(CCG Edmund E. Durham and Elsie L. Straley)
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Edmund Earl DURHAM

Born Aug 28, 1915 in Rotan, FishTX
Died Dec 31, 2003

Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery,  Merkel, TaylTX

Find-A-Grave 46353972
Father: Edmond M. DURHAM

Mother: Jessie M. BAKER

Edmond Meadows Durham

Aug 10, 1939
by Harvey Scott, Minister at College Church,
Abilene, TaylTX

Elsie Louise STRALEY

Born Apr 3, 1920
Died Jan 16, 2007, Camp Hill, CumbPA

Buried: Tecumseh Cemetery, CallTX

Find-A-Grave 17609828
Father: Charles D.STRALEY

Mother: Annie L. WINDHAM

Children to Elsie:

Reba Arroyo

1. Reba Ann DURHAM (b. Jun 24, 1940; d. Jan 31, 2002)
m. Norberto "Roberto" ARROYO.


  1. Private

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  • Reba was a Registered Nurse (RN), and worked in the medical profession all her life. For a lot of her life, she called El Paso, TX her home.  She finally moved back to Clyde, to care for her Mother, until her untimely death at age 61 of lung cancer.

  • Reba was an avid genealogist, and the site author's personal inspiration. There was not a sweeter person on earth.

  • They had two children.


2. Private
m1. Private
m2. Private


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  • They live in New Jersey


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m. Private


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2nd Marriage

Edmund Earl DURHAM

(See Above)

Bull Durham

1968, TX




Deanne's Sons:


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  • Currently lives in Colorado.

  • Earl "Bull" Durham (also known as "Coach"), from Rotan, TX, was an outstanding athlete. He played college football. Earl was on the roster of the very first Great Lakes Navy Football Team in the Great Lakes area during World War II. 

    The following year, he was transferred to Columbia University to administer physical fitness training for Navy officers. There he coached a collegiate level basketball team that was undefeated. Earl always maintained that one of this players was Johnny Lujack, the pro quarterback for the Chicago Bears.  This team was invited to the national tournament, but the commanding officer declined because he did not think it would look right for service boys to beat up on civilians.

    After the war, he returned to Texas and enrolled at Abilene Christian University. At ACC, he was listed as G/C (guard/center) and weighed in at 178 lbs. in fall of 1938. He was the oldest member of the team.

    In college, he met Elsie L. Straley and they were married. Shortly after, Earl joined the Navy and became a physical fitness trainer for Naval Officers at Columbia University in New York City, NY. Elsie and daughter Reba missed their "Bully" badly.  So Elsie, deciding to take a big step, left the ranch and moved up to New York to reunite the young family.  

    When the war ended, they returned to Texas.  Earl worked on the family farm, but he also coached at Lohn, a nearby community. They had their second child.  Earl eventually gave up farming (which he never was crazy about) and decided on a new career as a TV repairman.  Via mail order, he taught himself the new profession. He began to work in Abilene at TV shops.  In 1962, his third child was born.  

    On Jun 25, 1968, Earl and Elsie divorced. That same year, Earl re-married and moved to Abilene, TX.

  • Earl had a lot of nicknames: "Coach", "E. E.", Papa Bull", and "Paw Paw". I called him "Daddy Dink" as a child. He was most often known as "Bull Durham". In fact it was the name of his TV Repair shop,  Bull Durham TV Repair Service in Abilene, TX.  His shop resided in various locations in Abilene. At one point he partnered with a brother-in-law who ran "OK Load and Pawn".

    On one occasion, Earl defended the shop from attempted robbery! Two thugs entered the shop asking about buying a TV. Suddenly, one said, "Gimme all your money you m----- f-----!" Dad reached behind his desk and grabbed a 3 foot 2x4. He chased them out of the store and down South First. Local news crews covered the exciting (well, for Abilene, anyway) story.   

  • Earl loved to golf, square dance and fish. He owned a trailer that he kept at Brownwood Lake for many years, where they love to spend time relaxing and catching bass. He is buried at Rose Hill (Merkel) Cemetery in Taylor County, TX.

  • After the divorce, Elsie went back to nursing school.  Two years later she became a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). She moved to El Paso, TX so she could be close to her recently married daughter, Reba Ann Arroyo and help with her two children.  Her oldest son was also in El Paso, finishing up college and starting his career.  Elsie and Reba both worked at Providence Memorial Hospital.

  • In 1975, Elsie and her youngest son moved back to their old ranch house in Callahan Co, TX. After clearing out all the raccoons, yellow jackets, mice and spiders, it became a nice country home for them.  Over the years, they experienced life on the farm with many dogs, cats, chickens, goats, and cattle. Her son attended Clyde High School just as his brother and sister before him. He later would go to McMurry College in Abilene, TX, where he played four years of football.  

  • After her son left Texas for Pennsylvania, Elsie eventually moved in with Reba, who had moved back to Clyde herself. They spent many happy years together enjoying Reba's two children and their school events.

  • After Reba's untimely death in 2002, Elsie moved to Pennsylvania where she lived out the remainder of her days in the care of her two sons. 

  • County/State Abbreviations:
    CallTX - Callahan County, TX
    CumbPA - Cumberland County, PA
    FishTX - Fisher County, TX
    TaylTX - Taylor County, TX

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Earl in the Navy Durhams in the 50's Bull Durham TV Repair So Long, Bull! Reba, Jim and Tom: January 2001 Elsie L. (Straley) Durham
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