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Abbreviations - specific to Clear Creek Genealogy.

Bible Transcripts:

  1. Brantley, William, Family Bible, Brantley's married Durhams

  2. Durham, Archibald, transcript possibly copied from his bible.

  3. Durham, Shelman, letter copying his bible, Bremond, Robertson Co, TX

  4. Fletcher, William Bible (Wheat family information)

Books or Paper Sources:

  1. Durham Family of Tyler County, Texas and Other Descendants of Matthew Durham, The (c 1730 - 1795) of Orange County, North Carolina by Kenneth L. Durham

  2. From Kitty Hawk To the Moon: The Life, Times and Heritage of a Texas Oilman by W. O. Durham.

  3. History Of Angelina County, A, found in the Abilene Public Library, Abilene, Texas.

    1. Biography of Hilary "Tod" Windham.

    2. "Gilley" War, section T110 on Homer, a Angelina County town, by Ruth Grant.

  4. History of The Middle New River Settlements and Contiguous Territory, A, by David E. Johnston (1906). Go here for then do a find for "New River Straleys".

  5. I Remember Callahan County, The History of Callahan County Texas, Copyright 1986, Printed by Taylor Publishing Co. Dallas, TX.

    1. Forrest Windham, page 394.

    2. History of Dr. John Darby and Frances Monteith Windham, page 394-395.

    3. Tom and Laura Windham, page 395-396.

    4. Tom and Marietta Windham, page 396.

    5. Hilary "Tod" Windham and Lenora Connell Windham, page 444.


Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi

  1. Beirne (aka Brown) Cemetery, Clark Co, AR (Windhams)

  2. Brown Cemetery, Sardis, WPLA (Durhams)

  3. Bethlehem-Brushy Creek Cemetery, Clark County, AR (Windhams)

  4. Collins Cemetery, Collins, Covington, Co, MS (Durhams)

  5. Durant (Mizpah) Cemetery, Holmes Co, MS (Durhams)

  6. Durham Cemetery, Owen Wells, Holmes Co, MS (Durhams)

  7. Harmony Cemetery, Harmony, NCAR (Durhams)

  8. Mathena Cemetery, Belzoni, Humphreys Co, MS (Durhams)

  9. Memorial Park Cemetery, Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co, AR

  10. Oak Valley Cemetery - South, Lavaca, Sebastian Co, AR (Durhams)

  11. Oakland Cemetery, Bradley Co, AR (James L. Durham)

  12. Old Union Cemetery, Hackett, SCAR (Windhams)

  13. Sardis Baptist Church Cemetery (Durhams)

  14. Winnfield Cemetery, Winn Parish, LA (Durhams)


  1. Beulahland Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA (Rhoda F. Durham Matthews)

  2. Kosciusko City Cemetery, Attala Co, GA (Seaborn Durham)

  3. Mount Olivet Cemetery, Pauldling County, GA (Durhams)

  4. Old High Shoals Cemetery, Paulding County, GA (Y. M. A. H. Durham)

Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma

  1. Alvin Confederate Cemetery, Alvin, Brazoria County, TX (Durhams)

  2. Ancho Cemetery, Lincoln County, NM (Straleys) Find-A-Grave for Ancho Cem.

  3. Ancho Cemetery Photos

  4. Bethany Cemetery, TCTX (Durhams)

  5. Bullock Cemetery, Ranger, Eastland Co, TX (Wheats)

  6. Checotah Cemetery, Checotah, McIntosh Co, OK (Durhams)

  7. Chiswell Cemetery, Falls County, TX (Durhams)

  8. Egypt Cemetery, Comesneil, TCTX - (Durhams)

  9. Fort Chadbourne Cemetery, Coke Co, TX (Jane Monteith McPeeters)

  10. Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, Bexar County, TX - "D" (urham) surname list. (Victor Durham)

