(CCG Page R. Windham and Zylphia Davis)
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Eustace Windham > Samuel B. Windham > Page R. Windham


Born: c. 1800 in SC
Died: after 1880 in Madison MadiMS
Father: Samuel B. WINDHAM

Mother: Leah BLAKE



Dec 22, 1822,

Zylphia DAVIS

Born: c. 1805, SC
Died: c. 1880, ScotMS
Father: Daniel DAVIS

Mother: Zilpha STANLEY



1. Samuel B. WINDHAM (b. c. 1824, WilcAL; d. Jul 25, 1889, HempAR
m. Mary A. ?


  1. Sam A. WINDHAM (b. c. 1864, MS)

  2. Nancy Z. WINDHAM (b. c. 1867, MS)


  • In 1879, Samuel sent a "cure for cancer" to his physician uncle, Dr. John D. Windham. (as recounted in a newspaper article)

  • From 1870 US Census of Smith County, MS:
    Name Relation Marital
    Gender Race Age Birth
    Windham, Samuel Self M Male W 44 AL Farmer
    Windham, Mary A. Wife M Female W 41 MS Keeping
    Windham, Mary C. Dau S Female W 7 MS  
    Windham, Samy A. Son S Male W 5 MS  
    Windham, Nancy Z. Dau S Female W 3 MS  


2. Martha A. WINDHAM (b. Apr 1826, probably in WilcAL, d. 1910, Bolton, HindMS; AL)
m. George Washington BARNER on Aug 3, 1843



  • They had 8 children.


3. Infant Girl WINDHAM (b. c. 1826, WilcAL)



  • It is believed that this is Page and Zylphia's daughter, who died young.

John Stanley Windham

4. John Stanley WINDHAM Confederate Soldier (b. Sep 22, 1827, WilcAL; d. Mar 4, 1905, Homewood, ScotMS)
m. Martha Elizabeth MARLER (b. Jan 28, 1832; d. Feb 19, 1908, Homewood, ScotMS) on Dec 7, 1849, SmitMS)

  1. William Franklin WINDHAM (b. Dec 24, 1850, MS)
    m. Mary E. THOMPSON

  2. Ann Eliza WINDHAM (b. Nov 14, 1853, MS)
    m. John H. C. SIMMONS

  3. Zylphia Stanley WINDHAM (b. May 23, 1854, MS)
    m. George W. BOYLES

  4. Martha Matilda WINDHAM (b. Mar 21, 1857, MS)

  5. John Capers WINDHAM "Cape" (b. Apr 12, 1859, MS)
    m. Susanna E. MCWHORTER "Anna"

  6. Thomas Calvin WINDHAM "Tom" (b. Sep 9, 1861, MS)
    m. Mary HARVEY "Annie"

  7. Mary Fannie WINDHAM (b. May 11, 1864, MS)
    m. W. H. MCWORTER

  8. Katherine Charlotte WINDHAM (b. Oct 17, 1866, MS)
    m. Francis M. P. HERRON "Pete"

  9. Sarah Elizabeth WINDHAM (b. Mar 30, 1869, MS)
    m. James T. BARNES

  10. Page R. WINDHAM (b. Jan 21, 1872, MS)
    m. Lilla N. G. MOORE

  11. Samuel Driskell WINDHAM (b. Sep 28, 1874, MS)
    m. Martha P. HARVEY "Mattie"


  • Mary's parents were George C. Marler (b. July 1810; d. Mar 22, 1889) and Matilda Driskell (b. Jul 1808, GA; d. Dec 1878, ScotMS)

  • During the Civil War, John Stanley Windham lived in Mississippi.  He served with the Singleton Guards, Company G, 6th Battalion, 46th Mississippi Infantry.


5. Page W. WINDHAM "Dock" or "Willis" (b. Aug 18, 1832, DallAL; d. Dec 13, 1913, Homewood, ScotMS)
m. Mary E. THOMAS (b. Feb 12, 1835; d. Nov 22, 1917)

  1. William T. WINDHAM (b. c. 1855, MS)

  2. Catharine M. WINDHAM (b. c. 1857, MS)

  3. Erush R. WINDHAM (b. c. 1858, MS)
    m. Mary Ann E. WEEMS)

  4. Eudora A. WINDHAM (b. c. 1860, MS)

  5. Lucy B. WINDHAM (b. c. 1862, MS)

  6. Sidney A. WINDHAM (b. c. 1864, MS)
    m. Margaret K. ORR

  7. Missourie S. WINDHAM (b. c. 1865, MS)

  8. Page W. WINDHAM (b. c. 1865, MS)

  9. John M. WINDHAM (b. c. 1867, MS)

  10. Anna R. WINDHAM (b. c. 1869, MS)

  11. Jeptha F. WINDHAM (b. c. 1855, MS)

  12. Rufus C. WINDHAM ()


  • Mary Ann E WEEMS was first married to Ezekiel MCWHORTER.

