(CCG John D. Windham and Frances Monteith)
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Eustace Windham > Samuel B. Windham > John Darby Windham

Dr. John Darby WINDHAM Doctor of Medicine

Born: Feb 13, 1816, MS
Died: Mar 30, 1898

Buried: Tecumseh Cemetery, CallTX

Find-A-Grave 31009332

Father: Samuel B. WINDHAM

Mother: Leah BLAKE

Dr. J.D. Windham

Married ?


Died: in Miss.



1. James Lodric WINDHAM "Jim" Confederate Soldier Civil War (b. Dec 26, 1837, MS, d. Dec 29, 1902, Big Spring, HowaTX)
m1. Rhoda Elizabeth JONES in 1860 (probably in AngeTX)
m2. Delphia Ann FANNIN "Daphne" about 1870

  1. John William D. WINDHAM  (b. 1861, AngeTX)

  2. James Lodrick WINDHAM  Jr.  (b. c. 1865, AngeTX)


  • For more detailed information on Jim Windham, click his name above.

2nd Marriage

John Darby WINDHAM

(See Above)


Dr. J.D. Windham

Jul 8, 1841,
Nacogdoches, NacoTX

Frances "Fannie" MONTEITH

Born: Feb 10, 1816, TN
Died: Jan 11, 1901

Tecumseh Cemetery, CallTX
Find-A-Grave 31009182

Father: Robert MONTEITH

Mother: Mary ROBERSON

Fannie Monteith Windham


1. Samuel Robert WINDHAM Confederate Soldier Civil War (b. Sep 10, 1842, NacoTX; d. Nov 10, 1917, BrowTX)
m. Amazon Savannah BAUGH on Jul 21, 1872, BrowTX


  1. John David WINDHAM  "Dave" (b. Apr 22, 1873, TX)

  2. Thomas Morgan WINDHAM  "Top" (b. Dec 12, 1875, TX)
    m. Annie L. NICHOLS

  3. J. L. WINDHAM  (b. c. 1876)
     m. Theodosia BYRD

  4. Dr. Samuel Hillory WINDHAM (b. May 22, 1876, TX)

  5. Arthur Jefferson WINDHAM  (b. c. 1876-79)

  6. Amanda Jane WINDHAM  (b. May 1879, TX)

  7. Levin Baugh WINDHAM  (b. Nov 8, 1880, TX
    m. Tula JOHNSON

  8. Mary Magdelene WINDHAM  (b. Jan 29, 1888, TX)

  9. William Oscar WINDHAM  "Bill" (b. Jan 15, TX)
    m. Essie COOK

  10. Amazon Eliza WINDHAM  (b. Aug 5, 1891, TX)
    m. James W. PHILLIPS

  11. Alinor WINDHAM  (b. c. 1892)


  • For more detailed information on Sam R. Windham, click his name above.


2. Jessie Ezekiel WINDHAM  "Eli" Confederate Soldier Civil War(b. Mar 3, 1845,Nacogdoches, NacoTX; d. May, 19, 1866, Homer, AngeTX)

  • Eli was killed in a feud called the "Gilley War"  and is buried in Homer, TX. There are two accounts of this incident: One is listed in the book A History of Angelina County ahoac, the other is from a newspaper article in The Free Press news of Diboll, Texas called "The Gilley War at Homer, 1866.

