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Zachariah Wheat  > Josiah Wheat > John Wheat


Born: Aug 7, 1813, LawrAL
Died: Apr 24, 1889, Woodville, TyleTX

Buried: Mount Pisgah Cemetery, TyleTX

Find-A-Grave 11307454

Father: Josiah WHEAT

Mother: Martha FLETCHER

Aug 13, 1864,

Mary Jane DURHAM

Born: c. 1828, TN

Father: Levi A. Durham

Mother: Elizabeth HAMILTON


1. James D. WHEAT (b. c. 1845, TX)



2. Calaslia A. WHEAT (b. c. 1846, TX)



3. John Fletcher WHEAT (b. Oct 11, 1852, TyleTX; d. May 5, 1923, Ranger, EastTX; Find-A-Grave 65930182)
m. Mary Anne MERCHANT (b. Dec 21, 1859, MS; d. Sep 23, 1946, Ranger, EaCTX; Find-A-Grave 65930341) on Jan 16, 1873, PolkTX)


  1. John C. WHEAT (b. c. 1878, TX)

  2. Levi Merchant WHEAT (b. Feb 14, 1880, TX; d. Apr 15, 1950, Ranger, EastTX, age 70; Find-A-Grave 89019537)

  3. Washington Britt WHEAT "Britt" (b. c. 1884, TX; d. Jan 13, 1927, Borger, HutcTX, age 43; Find-A-Grave 18576834)
    m. Mattie Mae HATTEN (b. May 13, 1886, Cisco, EastTX; d. Apr 4, 1964, Abilene, TaCTX; Find-A-Grave 18576979)

  4. Linnie Alice WHEAT (b. Oct 11, 1887, Floreville, WilsTX; d. Feb 28, 1943, Ranger, EastTX; Find-A-Grave 112583788)
    m1. Joe Lee AISHMAN (b. Aug 26, 1881, ComaTX); m2. Dan H. LONG (b. c. 1887, PA))

  5. Jessie Lee WHEAT (b. Dec 9, 1887, MasoTX; d. Dec 18, 1934, Eastland, EastTX; Find-A-Grave 89020223)
    m. Mary Joanna CUNNINGHAM (b. Dec 22, 1898; d. Mar 31, 1983, Eastland, EastTX))

  6. Gertrude Minnie WHEAT (b. May 3, 1889, TX; d. Feb 10, 1979, Ranger, EastTX; Find-A-Grave 76779046)
    m. Thomas Charley SHAHAN (b. Oct 18, 1882, Eastland, EastTX; d. Dec 6, 1969, Ranger, EastTX; Find-A-Grave 76778990)

  7. Charles Newman WHEAT "Charley" World War I (b. Jul 1894, TX; d. May 10, 1981, Ranger, EastTX; Find-A-Grave 44140953)

  8. Tillman Lorenzo WHEAT (b. Dec 22, 1897, AtasTX; d. May 19, 1965, Ranger, EastTX; Find-A-Grave 138041936)
    m. Mary Ottie DEMPSEY (b. Dec 29, 1900, AR; d. Dec 24, 1999, Ranger, EastTX; Find-A-Grave 132665241)

  9. Curtis Edward WHEAT  "Curt" (b. Jun 22, 1899, TX; d. May 27, 1986, Eastland, EastTX; Find-A-Grave 138041933)
    m. Pearl MARTIN (b. Oct 1, 1907; d. Mar 13, 1995; Find-A-Grave 138041934)

  10. Virgie May WHEAT (b. Jul 16, 1902, TX; d. Aug 26, 1988, Brady, McCuTX)
    m. William Dillon FULCHER "Willie" (b. Feb 22, 1897; d. Mar 30, 1969, Ranger, EastTX; Find-A-Grave 89015174) c. 1923, TX)


  • Mary's father was Columbus MERCHANT.

  • John F. Wheat was possibly a merchant. He moved to West Texas with three daughters and seven sons. They had 10 children. His certificate of death states that his father was "J. F. Wheat Sr."

  • Merchant Wheat, at time of death, was listed as "Never Married".

  • Mattie (Hatten) Wheat's parents were John HATTEN and Emma WILCOX.

  • Charley Wheat was in the Army, rank of Private during World War I.