  • From the McLaurin/McMahon rootsweb page:
    "He was a farmer. His name may be Page Willis Windham. His nickname was sometimes spelled "Doc", but he was not a medical doctor. During the War Between the States, he served in Singleton Guards, Company G, 6th Battalion (46th Infantry)." His middle initial may have been "W".


6. Thomas WINDHAM (b. c. 1836, DallAL)




7. Mary Elizabeth WINDHAM(b. Aug 18, 1836, DallAL; d. Apr 26, 1918, Homewood, ScotMS)
m. William Edward MANGUM Confederate Soldier (b. Jul 22, 1828, SimpMS; d. Apr 4, 1918, Homewood, ScotMS; Find-A-Grave 32575437) on Apr 14, 1854)


  1. Page Arthur MANGUM (b. Jul 5, 1855; d. Feb 2, 1889)

  2. Leah Charlotte MANGUM "Currie" (b. Nov 6, 1857; d. Jun 7, 1936)

  3. William Thomas MANGUM "Tommy" (b. Feb 13, 1860; d. Apr 29, 1934)

  4. Andrew Jackson MANGUM (b. Feb 5, 1866; d. Jul 12, 1949)

  5. John Wesley MANGUM (b. Sep 22, 1868, Wicker, SmitMS; d. May 18, 1953 in Wicker, SmitMS)

  6. Aletha Beatrice MANGUM "Letha" (b. Oct 6, 1870, Homewood, ScotMS; d. Aug 16, 1899)
    m. Rev. R. A. SIBLEY Clergy, a Methodist clergyman on Jun 2, 1887


  • William Edward Mangum served in the 39th MS Infantry Regiment. 

  • Source of data: John M. Mangum, Henryville, PA.

  • From 1870 US Census for Trenton, Smith County, MS:
    Dwelling 49, Family 49
    Name Age Sex Race Occupation Val. of
    Val. of
    Pers. Est.
    Wm. E. Mangum 41 M W Farmer   650 MS
    Mary E. Mangum 34 F W Keeping House     AL
    Page A. Mangum 14 M W Farm Laborer     MS
    Leah C. Mangum 12 F W       MS
    Wm. T. Mangum 10 M W Farm Laborer     MS
    Andrew J. Mangum 4 M W       MS
    Jno. W. Mangum 1 M W       MS


8. Leah C. WINDHAM (b. Sep 1838, DallAL; d. 1915, CA; Find-A-Grave 38488722)
m. Andrew BROOKS (b. 1829; d. 1915, CA; Find-A-Grave 38488721)



  • From 1900 US Census for Oakdale Twp, Stanislaus County, CA:
    Dwelling 84, Family 84
    Leah indicates 3 children, 2 living at census time.

    Name Rel. Race Sex Birth
    Andrew Brooks Head W M Jun 1824 76   ur ur ur unreadable
    Leah Brooks Wife W F Sep 1838 61   ur SC SC unreadable


9. Andrew Jefferson WINDHAM Sr. Confederate Soldier (b. c. 1842, DallAL)
m. Mary E. THOMAS "Martha" c. 1860


  1. Andrew Jefferson WINDHAM Jr. (b. Oct 7, 1860, AR)
    m. Charlotte A. WINDHAM

  2. William T. WINDHAM (b. c. 1864, AR)

  3. George F. WINDHAM (b. c. 1866, AR)

  4. Mary Emma WINDHAM "Mollie" (b. Feb 14, 1870)
    m. Augustus M. PARKER

  5. Louisa A. WINDHAM (b. c. 1871, AR)

  6. James C. WINDHAM (b. c. 1872)
    m. Laura A. ROWLAND

  7. Page Rubin WINDHAM (b. Feb 26, 1879)
    m. Ida L. HYATT


  • Served in the True Confederates, Company C, 8th Infantry.

  • Andrew J. Windham Jr. married is first cousin, Charlotte Windham, daughter of William J. WINDHAM.