3. Mary Ann WINDHAM  (b. Apr 18, 1849 in TX; d. May 21, 1867)


  4. Calvin WINDHAM  (b. Jan 11, 1849; d. May 12, 1901, CallTX; Find-A-Grave 31009142)
m. Martha Alice SMITH (b. Aug 7, 1861, TN; d. May 30, 1939; Find-A-Grave 31005084) on Aug 9, 1879
  1. Isaac W. WINDHAM  (b. Jun 4, 1880; d. Oct 24, 1880; Find-A-Grave 31009289)
  2. Roy Calvin WINDHAM  (b. Mar 12, 1884, Tecumseh, CallTX; d. Mar 12, 1942, Oplin, CallTX; Find-A-Grave 31009450)
    m. Mary Myrtle LOFTON (b. Jan 19, 1892, ColeTX; d. Jan 7, 1936, CallTX, age 43; Find-A-Grave 49452195)
  3. Maude E. WINDHAM  (b. Nov 1887, TX; d. Jan 31, 1909, age 22; Find-A-Grave 31005162)
    m. Olando GRANTHAM "Lando" (b. Oct 1881; d. Jul 16, 1914, age 33; Find-A-Grave 31005172)
  4. Ed WINDHAM  (b. Feb 8, 1890, Tecumseh, CallTX; d. Oct 20, 1955, LassCA; Find-A-Grave 88842091)
    m. Ethel V. MILLER (b. Oct 16, 1892, TX; d. Mar 5, 1973, ShasCA; Find-A-Grave 88842187)
  • Some time Calvin's death, Alice (by then called "Grannie Windham") would later marry Hilliard Cisero Grantham (the father of her daughter Maude's husband Orlando). She lived to be 77 years old.

  • Roy Windham went by "Calvin" and Mary went by "Myrtle". Mary's parents were Will and Mary (MEADOWS) LOFTON.

  • Orlando Grantham's parents were Hillard C. and Margaret (DICKSON) GRANTHAM.

  • Ed and Ethel (Miller) Windham lived in California.

  • From 1900 US Census for Justice Precincts 2, 4-5, Callahan County, TX:













    Windham, Calvin




    Jan 1849








    Windham, Alice




    Aug 1861








    Windham, Roy




    May 1884








    Windham, Maud Dau W F Nov 1887 12 S   TX TX TN  
    Windham, Ed Son W F Feb 1890 10 S   TX TX TN In School

5. Hilary WINDHAM "Tod" (b. Apr 17, 1851, MariTX; d. Dec 5, 1927)
m. Lenora CONNELL "Lee" (b. Nov 1, 1864, McCuTX, d. Dec 31, 1937, Oak Grove, ColeTX) on Sep 28, 1880, Belle Plain, CallTX)


  1. Jessie Eli WINDHAM  (b. Jul 28, 1881, TX)
    m. Sarah WILLETT

  2. Willis WINDHAM  (b. Aug 18, 1882, TX)
    m. Cora ALLEN

  3. Thomas Jefferson WINDHAM  (b. Feb 23, 1884, TX)
    m. Callie CRENSHAW

  4. Forrest WINDHAM  (b. Aug 9, 1885, TX)
    m. Ernestine STRALEY

  5. Samuel Grover WINDHAM  (b. Sep 1, 1886, TX)
    m. Mary Alice NOBLES

  6. Adah WINDHAM  (b. Mar 17, 1888, TX)
    m. Willie H. THOMPSON

  7. Eula WINDHAM (b. Oct 2, 1889, TX)
    m. Tom J. PRESLAR

  8. Myrtle WINDHAM  (b. Mar 18, 1892, TX)
    m. Ernest M. MCINTYRE

  9. Hilery WINDHAM  (b. Jul 5, 1898, TX)
    m1. Minnie PRESTON
    m2. Ellen J. MCBRIDE

  10. Robert Lee WINDHAM  (b. Nov 30, 1904; died at age two)


  • For more detailed information on H. Tod Windham, click his name above.


6. Willis WINDHAM  (b. Jan 30, 1853; d. Dec 2, 1867)


  • He is buried in Byrd, BrowTX.


