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Newell Mirror Obit Abstracts, 1926

Mrs. Henry Haarup of Sulphur Springs died Jan. 6; funeral in Mallard; survived by three daughters and two sons

Mrs. Eretta Weltzheimer died Dec. 24 near Fonda; survived by ten children, two sisters and three brothers

August Ferdinand Porath died Jan. 10 near Varina; born Mar, 21, 1843 in Germany; survived by five children

Alfred Nitzke died Jan. 28 at Storm Lake; survived by wife and two children

Doris Lucile infant of John Wiley died Feb. 2 of pnuemonia; born Nov. 26, 1925; burial in Newell cemetery

Margaret Ellis Piercy killed at train crossing in Newell Feb. 6; husband, daughter, three brother and two sisters

Fred Dahlstrom of Marathon died Feb. 10; retired farmer

Mrs. Mary Kenniston, aunt of H. M. Shook, died Feb. 6 in Monroe, Wisc.

Mrs. Theo. Steger died Feb. 28 at Sioux City; husband and infant son survive

W. J. Reed, former resident, died in February in Ontario, Calif.

Paul Eugene infant son of Ray Mitchell died Feb. 24; born Feb. 16

Ida Stark Witzke died Mar. 6; born May 8, 1854 in Mickro, E. Prussia; husband and eight children survive

Harriet Murphy Hayes died Mar. 16 at daughter, Mrs. Aldrich's home in Newell; born Dec. 2, 1858 in Vinton, Ia.

Mrs. Ruby of Marathon died there Mar. 10; survived by husband children

E. G. Smith of Leverette died Mar. 22 of heart trouble; funeral in Marathon

Letta Brooks Wood died Mar. 21 in Los Angeles of scarlet fever; survived by husband, two children, father, two sisters.

Henry Williams died Mar. 31 in Newell of cancer of stomach; born Muskingum Co., OH Aug. 5, 1885; survived by wife, 3 children; burial Newell

Frank Dale, former resident died Mar. 25 at Mankato, Minn. after hit by train; survived by wife, two sons, parents, 4 brothers, 1 sister

Henry Behrens died April 2 of lockjaw; born in BV Co. Apr. 3, 1891; survived by wife, 3 sons, parents, 1 brother, 3 sisters; burial Albert City

Agnes Quirk Ryan of Varina died Apr. 5 from car/train crash at Fonda; survived by husband, parents and 9 siblings; burial Fonda

Mrs. George McKay, former resident, died Mar. 30 at Cheney, Wash.

Carroll, one year old son of A. R. Tillman died Apr. 3 in Sulphur Springs; burial Storm Lake Cemetery

Fred Gerke died April 6 at his farm home; born May 19, 1844 Goettingen, Hanover, Germany; widow and four children

Peter Madsen died April 19 of diphtheria; born Jan. 10 1871 in Cedar Falls; widow, son, daughter and brother; burial Newell

Era Ellen Harper Uren died Apr. 9 of heart trouble and asthma; born June 17, 1882 in Linn Co.; husband, five children, 6 sisters, 1 brother

Edward Daniels, formerly of Sulphur Springs, funeral Apr. 16 in Worthington, Minn.

Mrs. J. C. Linskill died Apr. 23 in Lanark, Ill; mother of Mrs. E. P. Layman and Mrs. A. S. Doxsee

Gerald Edward, son of Phil Wilmot died of stomach trouble May 1 at home sw of Storm Lake; born March 8; burial SL cemetery

J. H. Parker died May 5; widow and three daughters; burial Nemaha

Harry Thorton Layman killed May 5 by falling insulator; born Sep. 29, 1880; widow, four children, parents, siblings; burial Newell

Mary Brophy Cooke died Apr. 30; born Mar. 11, 1858 in Chicago; husband, six children; burial St. Mary's Cemetery

C. L. Wood, f-i-l of Soren Kladstrup died May 5 at Storm Lake

Mrs. S. F. Luhman mother of Mabel Luhman and aunt of Evron Karges died May 11 near Sac City of heart trouble

J. A. Grove, father of Dr. E. E. Grove, died May 7 in Rockwell City of cancer

Louis Abraham White, former resident, died May 2 in Enid, OK; survived by three daughters and one son

Peter M. Nelsen died May 18 in Sioux City during cancer operation; born Apr. 29, 1858 Hjorring, Denmark; wife, 2 sons, 1 sister in Denmark

Mary Kenney Steiner died May 11 at home in Varina; born May 19, 1874 in Storm Lake; 4 children, 4 brothers, 5 sisters; burial Mt. Zion, Fonda

Mrs. Gumstrup, mother of Mrs. Haakon Jorgensen, died May 26 in Tyler, Minn.