  • From 1880 US Census for Precinct 6, Robertson County, TX:

  • Name Rel. Mar.
    Sex Race Age Est.
    Occ. Father
    John L. Wheat Self M M W 27 c. 1853 TX Farming AL TN
    Mary A. Wheat Wife M F W 21 c. 1859 TX Keeping House MS MS
    John C. Wheat Son S M W 2 c. 1878 TX   TX TX
    Levi M. Wheat Son S M W 3m c. 1880 TX   TX TX


  • From 1900 US Census for Justice Precint 4, ComaTX:

  • Name Rel. Race Sex Birth
    Age Mar.
    John F. Wheat Head W M Oct 1852 47 M 27 TX AL AL  
    Mary Wheat Wife W F Dec 1858 41 M 27 TX MS MS  
    Brit W. Wheat Son W M Jul 1882 17 S   TX TX TX  
    Lennie A. Wheat Dau W F Oct 1884 15 S   TX TX TX  
    Jesse L. Wheat Son W M 1888 12 S   TX TX TX  
    Minnie G. Wheat Dau W F May 1889 11 S   TX TX TX  
    Charles M. Wheat Son W M Jul 1894 5 S   TX TX TX  
    Tillman Wheat Son W M Dec 1896 3 S   TX TX TX  
    Edward C. Wheat Son W M Jan 1899 1 S   TX TX TX  
Mary Jane (Wheat) Durham

4. Mary Jane WHEAT (b. Aug 3, 1856, AL; d. Sep 8, 1913;
m. James Burns DURHAM on Jan, 8 1874)


  1. Elizabeth Ann DURHAM (b. Jul 8, 1867)
    m. John A. BEST

  2. Mary Jane DURHAM "Sis" (b. Aug 1, 1876, TX)
    m. David A. KEIFFER

  3. Caroline Missouri DURHAM (b. Jan 26, 1878, TX)
    m1. David KEIFFER
    m2. Tom BELT

  4. James Levi DURHAM (b. Apr 12, 1880, TX)
    m. Rachel BROWN

  5. Lydia Gertrude DURHAM (b. Mar 1882, TX)
    m1. Ernest GOODE
    m2. William GOODE

  6. Vinie Viola DURHAM (b. Mar 1884)
    m. James S. SIMS

  7. John Wheat DURHAM (b. Jul 2, 1885)

  8. Rosa Alice DURHAM (b. Dec 9, 1888, TX)
    m. Jesse Harvey FOXWORTH

  9. William Henry DURHAM (b. Dec 26, 1890)

  10. Edmond Meadows DURHAM (b. Dec 1891)
    m. Jessie M. BAKER

  11. Albert DURHAM (b. Dec 1891)

  12. Francis Britton DURHAM (b. Jan 22, 1893, TX)
    m. Mary E. HATTON

  13. Hill Clinton DURHAM (b. Aug 3, 1895)
    m. Annie M. BERTRAM




3. Levi Martin WHEAT (b. Mar 31, 1858, Woodville, TyleTX; d. Feb, 10 1926; Find-A-Grave 45405885)
m. Fannie YOUNG (b. Dec 18, 1875, Woodville, TyleTX; d. Jun 16, 1954, Mexia, LimeTX; Find-A-Grave 45405881) on May 1, 1894, TyleTX)


  1. John Henry WHEAT (b. Mar 1895, TyleTX; d. Oct 6, 1923, Hemphill, SabiTX; Find-A-Grave 44955776; age 28)
    m. Marie TOOLE "Mary" (b. Apr 1896; d. Apr 1, 1967; Find-A-Grave 44835236)

  2. Lela Mabel WHEAT (b. Oct 1897, TX; d. Jul 2, 1972, Mexia, LimeTX; Find-A-Grave 45405312)
    m. George Washington HOPSON (b. Aug 14, 1890; d. Dec 28, 1970; Find-A-Grave 45405311)

  3. Margurete WHEAT "Ronie" (b. Jul 26, 1901, TyleTX; d. Sep 11, 1912, TyleTX; age 11; Find-A-Grave 45405888)

  4. Mary Elba WHEAT (b. Dec 22, 1904, TX; d. May 13, 1934, LimeTX, age 30; Find-A-Grave 45405887)

  5. Gloria WHEAT (b. Dec 20, 1908, TX; d. Oct 16, 1932, Mexia, LimeTX; age 23; Find-A-Grave 41844454)


  • They had four daughters and one son. Levi was a druggist in Woodville, TyleTX.

  • Fannie's death certificates states she was born in 1874. Her parents were John YOUNG (TN) and Margaret JOHNSON (AL).

  • From 1910 US Census for Justice Precinct 1, TyleTX:
    Family 13

  • Name Rel. Race Sex Age Mar.
    Levi M. Wheat Self W M 51 M TX TN AL
    Fannie Wheat Wife W F 35 M TX TN AL
    John H. Wheat Son W M 15 S TX TX TX
    Lela M. Wheat Dau W F 13 S TX TX TX
    Mary E. Wheat Dau W F 11 S TX TX TX
    Margurete A. R.
    Dau W F 9 S TX TX TX
    Glory Wheat Dau W F 1, 3M S TX TX TX



(see above)

Mar 8, 1864,
TyleTX 3

Mary Elizabeth SHIVERS

Born: Nov 15, 1833, MS
Died: Mar 8, 1872, TX

Father: William Gilbert SHIVERS 4

Mother: Nancy ?


