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Matthew Durham > William Lindsey Durham > Isaiah Durham


Born: c. 1789, NC
Died: c. 1872

Father: William Lindsey DURHAM

Mother: Nancy CATES



Feb 14, 1811,

Elizabeth BURNS

Born: c. 1790, ChatNC
Died: c. 1869
Father: James BURNS

Mother: Hanna BRANTLEY



1. Julia Ann DURHAM (b. c. 1812, OranNC)

m. Berry STROTHER (b. c. 1810) on Jun 27, 1830, FayeGA)


  1. Aaron STROTHER (b. c. 1843, GA)

  2. Isaiah Durham STROTHER (b. c. 1837, AL; d. May 25, 1890, ChamAL)
    m1. Felitheo E. WYATTE on Dec 27, 1868, ChamAL
    m2. Anne Austin AYCOCK (b. Sep 25, 1851, FayeGA; d. Sep 20, 1931, ChamAL) on Sep 1, 1872, ChamAL

  3. Frances J. STROTHER (b. c. 1839, AL)
    m. J. G. ROBINETT on Nov 19, 1871, ClaiLA

  4. William B. STROTHER (b. c. 1841, AL)

  5. Sarah J. STROTHER (b. c. 1844, AL)

  6. John M. STROTHER (b. c. 1846, AL)
    m. S. E. BENTLY on Dec 11, 1873, ClaiLA

  7. Zachariah T. STROTHER (b. c. 1848, AL)

  8. Nancy STROTHER (b. c. 1851, AL)
    m. A. M. AYCOCK?

  9. Mary V. STROTHER (b. c. 1853, AL)
    m. W. W. MERRITT on Dec 21, 1871, ClaiLA

  10. James W. STROTHER (b. c. 1856, AL; d. Apr 1, 1921, Shreveport, CaddLA, age 64)
    m. Cynthia L. ROBINETT (b. c. 1859, LA) on Dec 18, 1877, ClaiLA

  11. Willy STROTHER (b. c. 1860, AL)


  • Visit this web page devoted to Isaiah Durham Strother. Therein it is documented that he was a Confederate soldier and a disabled Veteran of the Civil War. He was injured in Turkey Ridge, VA.


2. James Clinton DURHAM (b. Dec 24, 1814, GA; d. 1877)
m1. Anne MCCRIMMON (b. c. 1816, NC; d.1857, Woodville, TyleTX) in Dec 10, 1835, CCAL
m2. Mamie Elizabeth RISINGER (b. c. 1826 in AL; d. c. 1895) on Dec 27, 1863, TyleTX

Children to Anne:

  1. Sarah E. DURHAM (b. c. 1837, AL)

  2. Elizabeth A. DURHAM (b. c. 1839, AL)
    m. Edmund P. WHEAT

  3. Lucinda Caroline DURHAM "Callie" (b. Jan 1840)
    m. George W. ANDERSON

  4. Marcus D. DURHAM (b. c. 1842, AL)

  5. Mary Versailes DURHAM (b. Feb 22, 1845, AL)
    m. Robert J. TOLAR

  6. Amelia Missouri DURHAM (b. Oct 31, 1846)
    m. James H. GANT

  7. Cornelius W. DURHAM (b. c. 1849)

  8. John Isiaah DURHAM (b. 1851, AL)
    m. Amanda Jane D. GEORGE

  9. James Burns DURHAM (b. 1854)
    m. Mary J. WHEAT

Children to Morrie:

  1. Martha Arizona DURHAM (b. Dec 9, 1866)
    m. Henry C. KEETH

  2. William Esker DURHAM (b. Oct 4, 1869, TX)
    m1. Alice N. NEAL
    m2. Martha N. PARLEE


  • For more detail, click on James Clinton Durham (above).

  3. Elizabeth A. DURHAM "Betsy" (b. c. 1815, NC)
m. James WEBB
  • More proof needed to prove that Elizabeth was Isaiah's daughter. Only circumstantial evidence and an assumption but forth by Jim Amaral.

