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Matthew Durham > Matthew Durham Jr.

Capt. Matthew DURHAM Jr. American Revolutionary War

Born: Jun 16, 1760, NC
Died: Jan 3, 1834, GA

Father: Matthew DURHAM

Mother: Susannah LINDSEY


Jan 12, 1784,

Frances Elizabeth SPENCER "Fannie"

Born: Jun 15, 1765, EdgeSC
Died: Mar 26, 1831
Father:  John Thomas SPENCER

Mother: Mary WRAY (RAY)



1. John J. Durham "Jonnie" (b. Dec 31, 1784, d. Jan 15, 1787)



2. Susanna Durham (b. Apr 21, 1786, GA; d. Jun 17, 1787, WashTX)
m. George CAROTHERS (Sep 14, 1787, (probably County Antrim) Ireland, d. Sep 22, 1861, WashTX) on 28 Mar 1812, JoneGA


  1. Henry Miller Carothers

  2. Andrew Coffee Carothers (b. c. 1815)

  3. Susannah Carothers (b. 1816; d. Bef. 1853)

  4. Frances E. Carothers (b. c. 1819; d. c. 1882 probably Burton, WashTX)

  5. Robert James Carothers (b. Dec 12, 1821)

  6. Simeon Durham Carothers "Sim" (b. Jan 5, 1825, Montgomery, MontAL; d. Jun 20, 1903, Temple, BellTX)
    m. Jane Amanda MURPHREE (b. Mar 15, 1827 in Murfreesboro, RuthTN; d. May 5, 1910, Temple, TX) on Mar 7, 1850, WashTX)


  • "CAROTHERS" is sometimes spelled as "CARRUTHERS".

  • A death certificate for Simeon's daughter, Rebecca Murphree Carothers (b. May 24, 1855, Greenvine, WashTX; d. Dec 30, 1943, Houston, HarrTX, age 88) gives some information. If verifies the spelling of both "Murphree" and "Carothers".  It lists birth places for both Simeon (Montgomery, AL) and Jane (Murfreesboro, RuthTN).

  • A death certificate for Simeon's daughter, Addie Jane Carothers (b. Dec 17, 1860, WashTX; d. Jan 23, 1948, Taylor, WillTX, age 87) gives additional info. It indicates that Simeon's nickname was "Sim", but says he was born in Texas. Jane is indicated to be "Jane Murphy", born in TN.  

  • From 1850 Census for Austin County, TX:
    Dwelling 90, Family 90
    Name Age Gender Race Occ Land
    George Carothers 63 M   Farmer 2500 Ireland
    Susannah Carothers 64 F       GA
    Simeon Carothers 25 M   Farmer 350 AL
    Jane Carothers 23 F       TN
    David Dunford 28 M   Farmer   MS
    E Gerhard Arish 23 M   Laborer   Germany


3. John Spencer Durham (b. Mar 11, 1789; d. Jun 11, 1790)


  • Died in childhood.


4. Mary Durham (b. Sep 22, 1790 in GA; d. Mar 8, 1868, CarrMS)
m. Thomas PLEASANTS (b. Aug 28, 1786; d. Oct 26, 1853) on 1808, HancGA


  1. Augustus Pleasants (b. 1827)

  2. Mary Pleasants (b. 1835)

  3. Frank Pleasants (b. in MS) Confederate Soldier American Civil War

  4. Mims Pleasants (b. 1835) Confederate Soldier American Civil War


  • Frank and Mims served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

  • Frank was the sheriff of Carroll County, Mississippi.


5. Matthew Durham III (b. May 27, 1793 in GA; d. Oct 9, 1793, GA)


  • Died as an infant.


6. Simeon Durham (b. Jul 6, 1794; d. Jan 3, 1837)
m. Avarilla TRAYLOR on Dec 26, 1817


  • Simeon is not listed by Shelman in the family bible, but he IS listed in Mathew's will.


