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Samuel B. Windham
1. Houston, 2. Samuel, 3. Thomas B., 4. Page R., 5. Mary (Martin), 6. Harriet M. (Thomas), 9. Dr. John D. Windham 7. Benjamin B., 8. Phanuel, 10. Andrew J., 11. Charlotte (Boyd)
1. James L., 2. Samuel R., 3. Jessie E., 4. Mary A., 5. Calvin 10. Tom Windham 6. Hilary T., 7. Willis, 8. Eliza J. (Jones), 9. Dicey (Gilliland)
1. John W., 2. James C., 3. Alfred W., 4. Winnie J. (Jordan), 5. Sam R. 6. Annie L. (Windham) Straley 7. Oscar T., Earnest R., Infant boy, Frank A., Tom F.
1. Frankie L. (Hancock) 2. Elsie L. Durham 3. Charley T.
1. Reba A. (Arroyo) 2. Private 3. Private
Windham Resources:
  • John B. Windham (email)
    If you haunt the Windham family forums on rootsweb, you have probably seen or been helped by John B.'s many entries and answers. He also wrote a paper on the Descendants of Samuel B. Windham, and a book called The Windham Connection.  He one of the top Windham researchers out there today.

  • Windham Family DNA Project (administered by John B. Windham-above)
    Windham DNA website that establishes our family line as the "Khaki Group" (R1b1b2h).

  • Biography of Samuel Robert Windham by B. Cox (email).