trukken) Nielsen, Anna (daughter of M/M Jens Nielsen)
  Olsen, Ivan (son of M/M
  Pedersen, Vernell (daughter of M/M A. C. Pedersen)
Petersen, Elva (daughter of M/M Nels A. Petersen)
  Rasmussen, Harry (son of M/M Axel Rasmussen)
Andersen, Mayta Pauline (daughter of M/M Bendt Andersen) Skibsted, Vivian (daughter of M/M Martin Skibsted)
Bjerre, Erna (daughter of M/M Smith Bjerre) Thomsen, Hazel (daughter of M/M Carl Thomsen)
Frederiksen, Leona Christine (daughter of M/M Thorvald Frederiksen) Trukken, Richard (son of M/M Ewald Trukken)
Fredericksen, Nadine Doris Willadsen, Blanche (daughter of M/M Jay Willadsen)
Jensen, Beulah Marie (daughter of M/M Miller Jensen)  
Johansen, Carl Peter  
Molgaard, Earl Clifford (son of M/M Enoch Molgaard)
Nelsen, Lillie  
Nielsen, Carl Corwin Grau, Leo (son of M/M George Grau)
Pedersen, Ingvart Marius Gundelack, Kay (son of M/M Henry Gundelack)
Schmidt, Velma (daughter of Mrs. Niss Schmidt) Haahr, Donald (son of M/M Vernon Haahr)
Vesgaard, Carl Gunnar Johansen, Richard (son of M/M Albert Johansen)
  Lucht, Maynard (son of Mrs. Ellen Lucht)
  Rasmussen, Arnold (son of M/M Axel Rasmussen)
Willadsen, Ardith (daughter of M/M Oscar Willadsen)
Christensen, Axel (son of M/M S. P. Christensen)  
Frederiksen, Homer Christian (son of M/M Thorvald Frederiksen)
Grau, Harold Haahr (son of M/M George Grau)  
Haahr, Dorthea Mary (daughter of M/M George Haahr) Christensen, Marian (daughter of M/M Clarence Christensen)
Jensen, Margaret Christine (daughter of M/M P. M. Jensen) Grau, Doris Winnona (daughter of M/M Oscar Grau)
Jensen, Wilbert Oscar (son of M/M Jim C. Jensen) Haahr, Laverne (daughter of M/M George Haahr)
  Jensen, Hazel (daughter of M/M Andrew Jensen)
  Jensen, Virgil (son of M/M Viggo Jensen)
Kjolhede, Lillian (daughter of M/M Chris Kjolhede)
  Lauridsen, Vivian (daughter of M/M Marinus Lauridsen)
Andersen, Weldon Howard (son of M/M Bendt Andersen) Molgaard, Cleora (daughter of M/M Enock Molgaard)
Bonde, Mildred Mathelda (daughter of M/M Peter Bonde) Nielsen, Carl (son of M/M Carl Nielsen)
Christiansen, Edna Esther (daughter of M/M Carl Christensen) Nielsen, Verle (son of M/M Walter Nielsen)
Christiansen, Eunice Christine (daughter of M/M A. K. Christensen) Paulsen, Betty (daughter of M/M Nick Poulsen)
Frederiksen, Elsa Dorothy (daughter of M/M Thorvald Frederiksen) Skow, Velma (daughter of M/M Oscar Skow)
Grau, Donald Bodholdt (son of M/M O. J. Grau) Thomsen, Dorothy (daughter of M/M Thorvald Thomsen)
Grau, Ejner Thuesen (son of M/M A. J. Grau)  
Grau, Holger (son of M/M George Grau)  
Harris, Oscar Olsen (son of M/M Ray O. Harris)
Iversen, Rella (daughter of M/M Gurner Iversen)  
Iversen, Ruth (daughter of M/M Gurner Iversen) 1939 class photo with identifications
Jensen, Esther (daughter of M/M Miller Jensen)  
Johansen, Theodore Harold (son of M/M J. A. Johansen)  
Jorgensen, Arnliot (son of M/M Hakon Jorgensen)
Kjolhede, Agnes Marie (daughter of M/M Chris Kjolhede)  
Kjolhede, Gerhardt Marvin (son of Carl Kjolhede) Christensen, June (daughter of M/M Ole Christensen)
Nelsen, Esther Margrethe (daughter of M/M Carl Nielsen) Hansen, Doris (daughter of M/M H. Hansen)
Nielsen, Niels Lester (son of M/M John Nielsen) Jensen, Darrell (son of M/M Viggo Jensen)
Olsen, Marian Loraine (daughter of M/M N. C. Olsen) Kjolhede, Cyril (son of M/M Chris Kjolhede)
Petersen, Ingeborg (daughter of M/M J. L. Petersen) Lund, Ruby (daughter of M/M Hans Lund)
Schmidt, Ottilda (daughter of Mrs. Niss Schmidt) Poulsen, John (son of M/M Nick Poulsen)
Thorup, Niels (son of M/M Peter Thorup) Thomsen, Herluf (son of M/M Carl Thomsen)
Vesgaard, Reinhart Jens (son of M/M Peter Vesgaard) Thomsen, Lewis (son of M/M Carl Thomsen)
  Westergaard, Curtis (son of M/M Kai Westergaard)

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