7. Nancy Durham (b. Sep 20, 1795; d. Sep 14, 1811, JoneGA)



8. Seaborn Jones Durham (b. Nov 22, 1796; d. Sep 2, 1877, Jackson, HindMS)
m1. Nancy STOVALL (b. Aug 30, 1802; d. 1829)
m2. Mrs. Mary Chambliss GEORGE (b. Oct 9, 1806, GA; d. Oct 29, 1881, MS) on 1829, MonrGA

Children to Nancy:

  1. Mary Stovall Durham (b. 1824)

  2. John Durham

Children to Mary

  1. Virginia Durham (b. 1833, GA)

  2. John Ebner Durham (b. 1837, MS)

  3. Eliza Love Durham (b. Sep 30, 1837, MS)
    m. Daniel B. COMFORT (b. Mar 30, 1824, KY)

  4. Rebecca Durham (b. 1840, MS)

  5. Georgiann Durham (b. 1842, MS)

  6. Eugenia Durham (b. 1847, MS)  


  • Mary was previously married to J. W. George and had a son, General J. Z. George of MS, who was a US Senator.

  • 1850 US Census for Carroll County, MS:
    Dwelling 148, Family 220
    Name Age Value Occupation Birth
    Seabourn J. Durham 53   Farmer GA
    Mary Durham 43 $800   GA
    Virginia Durham 17     GA
    John Durham 13     MS
    Eliza Durham 11     MS
    Rebecca Durham 10     MS
    Georgiann 8     MS
    Eugenia Durham 3     MS


  • Mary's Obit:
    OBIT: Mary (Chambliss) George Durham

    DURHAM — In Kosciusko, Miss. on Saturday night, October 29, 1881, in the 76th year of her age, Mrs. Mary Durham, consort of the late Seaborn J. Durham.

    The news of the good woman’s death will carry sadness to the hearts of her many friends. Some twelve or thirteen years ago she experienced a paralytic-stroke, from which she never recovered, and since then has received several shocks of a like nature, the last one causing her death. The subject of this notice was born on the 9th day of October 1806, in what is now known as Baldwyn county (formerly Wilkinson) Georgia. She was united in marriage with Joseph Warren George in 1825, whom she survived, and was again married in May 1828 to Seaborn J. Durham. She was the mother of nine children, four of whom are now living, towit: Gen. J. Z. George of Jackson, the oldest; Mrs. Fayette Turner of Minter City; Mrs. D. B. Comfort, and Miss Eugenia Durham (the youngest) of Kosciusko. Mrs. Durham joined the Baptist Church at the age of twenty, and ever since has lived a devout and Christian life. For years she had been a sufferer, and all through her afflictions she was patient and christian-like. She was buried on Monday evening, being followed to her last resting place by a host of mourning friends and relatives.


9. Rev. Sanders Walker Durham Clergy (b. May 21, 1798; d. Jun 11, 1879, TaylGA)
m. Nancy S. MITCHELL (b. c. 1845, GA)


  1. Sanders Walker Durham  Jr.


  • He was an ordained preacher. He married twice.

  • The 1880 Taylor County, GA census for Carsonville shows Nancy Durham, age 35, living with her father W. J. F. Mitchell. Also living with them is 12 year-old S. W. Durham.

  • He is listed in the 1830 Monroe County, GA census. In 1903, he was living in Sherman, GrayTX.

  • Sanders' wife, Nancy's obituary:
    The Butler Herald
    Tuesday, April 21, 1891
    We have been furnished with the sad intelligence of the death of Mrs. N. S. Durham, wife of Rev. S.W. Durham, deceased and daughter of Judge W. J. F. Mitchell, the greater portion of whose life had been spent in Taylor County, but for the past two or three years had resided at Sherman, Texas, where her death occurred at 3 o’clock a.m. on Friday last, after a painful illness of about three weeks.  Mrs. Durham was about 45 years of age, a lady of fine virtues of head and heart won the love and admiration of all with whom she became associated.  She leaves many friends and relatives who will regret to learn of her death.

