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Thomas Durham > George G. Durham

George G. DURHAM

Born: c. 1702, VA
Died: Feb 1767, St. Andrews Parish, BrunVA

Father: Thomas DURHAM

Mother: Margaret LINDSEY


c. 1747, BrunVA

Winifred LINDSEY

Born: c. 1725, BrunVA
Died: c. 1769


Father: William LINDSEY

Mother: Jane ?



 1. Humphrey DURHAM (b. 1745, BrunVA; d. May 1792, SurrNC)
m. Ursula (Ursilla) ?)


  1. James DURHAM Sr. (d. aft. Jun 1818)
    m. Patsy RYANS

  2. Margaret DURHAM "Peggy" (b. ?)

  3. George DURHAM (b. Aug 1783)

  4. Thomas DURHAM (b. Mar 1780)
    m. Polly HOOPER on Jul 13, 1807

  5. Humphrey DURHAM Jr. (b. Aug 22, 1788)


  • "Humphrey" may have been his middle name, with the first name being "Thomas".

  • Humphrey moved to Surry Co, NC, along with his brothers, James L. Durham and John (below).

  • James lived in Wilkes Co, NC.  According to his will, his wife was Patsy RYANS and they married on Oct 10, 1814.

  • James had a son, John Durham (b. c. 1795; d. aft. 183; m. Keziah LYON on Jan 11, 1819) John had a son, also John Durham (b. May 25, 1828; d. Dec 1908; m. Sally SPARKS (b. Dec 28, 1829).


2. Margaret DURHAM (b. c. 1748,BrunVA; m. Philemon HOLCOMB(E) (b. 1739, King and Queen, VA; d. 1826, BrunVA) on Aug 25, 1766, VA)


  • Philemon's parents were John HOLCOMB(E) and Elizabeth LAWRENCE.

  • Info from Tammy's Family Tree. ID = I1703 by Tammy Eggleston.


3. John DURHAM Sr. (b. c. 1750, St. Andrews Parish, BrunVA; d. Apr 4, 1837, Switzer, SurrNC)
m1, Elizabeth BROWN
m2. Mary CARLTON "Mollie" (b. 1753, BrunVA; d. Apr 4, 1837, SCSC) in c. 1772

Children to Mary:

  1. John DURHAM Jr. (b. c. 1773, Switzer, SurrNC)

  2. Mary DURHAM "Polly" (b. c. 1789, SurrNC)
    m. Archibald MCCRAVY

  3. Dicy DURHAM (b. c. 1774, SurrNC)
    m. Elijah JOHNSON "Leige"

  4. Rebecca DURHAM (b. c. 1775, SurrNC)
    m. Phillip JOHNSON

  5. Elizabeth DURHAM "Betsy" (b. c. 1776, SurrNC)
    m. Newbil (Newell?) JOHNSON

  6. George DURHAM (b. Mar 14, 1778, SurrNC)
    m. Susan HYDE

  7. Joshua DURHAM (b. c. 1780, SurrNC)
    m. Polly AUSTIN

  8. Rhoda DURHAM (b. c. 1785, SurrNC)
    m. John JOHNSON

  9. Grisham DURHAM (b. c. 1790, SurrNC)
    m. Catherine WESTMORELAND




4. Ruth DURHAM (b. c. 1753, VA)





5. James Lindsey DURHAM (b. 1758, St. Andrews, BrunVA; d. Oct 8, 1833, SaliIL)
m. Juda ? c. 1770,BrunVA


  1. Abner DURHAM (b. c. 1779, NC)

  2. Elizabeth DURHAM (b. c. 1780, NC)
    m. Allen WHELUS

  3. Polly DURHAM (b. c 1781, SurrNC)
    m. Patrick RYON

  4. James Lindsey DURHAM Jr. (b. Jan 14, 1783, SurrNC)
    m. Elizabeth SUMMERS

  5. Clarissa DURHAM "Clary" (b. c. 1785, SurrNC)
    m. Marcus A. YORK "Mark"

  6. Micajah DURHAM (b. c. 1782, SurrNC)
    m. Nancy SAWYERS

  7. Winifred DURHAM (b. c. 1787, SurrNC)
    m. Waitman SUMMERS

  8. William DURHAM (b. 1790, SurrNC)
    m1. Rhoda SAWYERS
    m2. Nancy PENDRY

  9. Daniel DURHAM (b. 1792, SurrNC)

  10. Asahel DURHAM (b. Jun 6, 1797, SurrNC)
    m. Jane STEMBRIDGE

  11. Ira Lindsey DURHAM (b. 1804, SurrNC)
    m. Marie Ann CARTER


  • There have been several James Lindsey Durham's within our family tree.  Current available data points to James born 1758 in Brunswick, VA, and later dying in Illinois, as the son of George G. Durham. However, more concrete data is needed.

  • It is believed that James Lindsey Durham moved to Surry County, NC in 1777 along with his uncle James LINDSEY and aunt Mary (CARLTON) LINDSEY (as noted on the Descendants of Blake Carlton webpage web.)

  • Daniel Durham had a mentally illness of some kind.

  • Additional James Lindsey information comes from genforum postings by "Captain Durham" (still working to determine who Captain was!)


