(CCG William L. Durham Jr. and Mary Snipes)
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Matthew Durham > William Lindsey Durham > William Lindsey Durham Jr.

William Lindsey DURHAM, Jr.

Born Apr 21, 1787, OranNC
Died Apr 10, 1847
Father: William Lindsey DURHAM

Mother: Nancy Ann CATES


Dec 20, 1814,


Born Sep 18, 1797, ChatNC
Died Jan 22, 1846, ChatNC

Father John Manley SNIPES

Mother: Sarah LINDSEY


  1. Manley Snipes DURHAM (b. Dec 8, 1817; d. May 1, 1820)
  • Died at age 2.
  2. Frances DURHAM (b. Jan 13, 1820; d. Apr 15, 1890)
m. Jesse W. PERRY (b. 1815) on Oct 11, 1859
  3. Camelia DURHAM (b. Apr 7, 1822; d. Aug 03, 1835)
m. Franklin A. DAVIS (b. 1818)
  • The census below shows that Camella is alive in 1850, not dead as was originally researched.

  • From 1850 Census for 1st District, Orange County, NC:
    Name Age Est.
    Gender Occ Land
    Franklin A. Davis 37 1813 M Farmer 350 Orange, NC
    Camella Davis 30 1820 F     Orange, NC
    Laura Davis 2 1848 F     Orange, NC

  4. Dr. Bartlett Leonidas Snipes DURHAM Doctor of Medicine (b. Nov 3, 1824; d. Feb 2, 1859, OranNC; Find-A-Grave 31931561)
  • Dr. Bartlett Durham, for whom the City of Durham, NC was named, lived near the Chatham County line on the Antioch Church Road. When Bartlett Durham died, he was buried at the home place of his mother in Chatham County, NC. There is evidence of a large hole where he was disinterred 27 June 1933 and re-interred at Maplewood Cemetery, Durham, North Carolina, 1 January 1934.

    A large granite monument, 18 inches by 30 inches by 8 feet tall, was erected in Maplewood Cemetery with the following inscription:

    Founder, the City of Durham
    Country Physician and public-spirited citizen
    who donated land for a railroad station and thereby
    became founder of a City.
    Remains removed from Snipes Graveyard near
    Orange-Chatham line and reinterred January 1, 1934,
    on this square set apart for that purpose by
    the City which bears his name.

    "The merit belongs to the beginner should his
    successor do even better."

    Durham County, by Jean Bradley Anderson, pages 103-105, gives his correct name as Dr. Bartlett Leonidas Durham, his parents, correct birth date, and correct death date.

    Listed explanation: Durham Herald 21 Apr 1985 re Dr. Bartlett Leonidas Durham, originally buried here. Disinterred 27 June 1933, Memorial Service held at Antioch Baptist Church in Orange County. Re-interred at Maplewood Cemetery, Durham NC, 1 Jan 1934, with a large monument.

    Significant events: City of Durham named for Bartlett Durham; In 1806, Haw River Mountain Church established here -- in 1830 it was relocated to Orange County as Antioch Baptist Church.

    Durham, Bartlett Leonidas, Dr. (b.3 Nov 1824 - d.2 Feb 1859)
    Son of William L. and Mary (Snipes) Durham. Exhumed 27 June 1933, re-interred 1 Jan 1934 at Maplewood Cemetery, Durham, NC. See write-up in report on Snipes Cemetery (D03.1).

  • He was a country physician and public-spirited citizen who donated land for a railroad station and thereby became founder of a city.

  • Bartlett Durham, at age 26, bought 100 acres of land in a rather unpromising section of Orange County after recently graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School.

  • He offered the railroad four of his hundred acres for a station and saw his name painted on the station house. He also became the company's agent. The station was originally called "Durham's Station", later shortened to "Durham's" and, eventually, to "Durham".

  • Here is a bit about Bartlett Durham from Durham County: A History of Durham County, North Carolina by Jean Bradley: "he was a jovial fellow. On moonshiny nights he would get a group of boys together and serenade the town."

  • A bachelor, he died of pneumonia in 1859 at age 39. After his death, Susan Ann Clements brought a "bastardy suit" against his estate. She claimed her son, Romulus, was Dr. Durham's illegitimate son. She lost the suit (but I'd still like to see a DNA test on Romulus' line...)

  5. Sarah A. DURHAM (b. Mar 28, 1827, OranNC; d. Jun 2, 1903; Find-A-Grave 16141773)
m. Francis Asbury STAGG (b. May 15, 1831; d. Apr 12, 1915; Find-A-Grave 16141760) on Sep 23, 1856
  1. William STAGG (b. c. 1858, NC)
  2. James Edward STAGG Sr. (b. Jun 27, 1860, NC; d. Sep 9, 1915, DurhNC; Find-A-Grave 55795680)
    m. Mary Washington LYON (b. Sep 25, 1878, DurhNC; d. May 15, 1945, Durham, DurhNC; Find-A-Grave 55795681)
  • From 1870 US Census for Graham Twp No. 6, Alamance County, NC:
    Name Age Gend Race Occupation Val. of
    Val. of
    Pers. Est.
    Francis Stagg 38 M W Railroad Clerk 2000 200 NC
    Sarah Stagg 43 F W Keeping House     NC
    William Stagg 12 M W At Home     NC
    James Stagg 9 M W At Hone     NC


  • From 1880 US Census for Graham, AlamNC:
    Name Rel. Mar.
    Gender Race Age Birth
    Occ. Father
    Francis A. Stagg Self M M W 48 NC Home NC NC
    Sarah A. Stagg Wife M F W 53 NC Keeps
    NC NC
    Julia E. Cates Other S F W 23 NC Servant NC NC


  • From 1900 US Census for Burlington town, AlamNC:
    Name Rel. Race Sex Birth
    Age Mar.
    Francis A. Stagg Self W M May 1832   M 44 NC NC NC  
    Sarah A. Stagg Wife W F Mar 1827   M 44 NC NC NC  
    Lizzie Madkins   B F Aug 1883   S   NC NC NC  

  6. Victory M. DURHAM (b. Jun 5, 1829, OranNC; d. Mar 31, 1848, OranNC)

  • County/State Abbreviations:
    AlamNC - Alamance County, NC
    ChatNC - Chatham County, NC
    DurhNC - Durham County, NC
    OranNC - Orange County, NC

  • Page Sources:
    1. Rodney Britnell ([email protected]).

    2. Descendants of Williams Snipes excellent website!

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