  • From 1880 US Census for Carsonville, Taylor County, GA:
    Name Rel. Mar.
    Gender Race Age Birth
    Occ. Father
    W. J. F. Mitchel Self   Male W 68 GA Farmer    
    Nancy S. Mitchel Dau W Female W 35 GA Housekeeper    
    S. W. Durham GSon S Male W 12 GA      
    M. L. Riley Other   Male W 30 GA Farmer    


10. Singleton Durham (b. Jan 9, 1800, MonrGA; d. Oct 7, 1835, MonrGA)
m. Lucy STOVALL (b. c. 1804; d. c. 1850, MonrGA) c. 1825, MonrGA


  1. Mary F. Durham (b. c. 1828, MonrGA)
    m. Benjamin F. TAYLOR (b. c. 1824) on Aug 20, 1844, MonrGA - they had  children

  2. John P. Durham (b. c. 1830. MonrGA)

  3. William Columbus Durham (b. c. 1832, MonrGA)

  4. Frances Marion Gene Durham (b. Oct 18, 1833, MonrGA; d. Feb 8, 1906, YounTX
    m. Mary Bedell NORMAN on May 13, 1856, UnioAR


  • Singleton had five children. He died at age 35.


11. Saleta Durham (b. Mar 27, 1801, d. Aug 21, 1801)


  • Died as an infant.


12. Col. Shelman Durham (b. Dec 6, 1803, d. Aft. Feb 1876, Bremond, RobeTX)
m. Susanna SIMS (CURRY) on Dec 7, 1824, MonrGA


  1. James Jackson Durham (b. Oct 31, 1825, GA)
    m. Mary Jane Clements OLDHAM

  2. William Washington Durham (b. Feb 8, 1827, GA)
    m1. Mary Jane MCKINNON
    m2. Mary L. PATTON

  3. Franklin Marion Durham (b. Jan 5, 1830, GA)
    m1. Emily M. MCDANIEL
    m2. Elvira BROWN

  4. Susan Haselton (Hasseltine?) Durham (b. 1832)

  5. John Lafayette Durham (b. Sep 30, 1834, GA)
    m. Frances V. MCKINNEY "Jenny"

  6. Elizabeth Pollard Durham (b. Dec 18, 1836, MS)
    m1. Simon TIMS
    m2. Ruben O'NEAL

  7. Emily A. Durham (b. Aug 5, 1838, MS)
    m. Benjamin F. OLDMAN

  8. Mathew Lenard Durham (b. Oct 11, 1842, MS)

  9. Cornitta Francis Durham (Carmilla?) (b. Oct 11, 1844, MS)


  • For more information on Shelman Durham, click his name above.

John Stovall Ratliff

13. Grace Spencer Durham (b. Apr 23, 1805, HancGA; d. Jun 10, 1874, Verona, LeeMS; Find-A-Grave 25829454)
m. John Stovall RATLIFF (or RATCLIFF) (b. Oct 1, 1806, LincGA; d. Apr 15, 1898; Find-A-Grave 25829070) on Jan 5, 1826, MCGA
Children: 4

  1. Frances Ratliff "Fannie" (b. c. 1832, GA)
    m. Mr. ARMSTRONG

  2. Lucy J. Ratliff (b. Jun 10, 1834, Noxubee County, MS; d. Jul 9, 1903, Greenville, WashMS)
    m. Dr. William Tatom STOVALL (b. Oct 26, 1828, Moulton, LawrAL; d. Dec 5, 1906, Leland, MS)

  3. Mary Susan Ratliff (b. Apr 14, 1836, MS; d. Dec 13, 1909, Verona, LeeMS)
    m. Leonides C. LEDBETTER (b. Apr 19, 1833, PrGeVA; d. Mar 30, 1875, Verona, LeeMS)

  4. Elizabeth Ann Ratliff "Lizzie" (b. May 2, 1838, MS; d. Apr 21, 1915, Ft. Worth, TarrTX; Find-A-Grave 55077499)
    m. Archibald S. WEAR (b. May 5, 1817; d. Nov 5, 1872; Find-A-Grave 34926115)

  5. Martha Josephine Ratliff (b. c. 1840, MS)
    m. Absalom L. CARUTH "Abbie" (b. 1839, AL)

  6. Grace Camilla Ratliff (b. c. 1842, MS; d. Aug 31, 1890, Fort Smith, SebaAR
    m. Thomas H. BROWN (b. 1837, AL)

  7. Georgia Catherine Ratliff (b. Nov 20, 1844, MS; d. Oct 6, 1918; Find-A-Grave 34504949)
    m. Dr. Joseph Alexander ANTHONY (b. Aug 30, 1828 near Hartsville, TrouTN; d. Jan 20, 1905, Terrell, KaufTX; Find-A-Grave 34505035)

  8. James William Ratliff (b. c. 1846, MS)
    m. Mollie ?; moved to Texas


  • Grace is not listed by Shelman in the family bible, however, she was Mathew's daughter. There is a great write-up from the Goodspeed Biography 1981. The excerpt is included in John's Find-A-Grave entry (link below).

