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Daniel BAKER

Born: July 1795, NY
Died: 1870, FayeTX




Married ?

Margaret MILLER

Born: 1803, OH (or PA?)
Died: Oct 26, 1906, Muldoon, FayeTX
Father: Jacob MILLER (b. 1729, PA)

Mother: Elizabeth FUDGE (b. 1737, VA)



Elizabeth "Eliza" Baker

1. Elizabeth Jane BAKER "Eliza" (b. May 6, 1831, Ohio; d. Oct 26, 1906, Muldoon, FayeTX)
 m. James Carrel BELL (b. Mar 1, 1820, WaynKY; d. Aug 4, 1880, Flatonia, FayeTX) on Jun 23, 1844, La Grange, FayeTX)


  1. Lucretia A. BELL (b. Jun 15, 1845, FayeTX; d. May 1, 1876; m. Louis H. SNOW on Jul 6, 1865, FayeTX)

  2. John Miller BELL (b. Nov 15, 1846, FayeTX; d. Nov 24, 1931, Floresville, WILSTX, age 85; m. Mary Ann E. BAYKIN (b. Dec 25, 1859, FayeTX; d. Apr 14, 1945, Floresville, WilsTX))

  3. Susannah Harrison BELL (b. Aug 23, 1849, FayeTX; d. 1865)

  4. Margurite Frances BELL "Frankie" (b. Nov 24, 1850, FayeTX; d. Jan 11, 1927, Beaumont, JeffTX; m. Stephen J. BYERLY (b. Aug 1, 1841, TX; d. Jan 17, 1902, FayeTX))

  5. Hattie Jane BELL (b. Feb 18, 1852, FayeTX)

  6. Mary Elizabeth BELL (b. Nov 29, 1853, FayeTX; d. 1910)

  7. William Carrel BELL (b. Apr 8, 1856, FayeTX; d. Feb 18, 1920, Frio, FRIOTX; m. Minerva Christina KELLY (b. Nov 20, 1867, UvalTX))

  8. Sarah Amanda BELL (b. Nov 16, 1858, Ledbetter, FayeTX; d. Jun 5, 1917, Ledbetter, FayeTX)

  9. Andrew Jackson Jerome BELL (b. May 23, 1860, FayeTX; d. 1896)

  10. Ellen Josephine BELL (b. Mar 21, 1862, Ledbetter, FayeTX)

  11. Phalesus Selah BELL (b. Feb 16, 1864, FayeTX; d. Dec 29, 1936, Austin, TravTX)

  12. Annie Tilda BELL (b. Mar 9, 1867, Ledbetter, FayeTX; d. Apr 23, 1944, Dallas, DallTx; m. William Russell LINCOLN "Will" (b. Feb, 23, 1864, MO; d. Jan 8, 1830, Dallas, DallTx))

  13. Isaac Robert BELL (b. May 6, 1869, LaGrange, FayeTX; d. Apr 30, 1930, Bastrop, BastTX; m. Lea HAMILTON (b. 1858; d. 1901))

  14. James Walker BELL (b. Nov 13, 1872,  LaGrange, FayeTX; d. Feb 12, 1951, Safford, GrahAZ)

  15. Silas Daniel BELL (b. Apr 6, 1877, LaGrange, FayeTX; d. Nov 17, 1941; Lubbock, LubbTX; m. Lillie May CRISWELL (b. Oct 18, 1880, FayeTX d. Nov 14, 1945, Vernon, WILBTX) on Oct 26, 1898, TX)


  • James C. Bell is listed as a member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas (SRT).

  • James and Eliza (Baker) Bell are buried at Pitman Cemetery, Muldoon, FayeTX View James' Find-A-Grave 88131522 Entry. View Eliza's Find-A-Grave 88131463 Entry.

  • John M. and Mary (Baykin) Bell are buried at Fairview Cemetery, Floreville, WilsTX. View John's Find-A-Grave 80649346 Entry. View Mary's Find-A-Grave 80649359 Entry. Mary's parents were William BAYKIN and Eliza Jane CRISWELL.

