(CCG Stephen F. Austin Baker and Harriett G. Byerley)
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Daniel Baker > Stephen Fuller Austin Baker

Stephen Fuller Austin BAKER

Born: Nov 1840, TX
Died: 1910, FayeTX

Buried: Peacock Cemetery, Aspermont, StonTX (Supposedly)
Father: Daniel BAKER

Mother: Margarette MILLER

Stephen F. A. Baker

Jun 28, 1868,
FayeTX 3

Harriett Georgia Ann BYERLY "Georgie"

Born: May 1850, TX
Died: 1900, TX
Father: George BYERLEY

Mother: Rebecca ANDREWS




1. Claude David BAKER (b. c. 1869, TX)





2. Ella Josephine BAKER (b. Apr 11, 1871, LaGrange, FayeTX; d. Aug 16, 1928, Rotan, FishTX; Find-A-Grave 138889962)
m. Edwin GEORGE (b. Feb 22, 1870, BellTX; d. Apr 17, 1943, FishTX; Find-A-Grave 54661077) 1 on Jan 3, 1895, La Grange, FayeTX)



  1. Edwin GEORGE Jr. (b. Oct 22, 1895, LaGrange, FayeTX; d. Feb 12, 1950, Ranger, EastTX; Find-A-Grave 30437793)
    m. Myrtle Cornet CLEMMER (b. Feb 29, 1904, Ranger, EastTX; d. Dec 26, 1989; Find-A-Grave 30437783)

  2. Lillian Ella GEORGE (b. Dec 21, 1897, LaGrange, FayeTX; d. Aug 21, 1958, Rotan, FishTX; Find-A-Grave 15877748)
    m. Robert Elbert HARDY (b. Nov 12, 1894, Carbon, EastTX; d. Oct 30, 1960, Big Spring,  HowaTX; Find-A-Grave 15877702) 2

  3. Jet Raymond GEORGE (b. Oct 4, 1899, Rotan, FishTX; d. Jun 25, 1967, Rotan, FishTX; Find-A-Grave 139339507)
    m. Ova Myrtle SHREVE (b. Jan 18, 1904; d. 1973; Find-A-Grave 139339508)

  4. Warren Alvin GEORGE (b. Sep 4, 1901, TX; d. Jul 1974, Salina, MayeOK)

  5. Mabel Josephine GEORGE (b. Dec 2, 1903, TX; d. Apr 24, 1980, Spur, DickTX; Find-A-Grave 54663782)
    m. Lincoln Defee CRAVEY (b. Apr 18, 1901; d. Mar 25, 1995; Find-A-Grave 66930427)

  6. Myrtle May GEORGE (b. Apr 24, 1905, FishTX; d. Jan 19, 1973, Brownfield, TerrTX; Find-A-Grave 54663782)
    m. Jack Vinson CRAVEY (b. Oct 1, 1906, Spur, DickTX; d. Jun 21, 1956, Brownfield, TerrTX; Find-A-Grave 54663219)

  7. Freeman GEORGE (b. Jul 2, 1906; d. May 8, 1912, Rotan, FishTX; Find-A-Grave 138889963)

  8. Milton Lynn GEORGE (b. Sep 22, 1907; d. Sep 11, 1975, Stephenville, EratTX; Find-A-Grave 138889963)
    Patsy MURRAY (b. Dec 31, 1920; d. Jul 23, 2010; Find-A-Grave 13572756)

  • Edwin George had blue eyes and was a cotton buyer.  His parents were Samuel GEORGE and Sarah Elizabeth HENDERSON.

  • Lincoln D. Cravey's parents were Henry C. Cravey and Mary E. "Betty" Smith.

  • Patsy (Murray) George's parents were George C. Murray and Dora Snider.


3. George Daniel BAKER Sr. "Uncle Dan"  (b. Nov 26, 1872, TX; d. Dec 1, 1944, Houston, HarrTX; Find-A-Grave 54709616)
m1. Julia A. Knight (b. Mar 1872, MS; d. 1901, LeeTX)
m2. Ludell LAY "Lula" (b. Feb 1893, MO) on Feb 26, 1912, StonTX 4


  1. Jody Irene BAKER (b. Aug 31, 1896, Rutersville, TX; d. Oct 9, 1979, Lake Jackson, BrazTX; Find-A-Grave 42453457)
    m. Isaac Trowbridge TALBOT "Ike" (b. Mar 12, 1897, Edna, JackTX; d. Mar 8, 1976, Lake Jackson, BrazTX; Find-A-Grave 42453421)

  2. Elizabeth BAKER (b. c. 1910, TX)

  3. George Daniel BAKER Jr. "G. D." World War II (b. Oct 10, 1913, Houston, HarrTX; d. Aug 11, 1992, HarrTX; Find-A-Grave 314490)


  • Dan was a Farmer, as well as a Laundryman, and a widower at the time of his death at age 72.

