(CCG Hilary Tod Windham and Lenora Connell)
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Eustace Windham > Samuel B. Windham > John Darby Windham > Hilary  Windham

Hilary WINDHAM "Tod"

Born: Apr 17, 1851, NacoTX
Died: Dec 4, 1927,  Tecumseh, CallTX

Buried: Tecumseh Cemetery, CallTX

Find-A-Grave 31009236

Father: Dr. J.D. WINDHAM

Mother: Frances MONTEITH

Sep 28, 1880, Eagle Cove, CallTX,
Jacob Hand presiding

Lenora CONNELL "Lee"

Born: Nov 1, 1864,  Leander, BurnTX
Died: Dec 29, 1937, ColeTX

Buried: Tecumseh Cemetery, CallTX

Find-A-Grave 31009366

Father: James Gibbs CONNELL

Mother: Minerva BLACK



1. Jessie Eli WINDHAM (b. Jul 28, 1881, Tecumseh, CallTX; d. Oct 27, 1947, Sonora, CA)
m. Sarah WILLETT on May 23, 1903, Tecumseh, CallTX, Rev. T. H. DAVIS officiating)


  1. Ione WINDHAM (b. Aug 12, 1903)
    m. Bill SPARGO Sr.

  2. Hillery WINDHAM (b. June 5, 1921)

  3. Jim WINDHAM (adopted)



2. Willis WINDHAM (b. Aug 18, 1882, Tecumseh, CallTX; d. Dec 26, 1953, Coleman, ColeTX)
m. Cora ALLEN, Oplin, CallTX


  1. Fred WINDHAM (b. May 8, 1915)

  2. Leon WINDHAM (b. Aug 24, 1918)
    m. Helen Juanita STRACENER

  3. Laura Lee WINDHAM (b. Feb 19, 1921)
    m. George W. BROWN

  4. James Marlin WINDHAM (b. Jun 18, 1923)
    m. Clara M. GOODSON



3. Thomas Jefferson WINDHAM (b. Feb 23, 1884, Tecumseh, CallTX; d. Jan 21 or 24, 1955, Tucson, AZ
m. Mary Callie CRENSHAW, T. H. DAVIS presiding, m2. Angela ?, Tucson, AZ)


  1. Olvena WINDHAM
    m1. N. Quincy LOVEN
    m2. Cecil FIELDER

  2. Dorace WINDHAM
    m1. Fred WILSON
    m2. ? ROSE

  3. E. C. WINDHAM

  4. Cecil WINDHAM
    m. Sue ALLEN

  5. Willis Hollis WINDHAM
    m. Ida COFFMAN

  6. Ada Lois WINDHAM (b. 1915)
    m. Ruben R. BURROW

  7. Fanny Lee WINDHAM (b. Oct 15, 1913)


4. Forrest WINDHAM (b. Aug 9, 1885, Pecan Bayou, CallTX; d. Oct 10, 1942, Lometa, LCTX)
m. Ernestine STRALEY, Oplin, CallTX on Jan 2, 1909, Thomas Bledsoe officiating


  1. Addie Louise WINDHAM (b. Apr 13, 1910, TX; d. Apr 12, 1912, CA)

  2. Lucille Vera Inez WINDHAM (b. c. 1915, TX)
    m. Richard T. WRIGHT



5. Samuel Grover WINDHAM (b. Sep 1, 1886, Tecumseh, CallTX; d. Jun 4, 1950, Baird, CallTX)
m. Mary Alice NOBLES


  1. Hazle Dora WINDHAM (b. Nov 13, 1923)
    m1. George M. HOPKINS
    m2. George H. SADLER



6. Ada WINDHAM (b. Mar 17, 1888, Tecumseh, CallTX; d. Dec 13, 1969, ColeTX; Find-A-Grave 47503408)
m. William Hiott THOMPSON "Will" (b. Aug 4, 1881; d. Mar 24, 1956; Find-A-Grave 47503450) on Aug 6, 1905, Rev. H. T. Davis presiding


  1. Marlin Olynn THOMPSON (b. Apr 14, 1907, Tecumseh, CallTX; d. Aug 19, 1971)
    m. Pauline BEALL on Jul 5, 1933

  2. Florence Geraldine THOMPSON (b. Feb 26, 1909, Windham ranch, CallTX; d. Nov 1, 1967)

  3. Berniece Evelyn THOMPSON (b. Apr 19, 1912, Rock Crusher, ColeTX)
    m. Joseph Owen CASEY

  4. Myrtle Lenora THOMPSON (b. Feb 18, 1917, Silver Valley, ColeTX)
    m. Robert Ernest BOHANNON on Apr 28, 1948


  • Marlin was a veteran of the Navy for World War II and Korea. He was a Master Mason and a deacon at the First Baptist church. He is buried in Coleman Cemetery, ColeTX.