4. William Lindsey DURHAM III Confederate Soldier (b. Feb. 3, 1811, ChatNC; d. Aug 21, 1898, TyleTX)
m. Mary MOORE (b. c. 1822 in AL; d. 1878) Feb 13, 1845, WinsMS


  1. Elizabeth J. DURHAM (b. c. 1846, MS)
    m. Monroe PLATT

  2. William Isaiah DURHAM (b. Feb 4, 1849, MS)
    m. Edilda A. CLIETT

  3. James Quince DURHAM (b. Jan 1853, MS)
    m. Elizabeth G. JOHNSON

  4. Julia Ann DURHAM (b. Oct 1855, MS)
    m. Jacob M. MARSHALL

  5. John Baptist DURHAM (b. Jul 1858, MS)
    m1. Alice C. MARSHALL
    m2. Mary A. Z. KIETH

  6. Sarah Caroline DURHAM "Sallie" (b. Mar 7, 1861, MS)
    m. Charles F. MARSHALL

  • Confusing my search for this William Lindsey Durham were three factors:

    • There is a Lindsay Durham who married Sylvia Shaw on Aug 2, 1836 in Orange County, NC. He was born c. 1815 in NC. In 1850, he lived in Alamance Co, NC with Silvay (age 42), and children: William (age 11), John (age 9), Isaac (age 7), and Margaret (age 4). In 1870, he still resided in Alamance Co, with Sylvia (age 63) and children: William (age 31), Robert (Isaac R., age 27), Mary (Margaret, age 14), William (age 11) and Joseph (age 1). To date, no researcher has found the name of Lindsay's father.

    •  In 1880, a Lindsey Durham shows up in Bingham, Orange County, NC. He was born c. 1815. His spouse is show as Mary Durham, born 1817, NC. Is this William Lindsey and Mary Durham above? I don't think so, because W. L. Durham was buried in Tyler County, TX. I did find a marriage entry for this couple. It states that Lindsey Durham, b. 1814, age 60 married Mary LINSEY, b. 1815, in Orange Co, NC.

    • Finally, on two census records, his middle initial is clearly not shown to be indicated to be "L". The 1850 Census shows him as "W. S. Durham". The 1870 Census shows him as "W. E. Durham" (the scans for both clearly show "S" in 1850 and "E" in 1870). I feel it is the same person because both are married to Mary born in Alabama, plus the children match.  


5. Permelia Frances DURHAM (b. Apr 20, 1821, NC; d. Aug 30, 1894, ChamAL)
m. John Wade Hampton CLIETT (b. Aug 18, 1823, ChamAL; d. Oct 4, 1906) in 1843


  1. Eliza Burns CLIETT (b. c. 1844; d. 1902)
    m. W. F. COOK on Feb 22, 1866

  2. Thomas Harvey CLIETT (b. Feb 1, 1847; d. 1865)

  3. Isaiah Durham CLIETT (b. Dec 22, 1848, LaudMS; d. 1935)
    m. Alice M. SITES on Feb 18, 1882)

  4. John Henry CLIETT (b. 1851; d. 1916)

  5. Solathiel Claudius CLIETT (b. Apr 4, 1854; d. 1928)
    m. Martha SLAY on Dec 23, 1877

  6. Mary Jane Elizabeth CLIETT (b. Nov 16, 1856)
    m. James Emanuel Josephus TAYLOR on Feb 14, 1878



6. Hannah B. DURHAM (b. c. 1825)
m. George ECHOLS on Jul 28, 1840, ChamAL


  • Proof still needed that Hannah was the daughter of Isaiah Durham. At her marriage to George, William L. Durham (presumed to be William Lindsey, her brother) was a witness.


7. John Quince DURHAM (b. c. 1828)
m. Ann T. CRAVER


  • Proof still needed that John Q. was Isaiah's son.  However a John Quince Durham did correspond with Isaiah Durham and with Mr. Anna J. Durham and Mr. J. C. Durham of West Point, MS during the Civil War. He was Lieutenant in the 50th Tennessee Regiment. 