  11. Iolanthe Cemetery in Sterling Co, TX (James Popnoe)

  12. Kilgore City Cemetery, Kilgore, Gregg Co, TX (Durhams)

  13. Lost Creek Cemetery, Brown County, TX (Ellie Windham)

  14. Lower Greens Creek Cemetery, Erath Co, TX (Durhams)

  15. May Cemetery, May, BCTX (Windhams)

  16. McBee Cemetery, Taylor County, TX (Windhams)

  17. Mill Creek Cemetery, Sabine County, TX (Harriette M. Windham McDaniel)

  18. Mount Pisgah Cemetery, TCTX (Durhams)

  19. Old Palestine Cemetery, Alto, TX (Shelman Durham & family) Find-A-Grave Entry for Old Palestine Cem.

  20. Oplin Cemetery, Callahan County, TX (Straleys) Find-A-Grave Entry for Oplin Cem.

  21. Oriana Cemetery, Stonewall Co, TX (Straleys) Find-a-Grave Entry for Oriana Cem.

  22. Pilgrim Rest Cem., TCTX - (Durhams)

  23. Pin Oak Cemetery, La Grange, TX (Joel Baker)

  24. Potosi Cemetery, Taylor Co, TX

  25. Roberts (Baugh) Cemetery, Brown County, TX (Baughs)

  26. Rose Hill (Merkel) Cemetery, Taylor County, TX (E. E. Durham)

  27. Ross Cemetery, Baird, CCTX (Windhams)

  28. Sheffield Cemetery, Pecos Co, TX (Monteiths)

  29. Silver Valley Cemetery, Coleman County, TX (Straleys, Popnoes)

  30. Snyder Cemetery, Scurry Co. TX (Popnoe)

  31. Straley Cemetery, Lampasas County, TX (Straleys), Find-A-Grave

  32. Taylor County Texas Cemeteries

  33. Tecumseh Cemetery, Callahan County, TX (Windhams, Straleys), Find-A-Grave

  34. Thompson Cemetery, Cherokee County, TX (Durhams)

  35. Tuscola Cemetery, Taylor County, TX (Frankie. L. Hancock)

  36. Windham Cemetery, Brown County, TX (Windhams) Find-A-Grave

North Carolina

  1. Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery, White Cross, OCNC (Durhams)

  2. Archibald Durham Cemetery, OCNC (Archibald Durham)

  3. Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, OCNC (Durhams)

  4. Brown's Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery, CCNC (48 total Durhams)

  5. (Old) Carrboro Cemetery, Carrboro, OCNC

  6. Cane Creek Monthly Meeting Cemetery, Snow Camp, ACNC (Durhams)

  7. Durham, Archibald Family Cemetery, OCNC (Durhams)

  8. Elmwood Cemetery, Charlotte, MCNC (Durhams)

  9. Lystra Baptist Church Cemetery, Farrington, CCNC (Durhams)

  10. Maplewood Cemetery, DCNC (Durhams)

  11. Mount Hermon Baptist Church Cemetery, OCNC (Anna Durham Riley)

  12. Oakdale Cemetery, Hendersonville, Henderson Co, NC (Durhams)

  13. Old Chapel Hill Cemetery, Chapel Hill, OCNC

  14. Orange County Methodist Cemetery, OCNC (Durhams)

  15. Pilkington Cemetery, Hadley Twp, CCNC (Irena Durham Pilkington)

  16. Pine Hill Cemetery, ACNC (52 total Durhams)

  17. Sharon Memorial Park, Charlotte, MCNC (Durhams)

  18. West Cemetery, CCNC (Durhams)

  19. Westwood Cemetery, Carrboro, OCNC (Durhams)

  20. Woodlawn Memorial Park, Durham, DCNC (Durhams)


  1. Eutsey Cemetery, Fayette Co, PA (Knopsniders)

  2. Fayette County Tombstone Photos Page


  1. Durham-Sanders Cemetery, Warren Co, TN (Durhams)

  2. Fort Hill Cemetery, Bradley Co, TN (Straleys)

  3. Lauderdale County Cemeteries, TN (Durhams)

  4. Maplewood Cemetery, Lauderdale Co, TN (Durhams)

Virginia and West Virginia

  1. Brown Family Cemetery, Belspring, Pulaski Co, VA (Straleys)

  2. Pisgah Cemetery, Mercer Co, WV (Joseph Lynch Straley)

  3. Tuggle Cemetery, Mercer Co, WV (Arminta and Sarah Straley Bailey)

  4. White-Oney Cemetery, Princeton, Mercer Co, WV (Mary G. Oney Straley)

Census Records Online

  1. Brown County, TX: 1870 (Windhams)

  2. Brown County, TX: 1880 (Windhams)

  3. Clark County, AK: 1850 (shows S. D. (Sampson David) Straley).

  4. Angelina County, TX: 1860 (shows many Windhams).

  5. Lampasas Co, TX 1860 (lots of Straleys).

  6. Lampasas Co. TX 1870 (Joseph Leland Straley family).

  7. Lampasas Co. TX 1990 (Andrew J. Straley and Joseph L. Straley)

  8. Lauderdale Co, TN 1850 - p253B (Tarlton Durham)

  9. Lauderdale Co. TN 1850 - p260B (Thomas Durham)

  10. Orange Co. NC Census data (Durhams)

  11. Tyler Co. TX 1850 (John Wheat).

Family Research:

  1. Descendants of Jacob Straley, research document by Cathy Cox Straley.

  2. Your French-Straley-Davis Ancestry (from the year of our Lord 1690 - 12 generations), by Allan Don Straley Davis, Dec 25, 1991.

