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Buena Vista County Military
Old Soldiers' Reunion
Sept. 15th, 1886, Storm Lake

On Sept. 15, 1886, the Civil War veterans from all over the county gathered at Storm Lake for the "Old Soldiers Reunion." They enjoyed speeches, music, recitations, a sumptuous meal, and best of all, the comradeship of old friends and recollections of those exciting and dangerous times past. Those registered and attending were:

W. L. Clemons, Co. A, 36th WI Inf. A. Davie, 12th OH Bat.
W. C. Weddington, Co. E, 34th IN Inf. V. O. Butts, Co. A, 11th RI
J. H. Sherman, Co. A, 85th IN Inf. J. F. Cheney, Co. G, 26th IA
B. L. Tower, Co. A, 5th IA Inf. O. G. Bond, Co. B, 123rd OH Vol.
W. H. Hanks, Co. C, 136th OH Inf. J. W. Bethards, Co. K, 88th OH Vol.
F. B. Brown, Co. C, 28th WI Inf. J. Bottoms, Co. E, 11th WI Vol.
L. J. Harvey, Co. H, 7th WI Inf.
    and Co. C, 23rd WI Inf.
J. Taylor, Co. A, 92nd IL Mounted Inf.
S. L. Clark, Co. F, 110th NY Inf. E. R. Morrill, Co. E, 21st IL
William H. Cox, Co. C, 12th IA Inf. William Reese, Co. H, 7th IA Cav.
Orville James, Co. A, 12th OH Cav. C. W. Moore, Co. G, 33rd IL
J. M. Porter, Co. E, 33rd IL Inf. C. N. Totman, Co. C, 6th WI
L. H. Comstock, Co. D, 9th NY Hvy. Art. John C. Brown, Co. Y, 11th RI
P. T. Anderson, Co. B, 31st WI Inf. William Seaton, Co. E, 2nd PA
J. Shultz, Co. F, 76th PA Inf. J. A. Campbell, Co. D, Holoran's Bat. MO
A. Conner, Co. D, 21st IA Inf. H. C. Beardsley, Co. B, 21st OH Vol.
A. Bradfield, Co. F, 39th IA Inf. Henry C. Spang, Co. G, 6th IA Cav.
Edward Nute, Co. A, 36th IL Vet. T. A. Jones, Co. F, 26th NY Vol. Inf
    and Co. B, 24th NY Cav.
D. S. Spragg, Co. C, 27th IA Inf. E. M. Aldrich, Co. A, 111th PA
    and Co. D, 46th WI
William Darnell, Co. C, 7th IA Inf. E. Shreve, Co. B, 12th WI
P. Clancy, Co. A, 58th IL Inf. S. J. Keller, Co. G, 184th NY
V. A. Bryant, Co. H, 25th MI Inf. J. Wilcox, Co. D, 7th KY Vol. Cav.
B. F. Breman, Co. I, 15th IA Inf. S. H. Truds, Co. H, 13th WI Vol.
S. G. Stout, Co. D, 10th IA Inf. M. J. Blakely, Co. D, 2nd NY Mounted Rifles
J. E. Maxwell, Co. E, 44th IA Inf. Willard Lemm, Co. H, 1st Reg. Light Art.
L. E. Ballou, Co. K, 1st IA Cav. M. T. Knapp, Signal Corps, U.S.A.
D. Woods, Co. A, 8th IL Inf. H. L. Cotton, Co. I, 31st IA
D. Scott, Co. D, 116th IL Inf. William Martin, Co. E, 30th WI
    and 68th U.S. Cav.
G. S. Robinson, Co. H, 115th IL Vol. Inf. J. H. Haughey, Co. G, 46th IL Vet. Vol.
James Cain, Co. E, 22nd IN Vol. Inf. W. W. Crowell, Co. K, 9th IA Cav. Vol.
Christian Stamm, Co. G, 20th IL Inf. Joseph Horsman, Co. G, 73rd OH Vol.
C. F. Chipman, Co. F, 7th WI Vol. Inf. George Marshall, Co. I, 96th IL Vol.
J. R. Hunt, Co. D, 6th IA Cav. P. H. Ellis, Co. K, 24th NY Vol.
L. V. Keeney, 1st IL Bat. M. Delp, Co. B, 13th WI
    and Co. C, 9th U.S.
R. G. Pratt, Co. B, 12 IA W. W. Kerlin, 61st PA
H. S. Redfield, Co. I, 185th NY Vol. Ezra Hurd, Co. A, 1st IA Cav. (Mexican War)
R. H. Smith, Co. F, 46th IA William M. Reeder, Co. G, 4th MO Cav.
W. E. Partridge, Co. F, 36th IL Vet. William J. Preston, Co. A, 39th IL Vol.
W. A. Welch, Co. A, 9th NY Hvy. Art. I. J. Ammerman, Co. K, 8th MO Cav. Vol.
E. O. Pratt, Co. B, 46th WI W. H. Dupray, Co. I, 12th IA Vol. Inf.
H. Hazenwinkle, Co. F, 94th IL L. Greenwood, Co. F, 148th IL
E. Thayer, Co. E, 19th IN A. O. Kendall, Co. G, 141st IL
L. B. Watson, Co. A, 33rd IL Vol. Theo. Vandervert, Co. F, 3rd IA Cav.
C. B. Harback, Co. K, 21st IA J. B. Miller, Co. D, 9th IA
M V Durstine, Co. B, 147 IL Vol. A. M. Hallock, Co. C, 8th U.S.
W. W. Wedgwood, Co. C, 95th IL Vol. E. M. Fuller, Co. A, 20th IL
J. V. Camploid, 1st WI Bat. Vol. O. M. Howe, Co. G, 11th VT
Elias B. Miller, 130th B. A. W. E. L. Carrington, Co. K, 37th NY
H. P. Manley, Co. F, 111 PA Vol. F. H. Seidel, OH Bat.
M. A. Packard, Co. K, 3rd IA Cav. William Houchins, Co. E, 106th IL
R. M. Ash, Co. I, 3rd NH P. Brown, Co. C, 6th WI
C. W. Seidel, Co. G, 16th U.S. Cav. C. W. Okey, Co. 6th WI
C. P. Crary, Co. E, 20th NY Cav. William Byeer, Co. E, 31st IA
F. S. Ranney, Co. I, 28th WI C. M. Viers, Co. I, 24th IA

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