8. Solomon Isaiah DURHAM (b. c. 1830, GA; d. c. 1880)
m. Rhoda J. CLIETT (b. c. 1824, GA) in 1846


  1. Thomas Harvey DURHAM (b. c. 1853, MS; m. Malissa A. BRINKER)

  2. Elizabeth B. DURHAM (b. c. 1854, MS; m. Joel JOHNSON)

  3. Isaiah DURHAM ((b. Feb 22, 1855, MS; m. Martha E. TAYLOR)

  4. Wilson Henry DURHAM (b. Sep 22, 1857, MS; m. Isabella A. JOHNSON)

  5. Eliza Jane DURHAM (b. c. 1859, MS; m. John Wesley MURRAH)

  6. Solomon Isaiah DURHAM (b. c. 1865, GA)

  7. Robert Lee DURHAM (b. Jan 4, 1870, MS; m. Nancy Catherine MCKAY)

  8. Calvin H. DURHAM (b. c. 1873)



9. Elizabeth DURHAM (b. c. 1841, ChamAL)
m. J. W. ANDERSON on Mar 16, 1856, ChamAL



10. Nancy DURHAM (b. c. 1843)
m. James H. ESTES "Jim" (b. c. 1807, GA) on Oct 20, 1857, ChamAL4)


  1. William Zachary ESTES (b. Sep 17, 1859, GA)

  2. Frances E. ESTES (b. Dec 2, 1860, GA) (female)

  3. Robert Lee ESTES (b. May 21, 1863, GA; d. Sep 11, 1917; Find-A-Grave 55676753)
    m. Mary Ella WELDON (b. Oct 6, 1867, ChamAL; d. May 20, 1900, ChamAL; Find-A-Grave 55676778) on Dec 19, 1886, ChamAL

  4. Anna B. ESTES (b. May 5, 1866, GA)
    m. Mr. KELLAM)

  5. Jonathan H. ESTES "John" (b. Oct 4, 1868, GA)

  6. Mary ESTES (b. Apr 4, 1875, AL)

  7. James Isaiah ESTES (b. Apr 4, 1875, ChamAL; d. Jan 27, 1948, TrouGA; Find-A-Grave 78308131)
    m. Mattie S. HUGHES (b. Aug 1875, AL; d. 1933, LaGrange, TrouGA; Find-A-Grave 78308145) on Feb 28, 1897, TrouGA


  • James H. Estes was 25 years older than Nancy, his second wife. His fist wife was Mary L. HENDERSON. His parents were Zachary and Celia (HOLYFIELD) ESTES. 5
  • From 1870 US Census for Lowell, beat 2, Chambers Co, AL:
    Dwelling 105, Family 105
    Name Age Sex Race Occupation Val. of
    Val. of
    Pers. Est.
    James Estes 62 M W Farmer 300 275 GA
    Nancy Estes 38 F W Keeps House     GA
    William Estes 12 M W At School     GA
    Francis Estes 9 F W At School     GA
    Robert L. Estes 7 M W At School     GA
    Anna B. Estes 4 F W       GA
    John H. Estes 2 M W       GA
    Isaiah Durham 81 M W At Home     NC
    Kitty Estes 65 F W Servant     GA


  • 1880 US Census, Bloomingdale, ChamAL:
    Name Rel Mar.
    Sex Race Age Birth
    Occ. Father
    James Estes Self M Male W 73 GA Farming TN TN
    Nancy Estes Wife M Female W 48 GA Keeping
    NC NC
    Willie Estes Son M Male W 21 GA Works on Farm GA GA
    Francis Estes Dau S Female W 19 GA   GA GA
    Robert Estes Son S Male W 17 GA Works on Farm GA GA
    Anna Estes Dau S Female W 14 AL   GA GA
    John Estes Son S Male W 11 AL Works on Farm GA GA
    Mary Estes Dau S Female W 8 AL   GA GA
    James Estes Son S Male W 5 AL   GA GA

  • Isaiah was born in Orange Co. NC. In 1823, Isaiah left Orange and Chatham Counties in NC and moved to Fayette County, GA. In 1835, he moved to Chambers County, AL, where he lived the rest of his life (see 1870 census above)

  • In 1870, Isaiah was living with his daughter Nancy Estes' family in Lowell, ChamAL.

  • From 1850 Census for ChamAL:
    Dwelling 962, Family 962
    Name Age Est.
    Gender Race Occ Land
    Isaiah Durham 61 1789 M   Farmer 600 NC
    Elizabeth Durham 60 1790 F       NC
    Elizabeth Durham 19 1831 F       GA
    Nancy Durham 17 1833 F       GA


  • County/State Abbreviations:
    CaddLA - Caddo Parish, LA
    ChamAL - Chambers County, AL
    ChatNC - Chatham County, NC
    ClaiLA - Claiborne Parish, LA
    FayeGA - Fayette County, GA
    LaudMS - Lauderdale County, MS
    OranNC - Orange County, NC
    TrouGA - Troup County, GA
    TyleTX - Tyler County, TX
    WinsMS - Winston County, MS

  • Page Sources:
    1. Rodney Britnell ([email protected]).
    2. The Durham Family of Tyler County, Texas and Other Descendants of Matthew Durham (c 1730 - 1795) of Orange County, North Carolina by Kenneth L. Durham
    3. Reese-Thornton website on rootsweb.
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