7. Eliza Jane WINDHAM  (b. Jun 24, 1854, Nacogdoches, NacoTX; d. Nov 30, 1930; Find-A-Grave 64916543)
m. Captain John Walter JONES (b. 1842, MS; d. Mar 16, 1920, TX; Find-A-Grave 46708781)


8. Dicie J. WINDHAM  (b. May 18, 1856, AngeTX; d. Dec 23, 1934, Baird, CallTX; Find-A-Grave 32302737)
m. William Ely GILLILAND "Billy" (b. Nov 28, 1848 Union Hill, WashTX; d. Jan 14, 1929, Baird, CallTX) , BrowTX on Mar 28, 1872)


  1. Francis Lewis GILLILAND (b. Apr 5, 1873)

  2. Catherine Eliza GILLILAND (b. Sep 5, 1875, BrowTX)

  3. Amy GILLILAND (b. Feb 22, 1878, BrowTX)

  4. Clara Jones GILLILAND (b. Nov 5, 1880, BrowTX)
    m. Lowery A. BLAKLEY

  5. Laura Irene GILLILAND (b. Jan 18, 1883, CallTX)

  6. John GILLILAND (b. Jul 8, 1885, CallTX)

  7. Samuel Eli GILLILAND (b. Jul 28, 1887, CallTX)

  8. Willie Coppins GILLILAND (b. Nov 19, 1889, Baird, CallTX)
    m. Wilson L. HENRY Jr.

  9. Manche Ethel GILLILAND (b. Sep 18, 1892, Baird, CallTX)

  10. Haynie Armstrong GILLILAND (b. Jul 31, 1894, Baird, CallTX)
    m. Margaret B. WALKER

  11. Juliette Ellen GILLILAND (b. Sep 8, 1896, Baird, CallTX)

  12. Eliska Eulalia GILLILAND (b. Dec 16, 1899)


  • My mom pronounced the last name as "Gil-lund".

  • William was a newspaperman. He was the publisher of the Baird Star.

  • Williams parents were Haynie Armstrong GILLILAND (b. Dec 1811, Natchez, MS; d. c. 1864) and Rhoda Jane MCCLELLAN "Joe" (b. c. 1827, Madison, TN; d. Jul 1847). Haynie's parents were Elijah GILLILAND (b. 1784, TN; d. Aug 25, 1867, Tarrant County, TX) and Keziah HAYNIE.

9. Thomas WINDHAM "Tom" (b. Aug 8, 1859, AngeTX; d. Aug 28, 1951)
m. Laura Lou JONES on Dec 21, 1883

  1. John W. WINDHAM (b. Jan 22, 1885, TX)
    m. Maggie STRALEY

  2. James Calvin WINDHAM  (b. Dec 30, 1885)

  3. Alfred Walter WINDHAM  (b. Apr 25, 1888)

  4. Winnie Jones  WINDHAM  (b. Jul 9, 1890)
    m. John JORDAN

  5. Samuel Robert WINDHAM (b. Apr 12, 1893)
    m. Pearl M. WATSON

  6. Annie Laura  WINDHAM  (b. Aug 29, 1895)
    m. Charles D. STRALEY

  7. Oscar Thomas WINDHAM  (b. May 18, 1898)

  8. Earnest Richard WINDHAM (b. Jun 15, 1900, TX)
    m. Marie BROOKS

  9. Infant boy WINDHAM (b. 1902, TX)

  10. Frank Anson WINDHAM (b. Aug 8, 1903, TX)
    m. Inez FERGUSON

  11. Tom Ferguson WINDHAM (b. Oct 24, 1906, TX)
    m1. Kathleen WOOD
    m2. Marietta DYER


  • For  more detailed information on Tom Windham, click his name above.

Dr. J.D. and Fannie Windham Home of Dr. J. D. Windham
Click to enlarge.


  • Monteith is sometimes spelled "Mantooth", "Monteeth", "Monteith", and "Mantuth".  

  • Dr. John and Fannie, both frontier settlers in Callahan County, Texas, are buried at Tecumseh Cemetery cem, CCTX. There is a historical marker at their gravesite.

  • Dr. Windham is mentioned in the Biography of Samuel P. McInnis webpage web.

  • There is a documented account of John Darby's life in I Remember Callahan County ircc.

