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(CCG Samuel B. Windham and Leah Blake)
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Eustace Windham > Samuel B. Windham


Born: c. 1769, South Hampton, VA
Died: Bet. 1850 and 1860, ScotMS

Father: Eustace WINDHAM

Mother: Martha HUTCHINS


Feb 1792,


Born: Jan 12, 1775, FairSC
Died: Bet. 1862 and 1870, Homewood, ScotMS
Father: John William BLAKE

Mother: Phanual Ann HORNSBY "Leah" or "Fanny"



1. Houston WINDHAM (b. Dec 25, 1792, SC; d. c. 1845)
m. Unicy PATTERSON (b. c. 1807)



  1. Elenor E. WINDHAM (b. 1823, AL)
    m. Daniel Francis DAVIS II (b. 1822, AL)

  2. Patterson WINDHAM (b. c. 1827, AL)
    m. Sarah SECREST

  3. Jephtha WINDHAM (b. Oct 8, 1829)
    m. Mary Clementine HARDY

  • For more information on Houston Windham, click his name above.

2. Samuel WINDHAM (b. c. 1794)
m. Elizabeth AUSTEEL on Feb 25, 1816, ClarMS

  • Samuel is not on John B's list.

3. Thomas B. WINDHAM "Tommie" (b. c. 1798, SC; d. c. 1868, AngeTX)
m. Dicey SUTTON c. 1820, AL


  1. Charlotte WINDHAM (b. c. 1822, AL)
    m. John C. WOMACK

  2. Calvin J. WINDHAM (b. 1824)
    m. Sarah R. WOMACK

  3. Susanna WINDHAM (b. c. 1831)

  4. Ursula L. WINDHAM (b. c. 1837, AL)
    m. Henry HUNT

  5. Mary Lyons WINDHAM (b. c. 1841)
    m. James C. EVERITT

  6. Hilary H. WINDHAM (b. c. 1845)
    m. Missiline JONES


  • For more information on Tommie B. Windham, click his name above.


4. Page R. WINDHAM (b. c. 1800, SC; d. aft. 1880, MadiMS)
m. Zelphia (or Zylphia) DAVIS (b. c. 1805, SC; d. c. 1880) on Dec 22, 1822, WilcAL, John Jenkins J.P. presiding



  1. Samuel B. WINDHAM (b. c. 1824, AL)

  2. Martha A. WINDHAM (b. c. 1826, AL)
    m. George W. BARNER

  3. female WINDHAM (b. c. 1826)

  4. John Stanley WINDHAM (b. Sep 22, 1827)
    m. Martha E. MARLER

  5. Page William WINDHAM "Dock" (b. Aug 18, 1832, AL)
    m. Mary E. THOMAS

  6. Thomas WINDHAM (b. c. 1836, AL)

  7. Mary Elizabeth WINDHAM (b. Aug 18, 1836, AL)
    m. William E. MANGUM

  8. Leah C. WINDHAM (b. c. 1839, AL)
    m. Andrew BROOKS

  9. Andrew Jefferson WINDHAM (b. c. 1842, AL)
    m. Mary Martha E. THOMAS

  10. Houston B. WINDHAM (b. c. 1841, AL)
    m. Mrs. Alice T. MCFADDIN

  11. William James WINDHAM (b. Jul 21, 1846, MS)
    m. Emma E. HOUSTON

  12. Jeptha Patterson WINDHAM (b. c. 1848, MS)
    m. Helen BAILEY


  • For more information on Page Windham, click his name above.


5. Mary WINDHAM "Polly" (b. c. 1802, GA; d. after 1889, NewtMS)
m. Abraham MARTIN on Mar 10, 1822, WilcAL, John Jenkins J. P. presiding


  1. Benjamin B. MARTIN (b. c. 1823, WilcAL)

  2. Abraham MARTIN Jr.

  3. Wartin MARTIN

  4. Elizabeth MARTIN (b. Feb 25, 1831; d. Mar 25, 1914)
    m. William PARKS c. 1848

  5. Leah MARTIN


  • Mary and Abraham's marriage is verified at the WilcAL Marriage Records 1820 - 1826 mar webpage.


6. Harriett Mozelle WINDHAM (b. c. 1803, GA; d. Feb 1853, SabiTX; Find-A-Grave 25647394)
m1. Frederick A. THOMAS on Sep 22, 1822, WilcAL
m2. Levi MCDANIEL, Sr. (b. 1808, SC, d. 1896, TX; Find-A-Grave 25647433) c. 1836, MS


Child to Frederick:

  1. Leah Susan THOMAS (b. Sep 1837)

Child to Levi: 

  1. Samuel William MCDANIEL (b. Oct 14, 1836, Holly Springs, Newton County, MS; d. Jan 30, 1922)
    m. Martha ?


  • Levi's parents were William MCDANIEL and Douvica COUCH "Dosha".