  • Margurite (Bell) Byerly is buried at Magnolia Cemetery, Beaumont, JeffTX. View Margurite's Find-A-Grave 34093185 Entry. Stephen Byerly is buried at Plum Grove Cemetery, Plum, FayeTX. View his Find-A-Grave 20479023 Entry.

  • William C. and Minerva (Kelly) Bell are buried at Alamo Masonic Cemetery, View William's Find-A-Grave 15768705 Entry. William was a Baptist Minister. View Minerva's Find-A-Grave 15768707 Entry. Minerva's parents were E. L. KELLY and Elizabeth ROBINSON.

  • Isaac R. Bell is buried at Pitman Cemetery, Muldoon, FayeTX. View Isaac's Find-A-Grave 37328219 Entry. 

  • Ellen J. (Bell) Wease is buried at Alamo Masonic Cemetery, View Ellen's Find-A-Grave 15768709 Entry. Her and Julian divorced.

  • Will and Annie (Bell) Lincoln are buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Dallas, DallTx. View William's Find-A-Grave 88138645 Entry.  View Annie's Find-A-Grave 88136980 Entry. Williams parents were James LINCOLN and Emaline KING.

  • Silas D. Bell is buried at City of Lubbock Cemetery, Lubbock, LubbTX. View Silas' Find-A-Grave 8138721 Entry. 

  • James was the son of Silas BELL Sr. (b. 1787, AuguGA) and Lucretia WALKER (b. Dec 23, 1789, WaynKY). Siblings include Mary Louisa Bell, Phasaelas Bell, Zoilus Bell, Ozzia Bell, and Isaac Bell.  Info. from this webpage: Cupp-Baugh Family Lineage.

  • Interesting reading...
    From: LaVerne Harrell Clark

    The biography of LaVerne Harrell Clark, author of 8 books of fiction and non-fiction, again appears in connection with her writings and photography, in both the current editions of Marquis’s WHO’S WHO of AMERICA, as it has since the previous, 59th. ed., and in WHO’S WHO OF AMERICAN WOMEN, where it’s been included since the 1980s.

    A distinctive feature of both the former’s 60th ed. and the latter’s 25th.ed. is the biographical data they now include on some of the biographer’s ancestors like Clark’s who participated in historical events. On her father Boyce Harrell’s side, she counts back 7 generations to James Francis Walker Sr. and his wife Catherine Miller Walker who were members of Stephen F. Austin’s “Original 300,” who made up the first Anglo colonist to settle Texas while it belonged to Mexico. Their log home in Brenham, TX was restored by the owner of the famous Bluebell Ice Cream Co. there, for use as a Bed & Breakfast a while back.

    Likewise, their grandson, James Carrel Bell, another of her direct ancestors, was a participant in the Seige of Bejar, the battle in San Antonio, which led to the Alamo. His grave in Muldoon commemorates his climb as a youth on the expedition to the top of the Mission Concepcion to raise the flag of the regiment of volunteers that Gen. Burleson led into the city from Bastrop, TX., the county seat of her Smithville, TX birthplace, which LaVerne & L.D. again call home.


2. Albert William BAKER (b. 1833, OH; m. Nancy Caroline BYERLY (b. 1841, TX) on Feb 21, 1861, FayeTX)


  1. Frank BAKER (b. Aug 1866, TX)

  2. James Edward BAKER (b. Jan 1, 1869, TX; d. Aug 9, 1940, RunnTX; age 71; m. Ella S. HALPAIN (b. Nov 10, 1882, CoryTX; d. Mar 6, 1956, Ballinger, RunnTX, age 73) on Oct 6, 1901, BellTX)

  3. Norma Estelle BAKER (b. Feb 22, 1882, LaGrange, FayeTX; d. Sep 5, 1956, Cameron, MilaTX; m. Leonidus HALPAIN "Leon" (b. Oct 1877, TX; d. 1914) on Oct 27, 1901, BellTX)

  4. Rebecca Bell BAKER (b. Aug 3, 1874, La Grange, FayeTX; d. Dec 24, 1939, Kountze, HardTX, age 65; m. Robert Lee WHITE (b. Jun 30, 1873, FayeTX; d. Jan 15, 1957, Beaumont, JeffTX) on Dec 27, 1899, FayeTX)


  • Nancy C. Byerly was the daughter of George Byerly.