  • G. D. Baker was ranked as "Tec 4 US Army" during World War II.  On his birth certificate his mother is Lula LAY. On his Social Security Application and Claims index, his mother is listed as Ludell LAY.

  4. Ida Mabel BAKER "Ida Mae" (b. Dec 6, 1874, TX; d. Jul 10, 1952, Golden Acres, HarrTX; Find-A-Grave 54709330)
  • Ida Mae never married.
  5. Jodie Irene BAKER (b. Aug 31, 1876, m. )
  6. Eugene Edward BAKER (b. c. 1878)
  • I have two accounts of his death. One is that he died at birth. The other is that he was killed by train in Cisco, EastTX.

7. Fredrick William BAKER "Fred" (b. Mar 1881, LaGrange, FayeTX, d. Mar 19, 1967, La Porte, HarrTX; Find-A-Grave 82484418)
m. Maudie Elizabeth MCNAMARA (b. Aug 4, 1887, New Waverly, WalkTX; d. Jun 12, 1954, Galveston, GalvTX; Find-A-Grave 54716871)


  1. Lillian M. BAKER (b. Sep 19, 1905, Nacogdoches, NacoTX; d. Feb 4, 1976, Texas City, GalvTX; Find-A-Grave 54711622)
    m. A. L. DILLARD Sr. on Jan 21, 1936, Galveston, GalvTX

  2. Austin W. BAKER (b. Jul 14 ,1909, TX; d. Dec 25, 1950, Galveston, GalvTX, age 41; Find-A-Grave 54710049)


  • Fred lived in Galveston at the time of the devastating Galveston hurricane and flood in early September of 1900.

  • Maudie's parents were Lawrence MCNAMARA and Emma Lue HOSEA. "McKnight" may have been the name of her first husband, or she was adopted.

  • Austin Baker died in an automobile accident at age 41. He was a truck driver.

  • From 1910 US Census for Justice Precinct 1, Angelina Co, TX:
    Family 146

  • Name Rel. Race Sex Mar.
    Fred Baker Self W M M 1883 TX GA TX
    Maudie Baker Wife W F M 1888 TX SC TX
    Lillian Baker Dau W F S 1906 TX TX TX
    Austin Baker Son W M S 1910 TX TX TX


  • From 1920 US Census for Galveston Co, TX

    Name Rel Sex Race Birth
    Age Mar.
    Fred W. Baker Self M W 1883 37 M TX TX TX
    Maudie Baker Wife F W 1887 33 M TX SC TX
    Lillian Baker Dau F W 1906 14 S TX TX TX
    Austin Baker Son M W 1801 10 S TX TX TX
  8. Maggie Georgia BAKER (b. Feb 12, 1884, FayeTX; d. Jan 1, 1915, Rotan, FishTX; Find-A-Grave 54668475)
m. George BOSTICK
  • Maggie Baker died shortly after marriage and they had no children.
  9. Walter Henry BAKER (b. Mar 14, 1886, FayeTX; d. Mar 24, 1940, Rotan, FishTX; Find-A-Grave 54667978)
  • Per his death certificate, he was a widower. His occupation was Laborer in the Dairy industry. Mrs. E. M. (Jessie M.) Durham, his sister, was the informant. 
  • Walter was draft registered for World War I. He listed his birth date as Mar 12, 1886. He was farming in Elgin, BastTX. He listed his height as "Med." build as "Stout". His eyes were colored gray, and his hair brown. 5
  • His nephew, E. Earl Durham, used to tell a family story regarding Walter being a man of incredible strength (somewhere there exists a picture of him lifting a horse off the ground!).  He could cut two cords of wood in a single day--with only a pole ax.  

