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Stephen F. Austin Baker

"To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it more fit for its prime function of looking forward. - Margaret Fairless Barber ."

Dearest Family and Friends,

I've created the following web pages to document my family's ancestry. It has been quite a journey to find the facts. There are also many old stories to share. Through a lot of research, friendly "borrowing" of other's research (see the "Special Thanks section" at the bottom), and 2 a.m. nights, I have pulled this "ever-evolving-project" together. My intent is to post the facts and tell the stories as they were told to, or passed down to, me. I have deliberately attempted to keep my editing to a minimum.

The information here is interesting, reasonably truthful, and even quite exciting in places. I take great pride in recognizing my many sources throughout. This literally represents YEARS of work. It is also my choice to not use standard genealogy software. Personally, I find it too restrictive. These pages were created using my own home-grown web skills, such as they are. I just like doing things my own, unique way.

If you read this and find errors, don't hesitate to email me with new information. I am always looking for more concrete verification.

Thanks, Jim

[email protected] at work or
[email protected] at home

Special Thanks go out to:
Reba Ann Durham Arroyo - my late sister. She was the person responsible for most of the research. She always knew the value of "family history" and she passed it on to me.
Elsie Durham - my Mom, for sharing the stories and keeping the memories alive.
James Gordon "Tip" Durham - Tip is the resident expert on the Durham clan.
Grace (Rhodes) Straley Swartz - A sweet lady who published a book on Straleys!
John B. Windham - Quite an expert on Windham genealogy.
Marion Windham - She sent me a copy of Dr. J.D. Windham's diary.
Paula Windham - One of Callahan county's historians.
Rodney Britnell
Morris & Nell George