  • Florence was a beauty operator owning Coleman Beauty Shop.


7. Eula WINDHAM (b. Oct 2, 1889, Tecumseh, CallTX; d. Sep 14, 1978, Abilene, TaylTX; Find-A-Grave 31007679)
m. Thomas Jefferson PRESLAR (b. Aug 10, 1886, Georgetown, WillTX; d. Jun 21, 1974, Eastland, EaCTX; Find-A-Grave 31007662) on Apr 25, 1913, Abilene, TaylTX).


  1. Billie Burke PRESLAR (b. Jul 12, 1916; d. Dec 18, 1918 at age 2).


  • Tom Preslar's parents were George W. PRESLAR and Octavo L. "Tavia" SMITH.

  • Eula was a seamstress, later working in dress shops and owning her own shop in Eastland, TX. Tom was a carpenter.


8. Myrtle Annie WINDHAM (b. Mar 18, 1892, Tecumseh, CallTX; d. Feb 11, 1968, Tuscola, TaylTX; Find-A-Grave Entry 58776830)
m. Ernest Moore MCINTYRE (b. Dec 15, 1885; d. Jun 26, 1976; Find-A-Grave Entry 58776803) on Apr 1912, Oplin, CallTX


  1. Donald MCINTYRE (b. Feb, 19, 1919)
    m. Marceille WHITE


  • Myrtle and Ernest lived in Oplin, Lawn and Tuscola, and they operated a grocery store most of their married life.

  • Donald and Marceille lost a son, Donald Edward "Sonny" McIntyre, at age 14.


9. Hilery WINDHAM (b. Jul 5, 1898, Tecumseh, CallTX; d. May 31, 1983, Abilene, TaylTX)
m1. Minnie Belle PRESTON (d. May 10, 1927; d. May 10, 1927) in Aug 12, 1918
m2. Ellen Jones MCBRIDE (b. Aug 12, 1899; d. Dec 14, 1974) on Apr 15, 1928


  1. Warnie W. WINDHAM
    m. Mildred ALLEN

  2. Monterey WINDHAM (b. Jun 17, 1922;)
    m. Patricia O. ASHLEY

  3. Stanley WINDHAM (b. ?)

  4. Infant WINDHAM (b. Jan 22, 1927)


  10. Robert Lee WINDHAM (b. Nov 30, 1904; d. Mar 26, 1907; Find-A-Grave 31009445)

  • Click here for H. Tod Windham's biography. Click here for H. Windham's obituary.

  • Tod and Lee Windham are buried in Tecumseh Cemetery, CallTX. They lived outside of Novice, Texas.

  • The birth place of Lenora's parents is varied.  On the 1870 census of Burnet, TX, both parents are listed at born in Alabama. On the Burnet, Texas census of 1880, their birth place's are listed as Tennessee for James G. Connell and Alabama for Minerva Connell. Then, on Lenora's death certificate, her parents both are listed as born in Texas.  James and Minerva Connell are buried at Lipscomb Cemetery, Lipscomb, Lipscomb County, TX. View James' Find-A-Grave 34325943 Entry.  

  • There are two excellent accounts of Tod and Lenora's lives. One is from I Remember Callahan County ircc, and the other is from A History of Angelina County ahoac. Also, see Hilary Tod's Obituary.

  • From 1900 US Census for Justice Precincts 2, 4-5, Callahan County, TX:
    Household 308
    Lenora had 9 children, and 9 were still living at census time.


  • Name Rel. Race Sex Birth
    Age Mar.
    Hillery Windham Self W M Apr 1851 49 M 20 TX TN TN Farmer
    Lenora Windham Wife W F Nov 1864 35 M 20 TX AL AL  
    Eli Windham Son W M Jul 1881 18 S   TX TX TX Farm
    Willis Windham Son W M Aug 1883 17 S   TX TX TX Farm
    Thomas Windham Son W M Feb 1884 16 S   TX TX TX Farm
    Forrest Windham Son W M Aug 1885 14 S   TX TX TX Farm
    Grover Windham Son W M Sep 1886 13 S   TX TX TX In School
    Ada Windham Dau W F Mar 1888 12 S   TX TX TX In School
    Eula Windham Dau W F Oct 1889 10 S   TX TX TX In School
    Myrtle Windham Dau W F Mar 1892 8 S   TX TX TX In School
    Hillery Windham Son W M Jul 1889 10 mo. S   TX TX TX  


  • County/State Abbreviations:
    BurnTX - Burnet County, TX
    CallTX - Callahan County, TX
    ColeTX - Coleman County, TX
    EastTX - Eastland County, TX
    LampTX - Lampasas County, TX
    NacoTX - Nacogdoches County, TX
    TaylTX - Taylor County, TX
    WillTX - Williamson County, TX

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