(see above)

Oct 2, 1872,
TyleTX 3


Born: Sep 11, 1839, AL
Died: Mar 22, 1922
Buried: Mount Pisgah Cemetery, TyleTX

Find-A-Grave 45405884

Father: Benjamin PRESCOTT


  1. William WHEAT (b. Sep 5, 1873, TyleTX; d. Jun 3, 1930; Find-A-Grave 45405889)
  • From 1900 US Census for Justice Precinct 1, TyleTX:
    Dwelling 256, Family 256
    Name Rel. Race Sex Birth
    Age Mar.
    William Wheat Self W M Sep 1873 26 S   TX AL AL Farmer
    Joana Wheat Mother W F Sep 1839 60 Wd   AL GA GA  
    George Wheat Brother W M Jun 1878 22 S   TX AL AL Farm

  2. Ana Bell WHEAT (b. Feb 7, 1876, TyleTX; d. May 15, 1878; Find-A-Grave 45405880, age 3)
  3. George WHEAT (b. Jun 2, 1878, TyleTX; d. Jan 16, 1958, TyleTX; Find-A-Grave 45405882; age 79)

  • John Wheat came to Texas with his father, Josiah, in 1835. He served in the Texas Revolution at San Jacinto. He received a land grant, TyleTX directly from the State of Texas.

  • It took me a while to find if and how Mary Jane's mother, also a Durham, was connected to our family.  Her father was Levi A. Durham, a primitive Baptist preacher. I have since traced Levi's ancestors to be descendants of Thomas Durham and Peggy Lindsey.  One of Mary Jane's sisters married Edmond P. Wheat, a brother of John Wheat, her husband.

  • John is buried at Mount Pisgah Cemetery, TyleTX.
    From Texas Historical Commission plague at his gravesite at Mt Pisgah Cemetery cem:
    A Native of Lawrence County Ala. migrating to Texas in 1835, Wheat located his headright and bounty lands here, and named many Tyler County creeks while hunting bear and other game. A soldier in Texas war for independence, he guarded a Mexican officer prisoner after Battle of San Jacinto. He donated land for the cemetery, and served as Count Commissioner in 1852-54. Married four times, he had several children, and left to descendants many legends of the early days. Recorded - 1974.

  • From 1850 Census for TyleTX:
    Name Age Gender Race Occ Land
    Wheat, John 37 M   Farmer 1000 AL
    Wheat, Mary J. 22 F       TN
    Wheat, Janus (James) D. 5 M       TX
    Wheat, Calaslia A. 4 mo. F       TX

    Married to Mary J. Durham, b. c. 1828, TN. They are still married in the 1860 Census.


  • From 1870 US Census for Subdivision 21, Livingston Post Office, PolkTX:

  • Name Age Est.
    Sex Race Occupation Val. of
    Val. of
    Pers. Est.
    John Wheat 56 c. 1814 M W       AL
    Mary E. Wheat 36 c. 1834 F W       MS
    John F. Wheat 17 c. 1853 M W       TX
    Mary J. Wheat 14 c. 1856 F W       TX
    Levi M. Wheat 12 c. 1858 M W       TX
    Lucy McMillen 55 c. 1815 F B       NC

    Married to Mary E. Shivers, b. c. 1834, MS.

  • From 1880 US Census for Precinct 2, TyleTX:

  • Name Rel. Mar.
    Gender Race Age Birth
    Occ. Father
    John Wheat Self M Male W 66 AL Farmer VA NC
    Joanna Wheat Wife M Female W 40 AL Keeping
    GA GA
    Levi M. Wheat Son S Male W 21 TX Farmer TX TN
    William Wheat Son S Male W 6 TX   AL AL
    George Wheat Son S Male W 1 TX   AL AL
    Jeff Busby Other S Male B 17 TX Laborer
    On Farm
    SC SC

    Married to Joanna Prescott, b. Sep 11, 1839, AL.


  • County/State Abbreviations:
    AtasTX - Atascosa County, TX
    ComaTX - Comanche County, TX
    EastTX - Eastland County, TX
    HutcTX - Hutchinson County, TX
    LawrAL - Lawrence County, AL
    LimeTX - Limestone County, TX
    MasoTX - Mason County, TX
    McCuTX - McCulloch County, TX
    PolkTX - Polk County, TX
    SabiTX - Sabine County, TX
    TaylTX - Taylor County, TX
    TyleTX - Tyler County, TX
    WilsTX - Wilson County, TX

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