  3. USGenWeb Archives

  4. West Texas: The Last Frontier (Chapter 6 of The Circle Goes Unbroken by Sue Patterson - Gillilands)

Marriage Records:

  1. Orange County, NC Marriage Bonds 1819-1822 (Durhams)

  2. Orange County, NC Marriage Bonds A-C (Durhams)

  3. Orange County, NC Marriage Bonds D-J (Durhams)

  4. Orange County, NC Marriage Bonds K-Q (Durhams)

  5. Orange County, NC Marriage Bonds R-Z (Durhams)

  6. Wilcox County (AL) Marriage Records 1820 - 1826 (Windhams)

Muster Rolls:

  1. 4th Regiment - Texas Mounted Volunteers 1861-1862 - Civil War (Windhams)
  2. 4th Regiment - Virginia Militia - War of 1812, Oct 30, 1813 (John Straley)

Newspaper Articles:

  1. "The Gilley War at Homer, 1866", The Free Press, by Ted Maberry.

State / County

  1. Callahan County TXGenWeb - links to online county records.

Web pages - Family:

  1. An Arkansas Connection - Surname WINDHAM (Windhams)

  2. Anderson, Descendants of James (reference to Rev. James O. Straley)

  3. Andrews Ancestors (Levi Andrews who married Susannah L. Durham)

  4. Brantley, The Descendants of Edward - by Annette Patterson

  5. Burns Sr. John, Family Page (Burns and Durhams closely related)

  6. Carlton, The Descendants of Blake - Mary Carlton married John Durham)

  7. Castles, Elizabeth - mother of Eliza Castles, the wife of A. J. Windham

  8. Cates, Antecedents and Descendants of Robert Ezra Cates

  9. Cheek Family Genealogy, of Alleghany Co, NC (Mastin Cheek and descendants)

  10. Cheek, Eli, and Mark Gean - Eli Cheek and his 2nd wife

  11. Cope Family Of Texas - documentation of Lucy Allen Cope who married Thomas J. Straley.

  12. Galey and Miller Family History - Durham Section (I'm fairly sure these Durhams are not related to my Durham line, but it's a nice webpage and I know many PA Durhams, since I live in PA.)

  13. Durham, Allen Pinckney - Biography - Allen P. Durham by David Byron Kimball

  14. Durham, Bartlet C. - Goodspeed's biographies of Laurderdale Co. TN

  15. Durham, Mathew, Bio - CW Pensions

  16. Durham, Matthew Leonard - CW Pension Application letter.

  17. Durham, (Descendants of) Matthew and Susannah Lindsey - by Byron Keith Durham

  18. Durham, Mark Thomas - by Jeanette "Tincup" Jordan

  19. Durham Ancestors, My - Another page on Thomas and Peggy Durham

  20. Durham Surname DNA Project

  21. Durham, Thomas, Descendants of - by Ford Bond III.

  22. Durham, William Washington - CW Pension Application letter

  23. Durham Genealogy - by Robert Durham - very interesting Durham theory on Richard Achilles Durham.

  24. Everything's Relative - by Bobbie Stockton (Straley/Tollett marriage)

  25. Hatfield Surname, The - by Ryan Wadleigh (French and Hatfields)

  26. Hornsby, Descendants of Leonard - by Rex McLaurin (relation to Windhams)

  27. Intermarriage of Outlaw and Grady Clans, The (Fred Grady married Elizabeth Durham)

  28. Johnston, Donald R., Home Page by Donald R. Johnston (with family history research for Durhams.

  29. Jones, Descendants of Martin Jones by Belinda Burleson (Eliza Jones Windham)

  30. Lincoln Co, NM (T. J. Straley)

  31. Lindsey, James William, Descendants Of - Margaret Lindsey Smith

  32. McInnis, The Biography of Samuel P. (Dr. J. D. Windham is mentioned)

  33. McMurray and Sanders Family History (Ira Durham)

  34. Nichols Family of Newberry District, SC (Jane Durham)

  35. Popenoe/Poppino Family Website by Oliver Popenoe.

  36. Straley, Christian, The Descendants of by Don Norman.

  37. Straley, Jacob and Mary Elizabeth Sayre Straley Story by Bonnie Wallace.

  38. Straley, John and Descendants by Chuck Dobbins

  39. Strother, Isaiah Durham webpage

  40. Taylor, Joseph R., Biography - husband of Caladonia Straley

  41. Vaught, Christian Jr. - married in to Straley line. 

  42. Windham, Samuel Robert, biography - Barbara Cox (email).

  43. Yadkin County, NC and Caswell County, NC (Durham surnames) by Grant Pinnix

Webpages - General Genealogy Research

  1. Cyndi's List - Genealogy Sites on the Internet
  2. Family Search - provided by the Latter-Day Saints
  3. Family Search All Resources - search all records on file
  4. Family Search Census Search - search census records
  5. Family Search Records - search indexed census, death and marriage records (Pilot)
  6. Find A Grave - search thousands of cemetery entries
  7. USGenWeb Census Project - census records online
  8. WorldConnect


  1. John Brantley - whose daughter married Isaac Durham. 
  2. Burns Sr. John, Family Page (John Burns' will)