  • Harriett and Levi McDaniel are buried at Old Mill Creek Cemetery, SabiTX. View Harriett's Find-A-Grave 25647394. View Levi's Find-A-Grave 25647433.

  • From 1850 Census for Sabine County, TX:
    Dwelling 218, Family 218
    Name Age Est.
    Gender Race Occ Land
    Lemf, McDaniel, 42 1808 M   Farmer 500 SC
    Harriett "  " 44   F       GA
    Samuel W. "  " 13 1837 M       MS


7. Benjamin B. WINDHAM (b. c. 1805, GA; d. c. 1855)
m1. Charlotte SPROLES (b. c. 1805, NC) on Sep 22, 1825, WilcAL
m2. Sarah E. ? c. 1856, KempMS



  1. Charlotte WINDHAM

  2. Naomi Elizabeth WINDHAM (b. Sep 23, 1826, WilcAL; d. Jan 30, 1862, KempMS)
    m. Thomas Millford PRUITT on Jan 8, 1843

  3. Patterson WINDHAM

  4. Leah Ann WINDHAM (b. Mar 23, 1829, WilcAL; d. Jun 9, 1908, KempMS)
    m. Adam CALVERT

  5. Mary Newberry WINDHAM "Polly" (b. Jun 30, 1830, WilcAL; d. Apr 2, 1919,KempMS)
    m. John Emerson CHISOLM

  6. Nancy Alice WINDHAM (b. Sep 25, 1833, Laurel, JoneMS)
    m1. ? TINSLEY
    m2. Owen Lawrence ANDERSON (b. Apr 11, 1827, TN)

  7. Samuel S. WINDHAM (b. c. 1836, MS)

Children to Sarah:

  1. Alexander Travis WINDHAM "Trav" (b. Dec 17, 1856, Meridian, LaudMS; d. Apr 1, 1932, Pecos, ReevTX; Find-A-Grave 33321130)
    m. Annie GOEDEKE (b. Feb 14, 1862, Belrott, Australia; d. Dec 4, 1947, Pecos, ReevTX; Find-A-Grave 33321127) on Jan 1, 1880, TaCTX

  2. Louis Clark WINDHAM (b. Feb 3, 1862, KempMS; d. Jan 23, 1931, Mobile, MobiAL)
    m. Ada ROLLS "Addie "

  3. Alice WINDHAM (b. c. 1865, MS)

  4. Robert E. WINDHAM (b. c. 1867, MS)


  • Benjamin has a memorial (Find-A-Grave Entry 42908386), though his exact burial spot is not known.

  • Benjamin and Charlotte's marriage is verified at the Wilcox County (AL) Marriage Records 1820 - 1826 mar webpage.

  • Louis C. Windham is buried in Grand Bay, Mobile County, AL.

  • Notes on Trav Windham:
    From John B. Windham's research on Travis Windham:
    ""Trav" Windham has been described as "one of the greatest cowmen Texas ever knew". It has been stated that the world's first rodeo occurred at Pecos City, Texas, in the early 1880's. A. T. "Trav" Windham was the "winner" of this, the first rodeo held in the United States. About five hundred people attended and were served "dinner on the ground" at this rodeo. "Trav" Windham worked for the Hash Knife Ranch which was located near Abilene, Texas, but later expanded their operations and in 1881 established a new ranch on the Pacos River north of Pacos City, Texas."
    Also see The History of the World's First Rodeo.


8. Phanuel WINDHAM "Fannie" (b. Oct 10, 1807, GA; d. Feb 28, 1889, FallTX)
m. Edmund WAITE (d. Feb 28, 1889) on Sep 22, 1824, WilcAL


  1. Charlotte L. WAITE (b. Apr 25, 1826, WilcAL; d. Nov 7, 1911 near Reagan, FallTX)
    m. Francis CHABANISS on Jul 20, 1843, WilcAL