    He also had a lot of body hair.  Another Durham family legend tells of the origin regarding this strange body characteristic.  One day, his mother, who was pregnant, heard a knock at the door.  She got up, opened the door, and found herself face-to-face with a large growling bear standing on his two hind legs.  The shock caused her to faint. After they revived her, she learned the bear was in fact tame, and part of a salesman's pitch.  A few months later, Walter was born oddly already covered with dark hair.  It was then surmised that he had inherited the spirit of the bear.
Jessie Matilda Baker

Edmund Meadows Durham

10. Jessie Matilda BAKER (b. Jan 4, 1888, La Grange, FayeTX; d. Feb 23, 1959, Houston, HarrTX)
m. Edmond Meadows DURHAM (b. Dec 31, 1891, JaspTX; d. Apr 25, 1936, Rotan, FishTX)

  1. Edmund Earl DURHAM (b. Aug 28, 1915)
    m1. Elsie L. STRALEY
    m2. Private

  2. Violet Irene DURHAM (b. Feb 27, 1917)
    m. Nial C. ASHER

  3. Paul Stafford DURHAM (b. Nov 16, 1926
    m. Private)

  4. Kenneth Ray DURHAM (b. Jan 18, 1923)
    m. Private)

  5. Victor LeRoy DURHAM (b. Mar 25, 1925; d. July 21, 1944 at second Battle Of Guam in the Pacific - killed in action)


  • For more on Jessie, click her name above.

  • Records from the War Departement, The Military Secretary's office, Washington, D.C., dated 8/29/1905 show that Stephen F. Austin Baker, Private, Company E, 2nd Battalion, Waul's Texas Legion, C.S.A., was enlisted June 6, 1862; and that he was transferred to Company E, 1st Battalion of that organization and that he joined on March 28, 1864, but no later record of him is found. There are no rolls of the last mentioned organization subsequent to Feb. 29, 1864 on file.

  • Stephen is listed on the Confederate Master rolls and is said to have been in the battles of Vicksburg and Manassas, Virginia.

  • The Lavaca County Texas census shows Daniel Jr., Edward, Joel, and Stephen F. Austin Baker.

  • Stephen and Harriet are rumored to be buried in unmarked graves in the Peacock Cemetery, in Aspermont, StonTX. More concrete information as to their exact burial location is needed. There were members of the Church of Christ.

  • From 1880 US Census for Precinct 8, Lavaca Co, TX:

  • Name Rel. Mar.
    Gender Race Age Birth
    Occ. Father
    A. Stephen Baker Self M Male W 39 TX Farmer NY PA
    G. Harriet Baker Wife M Female W 22 TX Keeping
    MS MS
    C. David Baker Son S Male W 11 TX Laborer TX TX
    J. Ella Baker Dau S Female W 9 TX   TX TX
    G. Daniel Baker Son S Male W 6 TX   TX TX
    J. Ida Baker Dau S Female W 5 TX   TX TX
    Irene Baker Dau S Female W 4 TX   TX TX
    Edward Baker Son S Male W 2 TX   TX TX


  • From 1900 US Census for Justice precinct 1, Fayette Co, TX:
    Dwelling, Family 202
    Wife Baker has had 10 children, 8 living at census time.


  • Name Rel. Race Sex Birth
    Age Mar.
    Stephen Baker Self W M Nov 1840 59 M 32 TX OH PA  
    Geo. Ann Baker Wife W F May 1850 50 M 32 TX TN MS  
    Ida Baker Dau W F Dec 1874 25 S   TX TX TX  
    Fred Baker Son W M Mar 1881 19 S   TX TX TX  
    Maggie Baker Dau W F Feb 1884 16 S   TX TX TX  
    Walter Baker Son W M Mar 1886 14 S   TX TX TX  
    Jessie Baker Son W M Jan 1888 12 S   TX TX TX  
    Willie Blackburn Nephew W M Mar 1900 3 mo. S   TX TX TX  


  • County/State Abbreviations:
    AngeTX - Angelina County, TX
    BastTX - Bastrop County, TX
    BrazTX - Brazoria County, TX
    BellTX - Bell County, TX
    DickTX - Dickens County, TX
    EastTX - Eastland County, TX
    EratTX - Erath County, TX
    FayeTX - Fayette County, TX
    FishTX - Fisher County, TX
    GalvTX - Galveston County, TX
    HarrTX - Harris County, TX
    HowaTX - Howard County, TX
    JackTX - Jackson County, TX
    JaspTX - Jasper County, TX
    LeeTX - Lee County, TX
    MayeOK - Mayes County, OK
    NacoTX - Nacogdoches County, TX
    StonTX - Stonewall County, TX
    TerrTX - Terry County, TX
    WalkTX - Walker County, TX

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    2. Information on Lillian Hardy comes from Morris George of Lubbock (806-793-5962).

    3. Texas Marriage Index, 1814-1909, 1966-2011

    4. Texas County Marriages, 1817-1965

    5. World War I Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918

Jesse Matilda Baker Stephen F.A. Baker
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