6. Rebecca DURHAM (b. c. 1760, BrunVA)



7. Elizabeth DURHAM (b. Jun 16, 1760, Brunswick, BrunVA; d. Jun 16, 1841, RoanTN; Find-A-Grave 87171516)
m1. George Presley JOHNSON (b. Jun 16, 1760)
m2. Edmund JOHNSON (b. Jun 10, 1763, BrunVA; d. Apr 6, 1853, RoanTN; Find-A-Grave 87171314)

Children to George:

  1. George Presley JOHNSON Jr.

  2. Hannah JOHNSON

Children to Edmund:

  1. Seth JOHNSON War of 1812 (b. Apr 26, 1792, VA; d. Oct 16, 1856; Find-A-Grave 5699456)
    m. Martha YORK (b. Jan 1, 1797, GraiTN; d. Apr 1, 1876, LoudTN; Find-A-Grave 5699312)

  2. Temperance JOHNSON "Tempy" (b. 1794, LuneVA; d. 1880, Fochee, LoudTN; Find-A-Grave 86764374)
    m1. James LANE ()
    m2. James PARKER War of 1812 (b. 1778, VA; d. Mar 10, 1852, Fochee, LoudTN; Find-A-Grave 86765723) on Sep 29, 1821, GraiTN

  3. Benjamin JOHNSON (b. 1798, GibsTN; d. 1884, LoudTN; Find-A-Grave 103018316)
    m. Mary PATTERSON (b. 1802, TN; d. 1870, OregMO; Find-A-Grave 163488803) c. 1815, TN

  4. Little Berry JOHNSON (b. Jan 22, 1804; d. Dec 29, 1879, Ponders, RoanTN; Find-A-Grave 163488803)
    m. Edith GEORGE "Edy" (b. May 19, 1806, KnoxTN; d. Jan 14, 1886, RoanTN; Find-A-Grave 47120472)

  5. Nancy JOHNSON (b. 1806, SussVA; d. May 14, 1890, Barnardsville, RoanTN; Find-A-Grave 144547256)
    m. Isaac GAYLON "Old Isaac" (b. 1805, GraiTN; d. 1880, Barnardsville, RoanTN; Find-A-Grave 144547172)

  6. Rebecca JOHNSON

  7. Jacob JOHNSON


  • Elizabeth and Edmund lived in the Kingston, TN area and are buried at the Foshee Cemetery near Kingston.

  • George and Edmund Johnson's parents were James JOHNSON and Catherine DURHAM. Catherine was the daughter of Thomas DURHAM Jr. (who is this Thomas Durham??)

  • Some conflicting info at Grady line at Intermarriage of Outlaw and Grady Clans, The website web. This says Elizabeth married Frederick Grady "Uncle Fred".


8. Clarissa DURHAM (b. 1763, BrunVA)
m. John ANDERTON on Nov 22, 1784, BrunVA




  • Proof that George G. Durham was a son of Tom Durham and Peggy Lindsey is not concrete. DNA results do concretely prove a relationship.  They could have been father/son, brothers, or grandfather/grandson. Using the known dates, it has been decided that father/son makes the most sense.  As new information is uncovered, this may be adjusted. 

  • A lot of Information on George G. Durham comes from a web posting by "Captain Durham", who follows George down through James Lindsey Durham of Surry Co, NC. Someday I hope to learn the identity of this knowledgeable Durham researcher. He was a wealth of knowledge. 1  He also concluded that Thomas was George's father.

  • From George G. Durham's will:

    Will of George Durham (Brnsw. Will book 3-470/471) dated 13 Aug 1766 - I George Durham of Brunswick Co. and parish of St. Andrews being of perfect senses and memory do make and ordain my last will and testament ...

    I desire that my tract of land lying on branches of Great Creek containing 102a and joining Cap. Nicholas Edmunds and others be sold and my debts paid with the money.

    Item: I give to my son Humphrey Durham the land and plantation where I now live.
    Item: I give to my son James Lindsey Durham the land and plantation whereon I now live.
    Item: I give to my son Humphrey Durham a mare, saddle, cow, and calf.
    Item: I give to my son John Durham my gun and cow and calf.
    Item: I give to my daughter Margaret Halcombe one heifer.
    Item: It is my desire my goods and chattels after my wife's death be divided among my 5 youngest daughters.
    Item: I desire that the money that remains after debts are paid to be made use of the schooling of my 4 youngest children.
    Item: I desire my estate not be appraised.
    Item: I leave my beloved wife Winifred Durham and my son to be my executors.

    Witnesses were James Lindsey, John Holcombe, Thomas (x) Holcombe. Presented in court by Winifred Durham and Humphrey Durham and proved by oath of James Lindsey and Thomas Holcombe 23 Feb 1767.

  • County/State Abbreviations:
    BrunVA - Brunswick County, VA
    GibsTN - Gibson County, TN
    GraiTN - Grainger County, TN
    KnoxTN - Knox County, TN
    LoudTN - Louden County, TN
    LuneVA - Lunenburg County, VA
    NewKVA - New Kent County, VA
    OregMO - Oregon County, MO
    RoanTN - Roane County, TN
    SaliIL - Saline County, IL
    SurrNC - Surry County, NC
    SussVA - Sussex County, VA

  • Page Sources:
    1. Some James Lindsey information comes from genforum postings by "Captain Durham" (still working to determine who this man is or was.)

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