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Born: c. 1725, Frankfort-on-the-Main (Frankfurt am Main) Germany

Died: Lynchburg, Bedford County, VA

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

 Germany, 1758


Born: c. 1737
Died: Lynchburg, Bedford County, VA



1. Elizabeth Jane STRALEY ( b. 1758, Frankfort, Germany)
m1. William CALDWELL Sr. c. 1769
m2. Marshall Jacob BURTON (b. 1759; d. 1824)

Children to William:

  1. Alexander CALDWELL (b. c. 1757, d. Jun 15, 1830, Easten, KnoxTN
    m. Margaret LOONEY (b. c. 1758, BoteVA; d. Nov 5, 1830, Easten, KnoxTN) on Jan 5, 1778, Craig's Creek, BoteVA

  2. William CALDWELL Jr. (b. c. 1770, GileVA; d. Jan 23, 1850, GileVA
    m. Priscilla LOONEY "Peggy" (b. 1771) on Mar 24, 1789, Craig's Creek, BoteVA

  3. Joseph Caldwell (b. 1778)

Children to Marshall:

  1. Isaac BURTON (b. 1799)
    m1. Peggy SNODGRASS
    m2. Barbara Croy DIAMOND

  2. Polly BURTON (b. c. 1800-1805)
    m. John HARLESS in 1820

  3. Sarah BURTON (b. Apr 16, 1824, VA; d. c. 1875)
    m. William Riley ALBERT (b. Jan 10, 1824, GileVA; d. 1870) in Apr 1847, GileVA 7

  4. Frances BURTON (d. Sep 28, 1885)
    m. Berry BLANKENSHIP

  • Elizabeth J. Straley Caldwell/Burton is probably buried in Botetourt County, VA, on Craig's Creek.

  • Marshall Burton's occupation is listed as a shoemaker & he fought in the 20th Virginia Regiment & General Scott's Brigade/12th Regiment during America's Revolutionary War.

  • Alexander Caldwell served in Captain Henry Pauling's Militia of Botetourt County VA and fought at the Revolutionary War's Battle of Point Pleasant in 1774. They then moved to TN. He and Margaret had 7 children.

  • Alexander and William married sisters, Margaret and Peggy, daughters to Absalom LOONEY and Margaret MOORE


2. Andrew Straley Revolutionary War (b. c. 1758, Lynchburg, CommVA; d. c. 1841, New River, VA)
m1. Sarah WATKINS (b. Oct 2, 1789, MontVA) on Oct 2, 1789
m2. Sophia PARSON on Oct 4, 1796, MontVA 5

  • Andrew was a (private) soldier in the American Revolutionary war. He entered the military AUG 1780 & served 18 months under Captain Epps in Colonel Buford's Regiment of the Virginia Line, which was attached to General Green's Brigade. Andrew was discharged at Warrens NC in 1782. (Entry prepared by David FRENCH, Giles County VA 08 SEPT 1819; Ref: Roll 779, Pension & bounty land files, entry no. 719, National Archives, Washington, DC).

  • Andrew lived into his eighties, with his nephew, James Jacob Straley 8. Andrew outlived two wives and had no children of his own.

  • There is a second record of marriage with Sophia (Mrs.) Parson, with a marriage date of Jul 1, 1796.

  • Andrew shows up on the 1810 US Federal Census for Giles County, Virginia in a household with two white adults, one male, one female, over the age of 45. The census entry before Andrew is Jacob Straley's family.


3. Catherine STRALEY (b. c. 1775, Lynchburg, CommVA; d. Little Sandy, MorgKY)
m. William ADKINS (b. c. 1803, VA)



  1. Straley Adkins (b. c. 1805, VA
    m. Anedocia DAY "Annie" (b. Jul 20, 1827, MorgKY) on Jul 20, 1827, MorgKY

  2. Caswell Adkins (b. 1801, VA)
    m. Margaret CONLEY "Peggy" (b. 1818, KY) on Aug 17, 1833, MorgKY

  3. Harrison Adkins
    m. Rebecca CLICK on Jun 6, 1843, MorgKY

  • Catherine and William lived in Morgan and Elliott counties in Kentucky.
  • Straley and Annie (Day) Adkins had 11 children.

4. Revolutionary War Jacob STRALEY Jr. (II) (b. c. 1765, Lynchburg, CommVA; d. bef. Jun 1835, GileVA)
m. Martha M. FRENCH in 1785, GileVA



  1. Joseph C. STRALEY (b. Jan 14, 1804
    m1. Susan FILLINGER
    m2. Jane P. BROWN

  2. Charles M. STRALEY (b. c. 1795)
    m1. Betsy MCCOMAS
    m2. Martha WARNECK

  3. John STRALEY (b. 1792)
    m. Elizabeth B. WILSON

  4. Sarah STRALEY "Sallie" (b. 1788, VA)
    m.  Isaac FRENCH

  5. James Jacob STRALEY III (b. c. 1790)
    m. Elizabeth VAUGHT

  6. David STRALEY
    m. Elizabeth PERKINS

  7. Daniel H. STRALEY (b. c. 1792, VA)
    m. Mary P. FRENCH

  8. Rev. Jacob Lynch STRALEY III Clergy (b. bet. 1785 -1815, VA)
    m. Eliza BERGAN

  9. Matthew French STRALEY (b. VA)

  10. Leland STRALEY (b. c. 1800)

  11. Nancy S. STRALEY (b. Dec 25, 1802, VA)
    m. Edward MORGAN Jr.

  • For more detailed information on Jacob Straley Jr., click his name above.

  • It is believed that Jacob STRALEY (STRAHLE in German), along with this brother John, came to America around 1758 from Frankfort am Main (Frankfort-on-the-Main), Germany, on the Main River. The ship may have been the Main. Another account details that Jacob and Susan emigrated on the ship Speedwell. It is believed the ship sailed into New York City harbor. 

  • It is also believed that Jacob was from Prussia (Germany).

  • He settled in the Virginia Colonies along the James River, where the town of Lynchburg, Virginia now stands. Jacob's sister married Jacob LYNCH, who had brought her to America several years before. The original Straley plantation still stands in Virginia.

  • John Straley, Jacob's brother, supposedly landed in New York, then moved to Pennsylvania with his wife and several children. It is believed that Christian STRALEY (b. Sep 21, 1742 in Strettgarst, Germany (m. Christina LANTZ)  was one of his sons.

  • Susan Barber STRALEY's middle name may have been "Tradition".

  • It was the custom by many emigrants to Americanize their names upon their arrival in America, so it is not surprising that the German spelling of Strahle was changed by both Jacob and John to Straley.

  • The German word “strahle” means “sunshine” or “ray of light.”

  • County/State Abbreviations:
    BedfVA - Bedford County, VA 
    BoteVA - Botetourt County, VA
    CommVA - Commonwealth of VA
    GileVA - Giles County, VA
    MontVA - Montgomery County, VA
    MorgKY - Morgan County, KY
    KnoxTN - Knox County, TN

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