  • They moved to Mississippi - listed in 1840 & 1850 Census in Noxubee County, 1860 in Itawamba (information from Gary Peacock on genforum).

  • John Ratliff's parent were William and Mary (Polly Jr.) RATLIFF.

  • William Stovall's parents were William and Cynthia Ann (TATOM) STOVALL.

  • Leonides Ledbetter's parents were Robert Chalmers and Sarah Elizabeth (CATES) LEDBETTER.

  • J. A. Anthony was a Captain, CO I, 7 TENN INF., C. S. A.

  • From 1850 Census for Noxubee County, MS:
    Dwelling 689, Family 698
    Name Age Est.
    Gend Race Occ Land
    John S. Ratliff 44 1806 M       GA
    Cresa Ratliff 45 1805 F       GA
    Fanny S. Ratliff 18 1832 F       GA
    Lucy J. Ratliff 16 1834 F       MS
    Mary S. Ratliff 14 1836 F       MS
    Elizabeth A. Ratliff 12 1838 F       MS
    Martha J. Ratliff 10 1840 F       MS
    Grace C. Ratliff 8 1842 F       MS
    Catharine G. Ratliff 6 1844 F       MS
    James W. Ratliff 4 1846 M       MS
    W. C. F. Richardson 28 1822 M       KY
    Samuel Mclendon 20 1830 M       AL
    S Huell 22 1828 F       VA


14. Sarah Durham (b. Apr 29, 1806; d. Jun 19, 1806)


  • Sarah is not listed by Shelman in the family bible, so I question if she was Mathew's daughter.


15. Fanny Durham (b. Jun 6, 1807; d. 1807)


  • Fanny is not listed by Shelman in the family bible, so I question if she was Mathew's daughter.

  • Matthew was a Captain in the Revolutionary War. He was also a Baptist deacon.

  • Here is his biography, and transcriptions from the Durham Family Bible, to USGenWeb Archives by Lillie Ruby.

  • Fanny Spencer had a brother Thomas who died in "Caplh" (Copiah?) County, MS, another brother William who died in Hinds County, MS, and a sister, Gracy Holly, who died in Monroe County, GA.

  • The parents of Fanny Elizabeth Spencer were John Thomas Spencer and Mary Wray (Ray). The Spencers and Wrays seem to have some down from Brunswick Co., VA as did the Durhams. John Thomas moved to Spartanburg Dist. SC as did Matthew and Fanny. They all moved into Monroe Co., GA, but went further west after a hurricane and other problems. The only two brothers that have been identified for Fanny died in MS as did her sister Grace (from Lillie B. Ruby in genforum).

  • County/State Abbreviations:
    AttaMS - Attala County, MS
    BellTX - Bell County, TX
    CarrMS - Carroll County, MS
    EdgeSC - Edgefield County, SC
    GrayTX - Grayson County, TX
    HancGA - Hancock County, GAq
    HarrTX - Harris County, TX
    HindMS - Hinds County, MS
    JoneGA - Jones County, GA
    KaufTX - Kaufman County, TX
    LawrMS - Lawrence County, MS
    LeeMS - Lee County, MS
    LincGA - Lincoln County, GA
    LogaKY - Logan County, KY
    MonrGA - Monroe County, GA
    MontAL - Montgomery County, AL
    PrGeVA - Prince George County, VA
    RobeTX - Robertson County, TX
    RuthTN - Rutherford County, TN
    SebaAR - Sebastian County, AR
    TarrTX - Tarrant County, TX
    TaylGA - Taylor County, GA
    TrouTN - Trousdale County, TN
    UnioAR - Union County, AR
    WashMS - Washington County, MS
    WashTX - Washington County, TX
    WillTX - Williamson County, TX
    YounTX - Young County, TX

  • Page Sources:
    1. Donald R. Johnston Home Page web.

    2. Shelman Durham's letter copying family bible bible.

    3. Biographies of American Revolutionary Soldiers - Matthew Durham website web.

    4. Ratliff site on rootsweb, Contact Julian Riley.

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