  2. Ellen R. WAITE (b. c. 1829, WilcAL)
    m. William T. ROBERTSON

  3. Sara M. WAITE (b. c. 1830, WilcAL)
    m. Thomas A. RUSSUM

  4. Dr. Samuel J. WAITE (b. Apr 18, 1832, WilcAL; d. Sep 7, 1893, Reagan, FallTX)
    m. Lana Ann ?

  5. Amanda S. WAITE (b. c. 1836, WilcAL)
    m. Lucian CURTIS

  6. Ann Eliza WAITE (b. c. 1838, WilcAL; d. 1904, Reagan, FallTX)
    m. Oliver H. ROBERTSON

  7. Francis E. WAITE (b. c. 1840, WilcAL)

  8. William H. WAITE  (b. c.1842, WilcAL)


  • From 1850 Census for Scott , Scott County, MS:
    Dwelling 243, Family 243
    Name Age Est.
    Gender Race Occ Land
    Edmond Wait 50 1800 M   Farmer 800 SC
    Fannie Wait 43 1807 F       GA
    Ellen R. Wait 43 1829 F       AL
    Saml J Wait 18 1832 M   Student   AL
    Amanda Wait 14 1836 F       AL
    Ann E. Wait 12 1838 F       AL
    Frances E. Wait 10 1840 F       AL
    Wm H. Wait 8 1842 M       AL
    John W. Mangrum 23 1827 M   Laborer 640 AL

John Darby Windham

Frances "Fannie" Monteith


9. Dr. John Darby Windham Doctor of Medicine (b. Feb 13, 1816, AL; d. Mar 30, 1898, Tecumseh, CallTX)
m1. Eliza SPRAULS
m2. Frances "Fannie" Monteith on Jul 8, 1841, NacoTX


Children to Eliza:

  1. James Lodric WINDHAM "Jim" (b. Dec 26, 1836, TX)
    m1. Rhoda E. JONES
    m2. Delphia A. FANNIN

Children to Fannnie:

  1. Samuel Robert WINDHAM (b. Sep 10, 1842, TX)
    m. Amazon S. BAUGH

  2. Jessie Ezekiel WINDHAM (b. Mar 3, 1845, TX)

  3. Mary Ann WINDHAM (b. Apr 18, 1849, TX)

  4. Calvin WINDHAM (b. Jan 11, 1849; TX)
    m. Martha A. SMITH

  5. Hilary "Tod" WINDHAM (b. Apr 17, 1851, TX)
    m. Lenora CONNELL

  6. Willis WINDHAM (b. Jan 30, 1853)

  7. Eliza Jane WINDHAM (b. Jun 24, 1854, TX)
    m. Capt. John W. JONES

  8. Dicy J. WINDHAM (b. May 18, 1856, TX)
    m. William E. GILLILAND

  9. Tom WINDHAM (b. Aug 8, 1859, TX)
    m. Laura L. JONES



10. Andrew Jefferson Windham (b. c. 1817, AL territory; d. after 1880, GranNM)
m1. Eliza CASTLES (b. c. 1819, Ireland) on Aug 8, 1838
m2. Sara J. Robertson (b. in GA) c. 1864, ScotMS


Children to Eliza:

  1. Leah Charlotte WINDHAM (b. Aug 1, 1839, MS)
    m. William J. BELL

  2. Mary Elizabeth WINDHAM "Molly" (b. Feb 19, 1841, MS)

  3. Samuel Henry WINDHAM (b. Dec 20, 1842, MS)
    m. Margaret E. GARDNER

  4. Thomas WINDHAM (b. Feb 27, 1847, MS)

  5. Sarah F. WINDHAM (b. Feb 27, 1847, MS)

  6. Andrew Clinton WINDHAM (b. Nov 16, 1848, MS)
    m. Nancy J. BYRD

  7. Phanuel WINDHAM (b. c. 1850, MS)

  8. Page Spencer WINDHAM (b. Dec 25, 1852, MS)
    m. Mary E. JARVIS

  9. Ellen Evelina WINDHAM (b. May 13, 1855, MS)
    m. Richard CAPLES

  10. Benjamin J. WINDHAM "Berry" (b. Jan 13, 1857, MS)

Children to Sara:

  1. R. P. WINDHAM (b. c. 1864, MS)
    m. Louisa G. COCHRAN

  2. F. L. WINDHAM (b. c. 1867, MS)

  3. Sena Ann WINDHAM "Annie (b. Mar 3, 1868, MS)
    m. John Perry JENNINGS

  4. Charles Hix WINDHAM (b. Dec 1869, TX)
    m. Sarah B. PERKINS

  5. Arthur Jefferson WINDHAM (b. Mar 1871, TX)
    m. Mattie L. BOLTON

  6. S. H. WINDHAM (b. c. 1873, TX)

  7. Martha Emma WINDHAM (b. Oct 5, 1874, TX)
    m. Jack Winfield JONES

  8. Minnie L. WINDHAM (b. Feb 7, 1877, TX)
    m. Henry Benjamin WOOTEN

  9. Otho Richard WINDHAM (b. Nov 10, 1878, TX)
    m. Sarah E. LEWIS

  10. Pearl Ora WINDHAM (b. Jul 28, 1881, TX)
    m. William Edward HELMS "Ed"


  • For more detailed information on Andrew J. Windham, click his name above.

