(CCG Thomas B. Windham and Dicey Stutton)
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Eustace Windham > Samuel B. Windham > Thomas B. Windham


Born: c. 1798, SC
Died: c. 1868, AngeTX

Father: Samuel B. WINDHAM

Mother: Leah BLAKE


 c. 1820, AL


Born: c. 1805, NC
Died: c. 1870, AngeTX





1. Charlotte WINDHAM (b. c. 1822, AL; d. bef. 1855)
m. Dr. John C. WOMACK (b. c. 1824, AL) on Feb 6, 1844, CopiMS

  1. Frances WOMACK (b. c. 1845, MS)

  2. Mary WOMACK (b. c. 1847, TX)

  3. Charlotte WOMACK "Lottie " (b. Dec 1, 1849, LA; d. Feb 28, 1936, FallTX; Find-A-Grave 116136548)
    m. David Ely BROWN Confederate Army CSA (b. Apr 26, 1847, TX; d. Jun 7, 1907; Find-A-Grave 15904895)


  • David E. Brown's parents were William Brown and Dicey Bynum.

  • From 1850 Census for Saint Augustine , Saint Augustine County, TX:
    Dwelling 205, Family 205
    Name Age Est.
    Gender Race Occ Land
    John C. Womack 26 1824 M       AL
    Charlotte Womack 28 1822 F       AL
    Frances Womack 5 1845 F       MI
    Mary Womack 3 1847 F       TX
    Charlotte Womack 2 1847 F       LA
    John Grinnad 19 1831 M       GA


2. Calvin J. WINDHAM (b. c. 1824, AL; d. Apr 1862, AngeTX)
m. Sarah R. WOMACK on Dec 31, 1850, CopiMS


  • This family just disappeared. Cannot find anything on Calvin, Sarah or any of their children.

  • From 1860 Census for Homer, District 4, Angelina Co, TX:
    Dwelling 123, Family 118
    Name Age Est.
    Gend. Race Occ Val. of
    Val. of
    Pers. Est.
    Calvin Windham 35 1825 M     500 3,500 MS
    Sarah Windham 34 1826 F         MS
    John Windham 10 1850 M         MS
    Ralph Windham 8 1852 M         MS
    Sarah Windham 6 1854 F         MS
    Benjamin Windham 4 1856 M         TX
    James C. Windham 1 1859 M         TX


3. Maurissa WINDHAM (b. c. 1826, AL)
m. Madison J. BROWN (b. c. 1821, TN) on May 8, 1843, HindMS

  1. Elvira Zella BROWN (b. Jun 16, 1858, SomeNJ; d. May 16, 1927, Houston, HarriTX; Find-A-Grave 109725922)
    m. Thomas Wesley JEANES (b. Feb 11, 1855, LA; d. Jul 6, 1931, HarriTX; Find-A-Grave 109725821) in 1874, Nacogdoches, NacoTX



4. Susanna WINDHAM  (b. c. 1831,  AL)


  • She resided in SaAuTX (1850).


5. Ursula L. WINDHAM  (b. c. 1837, AL?)
m. Henry HUNT on Aug 2, 1854, TCTX


  • Ursula and Henry resided in SaAuTX (1850).


6. Mary Lyons WINDHAM  (b. c. 1834, ButlAL; d. Dec 24, 1911, Kerrville, KerrTX)
m. James Carr EVERITT Confederate Soldier - U.S. Civil War (b. Oct 28, 1838, Jasper County, Republic of TX; d. Jan 18, 1902, Lufkin, AngeTX) on Apr 5,  1858, AngeTX


  1. Anne Nathanial EVERITT (b. Jan 28, 1859, AngeTX; d. May 3, 1899, Commerce, HuntTX; m. Jackson Simeon HANNAH (b. Oct 25, 1845, Hurdland, ClayMO)

  2. Buck Williams EVERITT (died young)

  3. Ursula EVERITT (died young)

  4. Thomas Randolph EVERITT (m. Lula Mae GUINN)

  5. William Hendrickson EEVERITT (m. Jessie A. MCMASTER)

  6. James EVERITT (died young)

  7. Parrerson Windham EVERITT (m. Lella MATHEWS)

  8. Susan Perveno EVERITT (m. Jerome MERRELL)

  9. Molly Everitt (died young)

  10. John Lucious EVERITT (m. Laura Lenora WILLIAMS)

  11. Celestine EVERITT(m. Seth HAMILTON)

  12. Zera EVERITT (m. George William WOMACK)


  • The had 12 children. Mary Windham Everitt is buried at Homer Cemetery, AngeTX.


