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Born c. 1646, England



Elizabeth CATE (or CATES)






1. Thomas DURHAM (b. c. 1696, Durham, England)
m. Margaret LINDSEY "Peggy" (b. c. 1700, Scotland) in 1721, VA


  1. Thomas DURHAM Jr. (b. c. 1722, VA)

  2. William DURHAM (b c. 1724, VA)

  3. James DURHAM (b. c. 1726, VA)

  4. Joel DURHAM (b. c. 1728, VA)

  5. Nathanael DURHAM (b. c. 1730, VA)
    m. Annie DAVIS

  6. Joab Lindsey DURHAM (c. 1731, VA)
    m. Jennie PRESCOTT

  7. John DURHAM Sr. (b. c. 1732, VA)
    m. Jane ?


  • It has been proven that Thomas and Mathew Durham (below) are related via the Durham DNA project web. Mathew is believed to either the son, grandson or brother of Thomas. If they were brothers, they would have been separated by around 30 years, that is, if our approximate birth dates are correct.

2. George G. DURHAM (b. c. 1702, VA; d. Feb 1767, St. Andrews Parish, BCVA)
m. Winifred LINDSEY (b. c. 1725, BCVA; d. c. 1769) c. 1747, BCVA)


  1. Humphrey DURHAM (b. 1745, VA)

  2. Margaret DURHAM (b. c. 1748, VA)
    m. Thomas HOLCOMB

  3. John DURHAM Sr. (b. c. 1750, VA)
    m. Mary CARLTON

  4. Ruth DURHAM (b. c. 1753, VA)

  5. James Lindsey DURHAM (b. 1758, VA)
    m. Juda ?

  6. Rebecca DURHAM (b. c. 1760, VA)

  7. Elizabeth DURHAM (b. Jun 16, 1760)
    m1. George P. JOHNSON
    m2. Edmund JOHNSON

  8. Clarissa DURHAM (b. 1763, VA)


  • George may have been Thomas Durham's (above) son.

  • George married Winifred when he was 47.

  • Winifred Lindsey supposedly was the daughter of William Lindsey and Jane ?.

  • The Durham DNA project web project's Kit 21960 is for a descendent of James Lindsey Durham of Surry County NC. James who is descended from George G. Durham, born 1696, of VA.  The match is off by 1 but surname and research indicates a relationship.

  • Some conflicting info at Grady line at Intermarriage of Outlaw and Grady Clans, The website web. This says Elizabeth Durham married Frederick GRADY "Uncle Fred".


2. Matthew DURHAM (b. c. 1730, England; d. c. 1795, OranNC)
m1. ?;
m2. Susannah LINDSEY
(b. Jul 20, 1731, BrunVA; d. May 30, 1799, OranNC)

Children to ?:

  1. James Caveat DURHAM

Children to Susannah:

  1. Thomas DURHAM Sr. (b. May 12, 1752, NC)
    m. Susannah CATE

  2. William Lindsey DURHAM Sr. (b. Nov 21, 1754, NC)
    m. Nancy Anne CATE

  3. John DURHAM Sr. (b. Jul 15, 1757, NC)
    m1. Elizabeth CATE
    m2. Mary ROBERTSON
    m3. Jane HATCH

  4. Capt. Matthew DURHAM Jr. Revolutionary War Soldier (b. Jun 16, 1760, NC)
    m. Frances E. SPENCER "Fannie")

  5. Ambrose DURHAM (b. Jun 15, 1762, NC)

  6. Lysias DURHAM (b. Nov 12, 1765, NC)
    m. Sarah F. REEVES

  7. Mary DURHAM (b. Jan 1, 1769, NC)
    m. George A. MEACHAM

  8. Jane DURHAM (b. Aug 11, 1772, NC)
    m. Alex PIPER

  9. Mark DURHAM (b. Aug 15, 1775, NC)
    m. Sylvia ROBERTSON


  • For more detailed information on Matthew Durham, click on his name above.

  • Ah, Where To Begin...

    I created this page to serve as a "jumping off" point in my Durham research on my family website, though this page was created much later than Mathew's page. There has been a great deal of research (and family legend) describing how Mathew and Tom are the two brothers who game to America aboard a ship. And the DNA results bear out a blood relationship between them. 

    There is also the irrefutable DNA evidence that links James Lindsey Durham into our Durham soup mix.  Most accounts show James as the son of George G. Durham.

  • After much pondering, the clues appear to point to George and Thomas being brothers, just based on their close proximity in age, and the DNA evidence of their ancestors.  The two brothers in the "Two brothers came over from England and married sisters" may have been George and Thomas, rather than Thomas and Matthew, since George also married a LINDSEY. I am still not convinced that Matthew Durham is a brother to Thomas. He may have been, or he may have been Thomas' son.

  • "According to family lore, Thomas and his brother, Matthew, came to America about 1721 from England. They met on board ship the sisters, Margaret (Peggy) and Susanna Lindsey, whose home had been in Scotland. The brothers married these sisters, Thomas to Peggy and Matthew to Susanna. " (This information is primarily from Rev. J.P. Durham's book, "Biography of James L. Durham" published in 1961.)  This same story is told in the book, From Kittyhawk To The Moon by W. O. Durham.  He adds to the family story by propagating the theory that Thomas Durham was the son of John DURHAM and Elisabeth CATES in England.  Per the author, "A new Durham was added to the registry of Durham county England. The year was 1696, the reign of William III. The name was Thomas Durham."

  • County/State Abbreviations:
    BrunVA - Brunswick County, VA
    OranNC - Orange County, NC

  • Page Sources:
    1. From Kitty Hawk To the Moon: The Life, Times and Heritage of a Texas Oilman , a book book by W. O. Durham

    2. Kozel, Ancestors of Addye laura DIAMOND web webpage.

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