11. Charlotte WINDHAM "Lottie" (b. c. 1820, AL; d. Aft. 1880, NavaTX)
m. George W. BOYD (b. c. 1810, TN; d. aft. 1880, TX) c. 1841, TN


  1. James BOYD (b. c. 1842, TX)
    m. Victoria ?? (b. Mar 1855, GA) in c. 1878

  2. Adilbert BOYD (b. Dec 1846, MS)


  • George was a blacksmith. His parents were James and Mary BOYD. James was born in PA.

  • James Boyd's wife and children are listed as "Indian" in the 1910 census for Le Fore, OK.

  • From 1850 Census for Newton County, MS:

    Dwelling: 492, Family 492
    George lived right next to his parents in Dwelling 491.

    Name Age Sex Race Occ Land
    George Boyd 40 M   Blacksmith   TN
    Charlotte Boyd 30 F       AL
    James Boyd 8 M       TX
    Adelphy Boyd 3 M       MS


  • From 1870 US Census for Beat 1, Neshoba County, MS:

    Dwelling 424, Family 424
    Name Age Est.
    Sex Race Occupation Val. of
    Val. of
    Pers. Est.
    George W. Boyd 61 1809 M W Blacksmith 640   TN
    Charlott Boyd 58 1812 F W Keeping House     AL
    Elizabeth Boyd 48 1822 F W Domestic Work     TN
    William L. Boyd 3 1867 M W       MS


  • From 1880 US Census for Navarro, TX:
    Name Rel. Mar.
    Sex Race Age Birth
    Occ. Father
    Geo. W. Boyd Self M M W 71 TN Blacksmith PA NC
    Charlotte Boyd Wife M F W 61 AL Keeping House -- --

  • Sam is supposedly buried in Homewood, ScotMS.

  • In 1850, Sam and Leah were living with son, Andrew J. Windham.

  • Leah BLAKE's (b. Jan 12, 1775 in SC) parents were John William BLAKE (b. c. 1750; d. Jan 22, 1781 in Camden Dist. SC) and Phanuel HORNSBY "Leah" or "Fanny" (b. Mar 30, 1751 in Jamestown, James City County, VA. Her parents were Leonard Hornsby and Elizabeth I. Wilson). 

    Leah Blake had two brothers: Thomas Early BLAKE (b. Nov 12, 1776) and John William BLAKE Jr. (b. Jan 10, 1781).

    This information is from a family bible belonging to Leonard Hornsby, printed 1756. It is not archived in a South Carolina library. 

  • The identity of Sam B. Windham's father is one of the great Windham mysteries.  John B. Windham of Louisiana believes that Sam B. Windham's father was Eustace WINDHAM (b. c. 1725) who lived and died in Nottoway Parish, Southampton County, VA.  Eustace is the proven son of Edward WINDHAM (b. c. 1695).  Edward is the son of Rueben WINDHAM (b. c. 1670, d. 1745 in Nottoway Parish, Isle of Wight County, VA).  Though not proven, this theory seems the most likely, and John B. Windham is the top Windham researcher in our line. Hopefully DNA testing will help to shed some light on this family puzzle.

  • From 1850 US Scott County, MS census:
    Name Age Sex Occ Birth
    Saml B. Windham 81 M Man VA
    Leah Windham 77 F   SC
    James Windham 15 M   MI (MS?)

    *Note: the "James Windham, age 15, living with Sam and Leah may be James Lordric  Windham, he first and only son of John D. Windham and Eliza Sproals. There is a question as to whether or not J.D. ever married Eliza, or was James L. born out of wedlock. This may explain why he was living with his grandparents in 1850.

  • County/State Abbreviations:
    AngeTX - Angelina County, TX
    CallTX - Callahn County, TX
    ClarkMS - Clarke County, MS
    FairSC - Fairfield County, SC
    FallTX - Falls County, TX
    GranNM - Grant County, NM
    JoneMS - Jones County, MS
    KempMS - Kemper County, MS
    LaudMS - Lauderdale, MS
    MadiMS - Madison County, MS
    MobiAL - Mobile County, AL
    NacoTX - Nacogdoches County, TX
    NavaTX - Navarro County, TX
    NeshMS - Neshoba County, MS
    NewtMS - Newton County, MS
    ReevTX - Reeves County, TX
    SabiTX - Sabine County, TX
    ScotMS - Scott County, MS
    WilcAL - Wilcox County, AL

  • Page Sources:
    1. The Windham Connection book by John B. Windham of Metairie, LA.

    2. Julia Griffin of Abilene, TX.

    3. Descendants of Leonard Hornsby by Rex McLaurin webpage.

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