  • James and Ella (Halpin) Baker are buried at Old Runnels Cemetery, Ballinger, RunnTX. View James' Find-A-Grave 28348525 Entry. View Ella's Find-A-Grave 28348538 Entry. Ella's parents were Nathanial HALPIN and Mary Elizabeth STOKES.

  • Norma (Baker) Halpain is buried at Marlow Cemetery, Cameron, MilaTX. View Norma's Find-A-Grave 16886922 Entry. Leon's parents were Nathanial HALPIN and Mary Elizabeth STOKES. He was Ella's brother.

  • Robert and Rebecca (Baker) White are buried at Magnolia Cemetery, Beaumont, JeffTX. View Robert's Find-A-Grave 87003463 Entry. View Rebecca's Find-A-Grave 87003464 Entry.

  • From 1900 US Census for Justice Precinct 4, FayeTX:
    Dwelling 147, Family 147
    Name Rel. Race Sex Birth
    Age Mar.
    Albert Baker Self W M Apr 1833 67 Wd   OH NY PA Farmer
    Frank Baker Son W M Aug 1866 33 S   TX OH TX Farm Laborer
    James Baker Son W M Jan 1870 30 S   TX OH TX Farm Laborer 
    Norma Baker Dau W F Feb 1882 18 S   TX OH TX  
    Sam Foster G. Son W M Feb 1891 9 S   TX TX TX  


3. Daniel BAKER (b. 1833, OH; m. Mary CROSS)



4. Edward BAKER (b. 1835, OH)



5. Harriette BAKER "Hannie" (b. 1836, OH)


Joel Baker

Aurelia Springstead Baker

6. Joel Jackson BAKER (b. June 19, 1838, FayeTX; d. Jan 3, 1901, FayeTX; m. Aurella SPRINGSTEAD (b. Mar 5, 1850, HuroOH; d. Sep 20, 1941, Snyder, ScurTX) on April 29, 1868)

  1. Theophilus Walton BAKER "Tony" (b. May 15, 1868, TX; m. Pinkie L. HARRISON)

  2. Margaret Jane Elizabeth BAKER (b. Jul 2, 1871, FayeTX; m. George W. BYERLY)

  3. Daniel Arnold BAKER (b. Nov 8, 1866, FayeTX; d. 1874)

  4. Dede BAKER

  5. Joel Jackson BAKER "Jack" (b. May 22, 1884, FayeTX)

  6. Alva Rena BAKER (b. Apr 10, 1887, TX; m. William H. JOHNSON)

  7. Eliza Belle BAKER (b. Apr 19, 1877; m. Dormond C. SNOW)

  8. Albert William  BAKER (b. Jul 2, 1880, FayeTX; m. Ursula N. BAKER (b. 1885)

  9. Charles Springstead BAKER (b. Nov 19, 1890, FayeTX; m. Eva BYERLY)


  • They lived in Fayette County, TX around Muldoon and Black Jack Springs all their lives.

Stephen F. Austin Baker

7. Stephen Fuller Austin BAKER (b. Nov 1840, FayeTX; d. 1910; m. Harriett Georgia BYERLY (b. 1850, TX; d. 1900, TX) on Jun 28, 1868, FayeTX)


