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Necrology, James Miller Post #503, G.A.R., Marathon

James Miller Post #503 was chartered August 22, 1892 with an original muster of 32 members. The post was named in honor of Dr. James Miller, who served as Assistant Surgeon, 30th Indiana Infantry during the war. Dr. Miller, a resident of Marathon, died Feb. 2, 1886 and was buried in the Poland Twp. Cemetery at Marathon. Below is the necrology (death records) of the Marathon "Grand Army of the Republic" post.

Company & Rank
Other information
BARTLEY, George E. Pvt. Co. E 90 NY Inf. Aug. 13, 1904, Marshalltown Soldiers' Home Cemetery Born New York; died at Iowa Soldiers' Home
BUCHANAN, William N. Pvt. Co. B 153 IL Inf. July 6, 1915, Marathon Poland Twp. Cemetery Born Brooklyn, NY
CHASE, Calvin C. Pvt. Co. B 64 IL Inf. Jan. 22, 1918, Chicago Carroll, IA Formerly a member of Post #44, Carroll
CODDINGTON, John Pvt. Co. H 34 IL Inf. May 11, 1904, Schaller St. Joseph Cemetery, Sac Co. Born Dec. 5, 1834, OH; formerly member Post #82, Alta
CRONE, Christian Pvt. Co. C 13 WI Inf. Jan. 27, 1922, Marathon Poland Twp. Cemetery Born Dec. 23, 1839 in Alsace, France; son of John and Christina; wife-Jane; children-Ed, Charley, Will, Harry, Mrs. Frank Scott, Mrs. Henry Thieman, Frank and Emma
DELANEY, Thomas E. Pvt. Co. B 112 IL Inf. Nov. 7, 1919, Marathon Laurens Cemetery Born Sept. 27, 1845, Smithfield, OH; child-John Delaney
EPP, Adam Sgt. Co. D 2nd WI Cav. Dec. 12, 1893, Marathon Poland Twp. Cemetery Born Nov. 5, 1834, Germany; wife-Dora
GOLTRY, Urban M. 1st Lt. Co. G 34 IA Inf. Nov. 17, 1916, Enid, OK Enid Cemetery Born March 12, 1831 in NY; several children
HARTSHORN, Manly William Pvt. Co. H 156 Il Inf. July 1, 1924, Marathon Poland Twp. Cemetery Born Mar. 4, 1844, Boone Co., IL; wife-Catherine Rogers; children-William O., John F., Jennie, Clara, Nellie
HOLDING, David H. Pvt. Co. B 6 IA Inf. 1917, Dickinson Co., IA Fairview Cemetery, Dickinson Co. Born Ogle Co., IL; former member Post #188, Coon Rapids
HUNT, James R. Farrier Co. L IA Cav. May 15, 1904, Marathon Poland Twp. Cemetery Born Sept. 20, 1834, Chautauqua, NY
KELLER, Samuel J. Pvt. Co. G 184 NY Inf. May 1925, Estherville Oak Hill Cemetery, Estherville Born Mar. 11, 1840, Camel Ford, Canada; wife-Lydia
KIRK, James W. Pvt. Co. F 138 IN Inf. Feb. 10, 1920, Nodaway Nodaway Cemetery Born Mar. 24, 1847; parents, James and Martha; wives-Josephine Roberts (1), Lillie Bixler (2); children-Lulu, Bess, Grace and Hazel
PARISH, Nathan Pvt. Co. K 76 NY Inf. Oct. 6, 1911, Sac City Storm Lake Born Aug. 29, 1836, Orwell NY; children-M. C., Dr. U. S., Mary
REYMAN, Jacob Pvt. Co. E 49 WI Inf. Aug. 17, 1911, Marathon Poland Twp. Cemetery Born Dec. 1, 1885 in PA; wife-Eunice Sophia Reyman
ROBERTS, Thomas Corp. Co. C 110 NY Inf. May 27, 1922, Marathon Poland Twp. Cemetery Born Dec. 27, 1841 in Oswego Co., NY; parents-Tude and Elizabeth Jones; wife-Mary L. Landis; children-Thomas, Freda, James, Guy, Ben, George, Hugh, Humphrey, Mrs. Harry Davis
ROSS, Samuel W. Pvt. Co. F 1 IA Cav. 1903, Iowa Falls Oran Cemetery, Fairbank IA Born Dec. 18, 1843 in Ripley Co., IN; wife-Sarah Carpenter; children-Minnie, Belle, Ethel
RUTHERFORD, John Corp. Co. A 10 IA Inf. Feb. 14, 1914, Marathon Poland Twp. Cemetery Born Oct. 23, 1834 in Knox Co., TN; parents-Mark and Charlotte; wife-Rebecca Pierce; children, Charles, Logan, Susie, W. W., J. L., and Mrs. Addie Straub
SMITH, Henry D. Pvt. Co. E 11 IL Cav. Jan. 17, 1917, Humboldt Poland Twp. Cemetery Born Nov. 30, 1842 in Cornwall, Canada; wife-Jennie Barr; children-Mrs. E. T. Pinkham; Mrs. W. O. Brown; Sarah Lauranda Renke and R. B.
SMITH, Jesse Pvt. Co. G 126 IL Inf. July 11, 1911, Manson, IA Rose Hill Cemetery, Manson Born 1841, Allegheny Co. PA
SPRAGG, Daniel Scott Corp. Co. C 27 IA Inf. Oct. 15, 1923, Storm Lake Storm Lake Born Oct. 29, 1833 in Canada; wife-Eliza T. Anderson
WAGNER, Ammi H. Pvt. Co. F 3 PA Art. Oct. 9, 1902, Kansas Poland Twp. Cemetery Born Aug. 3, 1841 in Pennsylvania; wife-Mary E. Gable; children-Carrie, Josiah, Hattie, Fred, Will, George, Charles
WALKER, Orville W. Pvt. Co. F 5 IA Cav. Jan. 19, 1928, Sibley, IA Holman Twp. Cemetery Born Mar. 22, 1844 in Michigan
WARD, Edward Pvt. Co. G 25 IA Inf. Nov. 29, 1901, Creston, IA Creston, IA Children-Joseph, Mary, Maggie, Daisy
WILLIAMS, Cyrus T. Pvt. Co. H 8 IA Inf. Sept. 14, 1907, Toledo, IA Woodlawn Cemetery, Toledo Born Dec. 1, 1842 in Ohio
WILSON, Bartholomew William Capt. Co. B 28 IA Inf. Mar. 4, 1907, Tama Co., IA Rector Cemetery, Chelsea, IA Born June 17, 1827 in Paoli, Indiana; wife-Mary E. Lux; children-David A., Ella Boyer and Orange F.
WILSON, George Nelson Pvt. Co. E 5 MI Cav. Sept. 5, 1916, Marathon Poland Twp. Cemetery Born Sept. 19, 1828, London, Ontario, Canada; wife-Hallie C. Tibbett; children-Warren P., Mrs. Phila Wilson, Adelbert P., William L., Mrs. Edith Armstrong, Mrs. Lou Lewis

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