  • In 1879, Dr. Windham was sent a "cure for cancer" from his nephew Samuel B. Windham. (as recounted in a newspaper article)

  • From Betty M. Pierce of Brownwood, TX:
    Francis Monteith (Fannie), born 1816, married a widower with two young sons, Dr. John Darby Windham, in July 1841 in Nacogdoches. Windham, who was born in Alabama, arrived in Texas from Mississippi around 1838. He applied for a land grant of 640 acres in Sabine County and one of 640 acres in Milam County; the latter grant was made unconditional in 1848. Fannie and the doctor moved to Angelina County at or before its creation in 1847 and he was one of five County Commissioners serving on the first commissioner's board. He also often stood bond for others on the court. The court duties included setting ferry fees for Gilliland's Crossing (5 cents on foot, 3 cents for a horse and a maximum toll of 50 cents for 4 oxen and a wagon), appointing road workers (including his son Daniel and James Kuykendall) and laying off and blazing roads.


    The Windhams lived at Windham Prairie, Zavala, in Angelina County and farmed on a large scale. According to the 1860 census for Angelina County, Dr. Windham had 100 acres of improved land and 1397 acres of unimproved land, with a total value of $2,500, plus $500 for improvements. There were 11 horses, 4 mules, 75 milk cows, 6 oxen, 175 other cattle, 40 sheep, and 50 pigs, with a total value of $2,890. They also produced 20 bu of rye, 600 corn, 10 bales of cotton, 400 lbs wool, 4 bu beans, 20 bu potatoes, 120 bu sweet potatoes, 180 lb butter, 200 lb cheese, 30 lb beeswax, 200 lb honey, and $100 in home manufactures. (The agricultural land evidently represented only part of his property. The 1860 census gives the value of his real estate as $7,985 and that of his personal property as $16,790. Whichever numbers are correct, he was a relatively wealthy man.)

  • The next family listed in the census is Mary Monteith and her children. She is Frances' mother. 

    From 1850 Census in Nacogdoches, County, TX:
    Dwelling 28, Family 28
    Name Age Gender Race Occ Land
    J. D. Windham 34 Male W Physician $600 AL
    Frances Windham 34 Female W     TN
    Samuel Windham 8 Male W     TX
    Zeke Windham 4 Male W      
    Mary Windham 3 Female W      
    Calvin Windham 1 Male W      
    William Granad 22 Male W farmer   GA


  • From 1860 Census in Angelina Co. TX (scan of page 0123a) lists:
    Name Age Gender Race Occ Land
    J. D. Windham 46 Male W M.D.   AL
    Frances Windham 46 Female W      
    Samuel R. Windham 17 Male W Farmer   TX
    Jessie E. Windham 15 Male W Farmer   TX
    Mary A. Windham 13 Female W     TX
    Calvin Windham 11 Male W     TX
    Hildred Windham 9 Male W     TX
    Willis C. Windham 7 Male W     TX
    Eliza J. Windham 6 Female W     TX
    Dicey J. Windham 4 Female W     TX
    Thomas Windham 1 Male W     TX


  • Moved to Brown County in 1870. See census:
    Name Age Gender Race Occ Land
    Pers. Est.
    J. D. Windham 54 Male W Farmer 300 6000 AL
    Frances Windham 54 Female W Keeping
    Samuel R. Windham 24 Male W Raising
      1000 TX
    Hilery Windham 19 Male W Driving
    Dicie Windham 14 Female W At Home     TX
    Thomas Windham 10 Male W At Home     TX


  • County/State Abbreviations:
    AngeTX - Angelina County, TX
    BrowTX - Brown County, TX
    CallTX - Callahan County, TX
    ColeTX - Coleman County, TX
    HowaTX - Howard County, TX
    LassCA - Lassen County, CA
    MariTX - Marion County, TX
    McCuTX - McCulloch County, TX
    NacoTX - Nacogdoches, TX
    ShasCA - Shasta County, CA
    TehaCA - Tehama County, CA
    WashTX - Washington County, TX

  • Page Sources:
    1. Bio of J.D. from A History of Angelina County Texas

    2. Betty M. Pierce of Brownwood, TX

    3. Bio of J.D. from I Remember Callahan County ircc

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