  1. Claude David BAKER (b. c. 1869, TX)

  2. Ella Josephine BAKER (b. Apr 11, 1871, TX; m. Edwin GEORGE)

  3. Daniel George BAKER "Uncle Dan" (b. Nov 26, 1872)

  4. Ida Mabel BAKER "Ida Mae" (b. Dec 6, 1874, TX)

  5. Nancy Irene (b. c. 1876; m. G. D. TALBOT "Dan")

  6. Eugene Edward BAKER (b. c. 1878)

  7. Frederick William BAKER (b. Mar 1881, TX; m. Maudie E. MCNAMARA)

  8. Maggie Georgia BAKER (b. Feb 12, 1884, TX; m. George BOSTICK)

  9. Walter Henry BAKER (b. Mar 14, 1886, TX)

  10. Jessie Matilda BAKER (b. Jan 4, 1888, TX; m. Edmond M. DURHAM)


  • Stephen is reported to be buried in Peacock Cemetery, Aspermont, StonTX. (Why was he buried there?)

  • Hariett's father was George Byerly.

  • Daniel was a stonemason by trade and a Church of Christ minister. It has also been said that he worked on the Erie Canal. He probably moved to Texas in late 1835 or early 1836. The 1840 Citizens of Texas, Volume 2, Tax Rolls by Gifford White, page 35 (Fayette County, shows Daniel Baker owning two town lots in La Grange, Texas)

  • Daniel shows up in the 1850 Fayette County Texas census #235 (or 205), however Margaret no longer is named with the rest of the family. The 1860 Fayette County census for La Grange also indicates that Daniel's occupation was stone mason at $250 dollars (annual income?)

  • The first time Daniel shows up in Texas is December 26, 1839 on the tax list. He received Cert #146 for 640 acres of land.

  • From 1850 Census for FayeTX:
    Dwelling 235, Family 235
    Name Age Est. DOB Gender Race Occ Land
    D. Baker 54 abt. 1796 M   Stonemason 250 NY
    Daniel Baker 17 abt. 1833 M   Laborer   OH
    Edward Baker 15 abt. 1835 M       OH
    Harriet Baker 14 abt. 1836 F       OH
    Joel Baker 12 abt. 1838 M       TX
    Stephan Baker 10 abt. 1840 M       TX


  • From 1860 Census for La Grange, FayeTX:
    Dwelling 606, Family 751 thru 734
    Name Age Est.
    Gend. Race Occ Val. of
    Val. of
    Pers. Est.
    J. C. Bell 40 abt. 1820 M W Farmer 900 1300 KY
    Eliza Bell 29 abt. 1831 F W       Ohio
    Lucrecia A.Bell 15 abt. 1845 M W       TX
    John M. Bell 13 abt. 1847 M W       TX
    Susana 10 abt. 1850 F W       TX
    Margrett B. Bell 8 abt. 1852 F W       TX
    Harriett J. Bell 7 abt. 1853 F W       TX
    Mary C. Bell 6 abt. 1854 F W       TX
    William C. Bell 4 abt. 1856 F W       TX
    Sarah A. Bell 2 abt. 1858 F W       TX
    Andrew J. Bell 1/12 abt. 1860 F W       TX
    Lucrecia Brooks 69 abt. 1791 F W       TX
    Daniel Baker 63 abt. 1797 M W Stone Mason 1600 120 NY
    George Baker 22 abt. 1838 M W Laborer   60 TX


  • County/State Abbreviations:
    AuguGA - Augusta County, GA
    BastTX - Bastrop County, TX
    BellTX - Bell County, TX
    ClebAR - Cleburne County, AR
    CoryTX - Coryell County, TX
    DallTx - Dallas County, TX
    FayeTX - Fayette County, TX
    FrioTX - Frio County, TX
    GrahAZ - Graham County, AZ
    HardTX - Hardin County, TX
    HowaTX - Howard County, TX
    HuroOH - Huron County, OH
    JeffTX - Jefferson County, TX
    LubbTX - Lubbock County, TX
    MilaTX - Milam County, TX
    RunnTX - Runnells County, TX
    ScurTX - Scurry County, TX
    StonTX - Stonewall County, TX
    UvalTX - Uvalde County, TX
    WaynKY - Wayne County, KY
    WilbTX - Wilbarger County, TX
    WilsTX - Wilson County, TX

  • Page Sources:
    1. Morris and Nell George of Lubbock, Texas

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