Ency Iza Parsons Ellis died May 25 in Newell; born Dec. 3, 1856 in Wayne, Wisc.; husband, 3 children, 4 sisters and 2 brothers

William Oakley Gaddy died May 21 at Galesburg, Ill; born March 31, 1887 on Onley, Ill.; wife, 3 sisters, 5 brothers; burial Newell Cemetery

Anna Louise Petersen/Pedersen died June 4 at home in Newell of heart failure; born Oct. 6, 1889 in Dwight, Ill.; parents, 1 sister, 3 brothers

Sumner Ethel Barnard died June 12 at home in Storm Lake after falling down stairs; survived by wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters, 2 sisters

Fawcett "Joe" Wetherall died June 23; born Nov. 13, 1850 in Bessenwaithe, England to John and Eliza Wetherall; survived by 3 daughters

Infant son of Axel Rasmussen stillborn July 2

Infant son of Henry Christiansen card of thanks published July 8

Russell Wessman of Webb drowned July 8 at Marathon

Harry Jennings Bitter died July 18 at home of his brother Fred; born June 27, 1898; mother, 2 sisters, 5 brothers; burial SL cemetery

Adolph H. Peters died Aug. 17 of paralysis at home of s-i-l Emmet Eldridge

Cynthia Mankey died Aug. 27 at Des Moines; born Nov. 7, 1871 near Belmont Wisc.; married twice; survived by 2 daughters, 3 sisters, 1 brother

Mary Ann Christensen Johnson died Aug. 28; born Dec. 29, 1847 Frenby, Jylland, Denmark; 20th of 21 siblings; 1 daughter and 1 sister of Denmark

Elwood Price Layman died Aug. 25; born Nov. 2, 1856 at Grantsville, MD; survived by wife, 2 sons, 3 brothers and 3 sisters

Andrew Dewitt Wilson died Sept. 2 at a Storm Lake hospital; aged 67 yr 10 mo 8 da; survived by 10 children; burial SL Cemetery

Frederick William Wilde died Sept. 14; born Dec. 25, 1849 at Mecklenburg, Germany; survived by wife, 4 children, 2 brothers, 3 sisters

Mrs. John Fechter of Spencer died Sept. 11; mother of Mrs. S.C. Conley; husband, 3 daughters, 2 sons; burial Spencer Cemetery

Twin infant daughter of Bill Voss of Varina died Sept. 13 shortly after birth

Charles Youle died Sept. 29 in Chicago; brother of Mrs. Eliza Greenwood; burial Scales Mound, Ill.

Mrs. Anders Thomsen died Sept. 29 at home of brother P. M. Jensen; Dorothea Marie Jensen born Nov. 2, 1867 in Vejle, Jylland, Denmark

Soren Eskesen died Sept. 27; born Aug. 9, 1856 in Statsrode, Denmark; wife, 1 son, 2 foster sons; also 5 sisters and 3 brothers all in Denmark

Mrs. N. J. Kinnerup died Oct. 4; Dorothy Katheryn Kruse born Dec. 10, 1857 in N. Schleswig, Denmark; husband, 3 children, 3 brother, 2 sisters

Mrs. Claus Lang died Sept. 28 at home of daughter in Drake, N.D.; 7 children; burial in Zion Lutheran Cemetery in Grant twp.

Mrs. Herman (Mary) Reis died Sept. 28 in Varina; husband, 7 children; five siblings

Bradley Kingsbury died Sept. 27 in Philip, S.D.; born Feb. 10, 1843 in Boonville, NY; 4 sons, 3 daughters

Julia Parker Moulton died Oct. 25 in Tulare, Calif.; son and daughter

Mrs. William Foster died Oct. 23 in Rockford, Ill.of dropsy; former resident and mother of A. E. and Fred Foster of SL

Mrs. O. E. Ellis of Fonda died Oct. 24; mother of Mrs. W. L. Holtz of Newell; burial Cedar Cemetery, Fonda

William Witter died Nov. 8 at his home in Newell; born July 5, 1874 Celle, Hanover, German; wife, 8 children; mother; brother

Malinda Dorea Anna Franzmeier died Nov. 6 at her home near Albert City; born Mar. 8, 1906; parents, 2 brothers

Mrs. Sarah Manning died Nov. 4 at Schaller; mother of Mrs. J. C. Okerstrom of Newell; burial in Odebolt

Mrs. Ella Aldrich of Rowen killed Nov. 4 near Varina in car crash; husband and 2 (?) children

Meta Nelsen died Nov. 17 in Rochester, MN after being in a car crash a few weeks before

Mrs. J. E. Holtz died Nov. 11 in Des Moines; Roxie M. Dudley born March 25, 1880 Adrian, Mich.; husband, 3 children, 2 brothers

William Williams died Nov. 20 at Whittier, Calif.; pioneer resident of Coon Twp.; wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters; burial Whittier Cemetery

Andrew Jensen Bak died Nov. 28; born May 25, 1865 Mors, Denmark; survived by father of Vinderup, Denmark, 3 children, 1 sister, 2 brothers

William J. Scovel died Dec. 8 of cancer; born May 20, 1866 near Elkader; survived by father and sister; burial Newell Cemetery

Mrs. Fowler McNames died Dec. 4 in Byron, Ill.; former Newell resident; husband and 8 children

Peter Manning died Dec.10 at Schaller; father of Mrs. J. C. Okerstrom of Newell; burial in Odebolt

Infant son of Edwin Carlson died Dec. 23 at Varina; born Aug. 8, 1926

Mrs. Nora Smith Weller Loraditch died Dec. 8; husband and 3 daughters; burial St. Mary's Cemetery, SL

Roy Traum died Dec. 20 in Boulder, Colo. in a car crash; born Dec. 27, 1891 in Fonda; wife, 10 children and parents; burial Fonda

R. E. Garberson died Dec. 21 in Winfield, Kans.; former resident of Newell

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