  • From 1880 US Census, District 5, Smith County, MS:
    Name Relation Marital
    Gender Race Age Birth
    Occ. Father
    Andrew Windham Self M Male W 40 AL Farmer SC SC
    Martha E. Windham Wife M Female W 35 MS Keeping
    TN MS
    Andrew J. Windham Son S Male W 18 MS Farmer AL MS
    William J. Windham Son S Male W 16 MS Farmer AL MS
    George T. Windham Son S Male W 14 MS Farmer AL MS
    Mary A. Windham Dau S Female W 12 MS   AL MS
    Louisa A. Windham Dau S Female W 10 MS   AL MS
    James Windham Son S Male W 8 MS   AL MS
    Page R. Windham Son S Male W 1 MS   AL MS
    Nancy Thomas MotherL W Female W 75 MS   MS MS


10. Corp. Houston B. WINDHAM "Huse" Confederate Soldier (b. c. 1841, DallAL; d. aft. 1910 near Gurdon (?), ClarAR; Find-A-Grave Entry 6031119)
m. Mrs. Alice T. (MCFADDIN) DUFFIE (b. 1837; d. 1913; Find-A-Grave Entry 9978686) on Aug 18, 1878, HempAR 3

  1. Rose Irene WINDHAM (b. Sep 4, 1880, AR; d. Jan 12, 1967, Mission, HidaTX; Find-A-Grave 71308180)
    m. ? SUTTON


  • Huse Windham was a Civil War veteran. He was a member of Company C, 8th Mississippi Infantry. He left the service as a Corporal. 6

  • Alice was married to T. J. McFadden before Houston. They were married Jan 30, 1858 in Louisiana. 4 They had one Daughter, Eloise McFadden Hunter. It was from Eloise's death cert that T. J. McFadden is mentioned. He and Alice are shown to have been born in Alabama. 5

  • House and Alice's marriage certificate states her residence was De Roan Township, Hempstead, AR. Houston's was Garland Township, Hempstead, AR. He was 37 and she was 38 at the time, Aug 18, 1878.

  • From 1880 US Census for De Roane, Hempstead County, AR:
    Name Rel. Mar.
    Gender Race Est.
    Age Birth
    Occ. Father
    Houston Windom Self M M W 1845 35 MS Farmer MS MS
    Alice Windom Wife M F W 1840 40 AL   AL AL
    Manton McFadden Son S M W 1858 22 AR   AL AL
    Louise McFadden Other S F W 1870 10 AR   AL AL


11. William James WINDHAM (b. Jul 21, 1846, SmitMS; d. Feb 19, 1909, Beech Creek, ClarAR; Find-A-Grave Entry 6031121)
m. Emma E. HOUSTON (b. Mar 16, 1839, WilcAL; d. Feb 19,1909; Find-A-Grave 6031122) c. 1866


  1. Charlotte A. WINDHAM "Lottie" (b. Jul 20, 1867; d. Jan 28, 1902)
    m. Andrew Jefferson WINDHAM Jr., her first cousin

  2. Sarah A. WINDHAM (b. Mar 1, 1869, SeviAR; d. Jan 12, 1942, age 72)

  3. Elizabeth J. WINDHAM "Bettie" (b. Jan 5, 1871, HempAR)

  4. Page Allen WINDHAM (b. Dec 17, 1872, HempAR; d. Dec 27, 1951, Whelen Springs, ClarAR; Find-A-Grave 6031114)
    m. Lelia E. STOVAL (b. Nov 29, 1876; d. Aug 4, 1963; Find-A-Grave 6031117) in 1898

  5. Luther Martin WINDHAM (b.  May 27, 1876, HempAR; d. Nov 4, 1956, Whelen Springs, ClarAR; Find-A-Grave 14143711)


  • 1880 US Census for Garland, Hempstead County, AR:
    Name Rel. Mar.
    Gen Race Age Birth
    Occ. Father
    William J. Windham Self M M W 33 MS Farmer AL SC
    Emma Windham Wife M F W 40 AL Keeping
    NC SC
    Charlotte A. Windham Dau S F W 12 MS   MS AL
    Sarah A. Windham Dau S F W 11 AR   MS AL
    Eliza F. Windham Dau S F W 11 AR   MS AL
    Page I. Windham Son S M W 8 AR   MS AL
    Lutha M. Windham Son S M W 4 AR   MS AL
    Elma Windham Son S M W 1 AR   MS AL
    Emma L. Windham Dau S F W 4M AR   MS AL
    Benjamin B. Corum Other S M W 18 TN Laborer VA TN


  • 1900 US Census for Beech Creek Twp., Clark County, AR:
    Dwelling 204, Family 209:
    Name Rel. Race Sex Birth
    Age Mar.
    Windham, Emma Head W F Mar 1839 61 Wd   AL NC SC Farmer
    "  ", Sella Dau W F Mar 1869 31 S   AR MS AL House
    "  ", Luther Son W M May 1876 24 Un   AR MS AL Farm

    Emma had 7 children, and 5 were living at Census time.
    The Census indicates that William J. Windham died BEFORE 1909 as other sources have indicated. More research needed.