7. Hilary H. WINDHAM (b. Dec 11, 1844, MS; d. Oct 26, 1930, Frankston, AndeTX)
m. Missiline JONES "Lina" (b. Jan 4, 1847, Jones Prairie, PolkTX) c. 1863, AngeTX


  1. Ella WINDHAM (b. c. 1864, TX)

  2. Lottie E. WINDHAM (b. c. 1866, TX)

  3. Dicie E. WINDHAM (b. c. 1868, TX)

  4. Mary J. WINDHAM "Mollie" (b. c. 1870, TX)

  5. Henry F. WINDHAM (b. c. 1872, TX)

  6. Annie Laura WINDHAM (b. May 4, 1874, Crawford, McLeTX; m. Henry Murphey HUSTON (b. Sep 1874, TX))

  7. Emma C. WINDHAM (b. c. 1876, TX)

  8. Fannie L. WINDHAM (b. May 1878, TX)


  • He lived in San Augustine County, TX (1850) and Homer, AngeTX (1860)

  • From 1870 Angelina County, TX Census:
    Name Relation Marital
    Gender Race Age Birth
    Occ. Land
    Windham, Hilrie Self M Male W 25 MS Farmer $700
    Windham, Mrs. Missie Wife M Female W 23 TX Keeping
    Windham, Ella Dau S Female W 7 TX    
    Windham, Lottie Dau S Female W 5 TX    
    Windham, Dicie Dau S Female W 3 TX    
    Windham, Thomas   S Male W 13 TX Farm Labor  
    Blake, William   S Male W 13   Farm Labor  
    Blake, John   S Male W 9 TX    
    Blake, Dicie   S Female W 5 TX    

    I find that Tom Windham is listed as farm labor, which kind of indicates that he is not one of Hilery's sons. A nephew perhaps. Also, three Blake children living with them. Who do they belong to? 

  • From Betty M. Pierce of Brownwood, TX:
    Thomas Windham was selected as the first Probate Judge for Angelina County in 1846 and he also served as Postmaster for Fort Turan from 1856 to 1866. In the census for Homer, AngeTX, Thomas Windham, age 63 and born in South Carolina, is shown to have $3200 in land and a total worth of $15,000.

  • Tom and Dicey are buried in Angelina Co. TX.

  • On an Original Land Owners of Texas Abstract, Thomas B. Windham is shown to have owned 191 acres.

  • Thomas B. resided in Butler Co., AL (1840), AngeTX (1860). He was a member of Henderson's Company, Smith's Alabama Mounted Volunteers, during the Creek Indian War (1836-1837). He was Sheriff of Butler Co., AL 1835 through 1837. During the Civil War, he did not serve in the military as a regular soldier. Thomas was "pro-Rebel" in an area that not everyone wanted to take part in the War. He was a Captain in the Home Guard Patrol of Angelina Co., TX, during the Civil War. The Home Guard was a security unit whose duties were to keep order and to protect the citizens from any danger. The was a posse chosen from each justice precinct in the country and it was made up of a captain and several riders. The Angelina County Home Guard patrol was also known as the "Jayhawkers", after a similarly named unit in Kansas.

  • 1850 Census for St Augustine County, Texas lists:
    Name Relation Marital
    Gender Race Age Birth
    Occ Land
    Thomas Windham Self M Male W 53 SC Farmer $800
    Dicy Windham Wife M Female W 45 NC    
    Calvin Windham Son S Male W 26 AL Farmer  
    Susanna Windham Dau S Female W 10 AL    
    Ursula Windham Dau S Female W 13 AL    
    Mary Windham Dau S Female W 9 AL    
    Hilery Windham Son S Male W 7 MS    


  • 1860 Census for Angelina County (scan of page 1026a) lists:
    Name Relation Marital
    Gender Race Age Birth
    Occ Land
    Thomas D. Windham Self M Male W 62 SC   $3200
    Dicey Windham Wife M Female W 56 NC    
    Hilery Windham Son S Male W 15 MS    
    Mary Warneck ? S Female W 12 TX    
    Charlotte Warneck ? S Female W 11 TX    
    Clary Hunt ? S Female ? 8      
    Elizabeth Hunt ? S Female ? ?      


  • County/State Abbreviations:
    AndeTX - Anderson County, TX
    AngeTX - Angelina County, TX
    ButlAL - Butler County, AL
    ClayMO - Clay County, MO
    CopiMS - Copiah County, MS
    FallTX - Falls County, TX
    HarrTX - Harris County, TX 
    HindMS - Hinds County, MS
    HuntTX - Hunt County, TX
    KerrTX - Kerr County, TX
    McLeTX - McLennan County, TX
    McNaTN - McNairy County, TN
    NacoTX - Nacogdoches, TX
    PolkTX - Polk County, TX 
    SaAuTX - San Augustine County, TX
    SomeNJ - Somerset County, NJ

  • Page Sources:
    1. The Windham Connection by John B. Windham.

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