  • 1900 US Census for Beech Creek Twp., ClarAR:
    Dwelling 38, Family 39
    Name Rel. Race Sex Birth
    Age Mar.
    Windham, Page Head W M Dec 1872 27 M 1 AR MS MS Farmer
    "  ", Lelie Wife W F Nov 1876 23 M 1 AR AL MS  



12. Jeptha Patterson WINDHAM (b. c. 1848, SmitMS; d. Dec 29, 1887, Hope, HempAR)
m. Helen BAILEY (b. c. 1852, SmitMS) on Jan 27, 1875, SmitMS


  1. William Warner WINDHAM (b. 1875, MS)

  2. Page WINDHAM (b. c. 1877, MS)

  3. Julia Stanley WINDHAM (b. 1875,  Hope, HempAR)

  4. Alice Amanda WINDHAM ()

  5. Patterson Elizabeth WINDHAM ()


  • From 1880 US Census, District 2, Vernon, Madison County, MS:
    Name Relation Marital
    Gender Race Age Birth
    Occ. Father
    J. P. Windham Self M Male W 31 MS Farmer AL AL
    Hellen Windham Wife M Female W 28 AL Keeping
    AL AL
    William W. Windham Son S Male W 4 MS At Home MS AL
    Page Windham Son S Male W 3 MS   MS AL
    P. R. Windham Father W Male W 86 AL   AL AL
    John Morgan Other S Male W 29 MS Farm
    MS MS

  • Page R. Windham was a farmer. His nickname may have been "Major" or "Tobe". He is listed in the 1880 U.S. Census of Madison Co., MS living with Jeptha, his son. He probably died shortly after that 1880 Census. He may have died in Madison Co., MS or be may have died in Scott or Smith Co., MS where many of his family still lived. Page and Zylphia are probably buried in Smith Co., MS at the old Lutheran Church cemetery in unmarked graves.

  • Page and Zylpha's marriage record is proven on the Wilcox County Marriage Records 1820 - 1826 mar webpage.

  • From 1850 US Census, Smith County, MS:
    Dwelling 79, Family 79
    Name Age DOB Gender Race Occupation Land
    Page Wyndham 50 1800 M W Farmer 2,500 SC
    Zelphia Wyndham 45 1805 F W     SC
    Daniel Wyndham 25 1825 M W     AL
    Page Wyndham 16 1834 M W At School   AL
    Thomas Wyndham 14 1834 M W At School   AL
    Elizabeth Wyndham 12 1834 F W At School   AL
    Leah Wyndham 10 1834 F W At School   AL
    Andrew Wyndham 8 1842 M W     AL
    Houston Wyndham 6 1844 M W     AL
    William Wyndham 4 1846 M W     MS
    Jeptha Wyndham 2 1848 M W     MS


  • From 1860 US Census for SmitMS:
    Name Age Gender DOB Occ Land
    P. R. Windham 63 M 1797     SC
    Zylphia Windham 54 F 1806     SC
    Andrew J Windham 20 M 1840     AL
    Houston Windham 17 M 1843     AL
    William Windham 14 M 1846     MS
    Jephtha Windham 11 M 1849     MS


  • From 1870 US Census for Trenton, SmitMS:
    Dwelling 50, Family 50 (entry 49 was William E. Mangum - above)
    Name Age Gender Race Occ Land
    Pers. Est.
    Page R. Windham 74 M W Farmer   200 SC
    Zelpha Windham 64 F W Keeping House     SC
    Wesley, Ward 10 M B       MS


  • County/State Abbreviations:
    BowiTX - Bowie County, TX
    ClarAR - Clark County, AR
    DallAL - Dallas County, AL
    GregTX - Gregg County, TX
    HempAR - Hempstead County, AR
    HidaTX - Hidalgo County, TX
    HindMS - Hinds County, MS
    MadiMS - Madison County, MS
    ScotMS - Scott County, MS
    SeviAR - Sevier County, AR
    SimpMS - Simpson County, MS
    SmitMS - Smith County, MS
    StanCA - Stanislaus County, CA
    WilcAL - Wilcox County, AL

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Names Added to Name Index: NO