December 1893

The Daily Record, December

December 11, 1893, Monday:
Mr. John Hallman
Frequent mention has been made during the last few days, of the condition of Mr. John S. Hallman who, a few weeks ago was stricken with paralysis on one side. It was thought he would recover, but lately he had spells of unconsciousness and the stroke resulted fatally on Sunday. Deceased was 64 years, 6 months and a few days at the time of his death, and was one of the old pioneers of the district. He was an upright an upright man and highly respected. Funeral from his late residence, Church St., Wednesday, December 13, 1893, at 8:30 a.m. to proceed to the United Brethren Church, and thence to the old homestead in Wilmot for refreshments, leaving the old homestead at 2 p.m. and proceed to the Old Mennonite Church in Blenheim, where services will be held. [John Strome Hallman]

Decmber 15 1893, Friday:
Suffered A Stroke
Amos Hornsberger of Michigan, came over to Berlin to attend the funeral of his brother-in-law, the late J. S. Hallman who died of a paralytic stroke, and strange to tell he was himself stricken with paralysis of the right side to-day in his sister's house. [Amos Swartz Hunsberger]

December 16 1893, Saturday:
A Plebiscite
Taken in the County Council by the 'Record'
At the next municipal election an expression of public opinion will be taken throughout Ontario on the question of prohibition. Feeling a curiosity to know how the cat is likely to jump in Waterloo County, the Record took a plebiscite among the leading members of the County Council at the recent meeting and hereafter gives a synopsis of their opinion…
A. H. Erb, Reeve of Elmira, ………give a majority of probably 100 against.
Aaron Weber, Representative from North Woolwich,………little hads been said publically of the matter, but among the Mennonites ther is a feeling against coming out to vote; and they say to themselves that we send our barley to New york state to be made into beer, therefore it would be inconsistent to support prohibition at home.
"D. S. Snyder, Reeve of Woolwich………said not much interest is being taken in Central and South Woolwich.
F. Walters, Reeve of Wellesley, ………People in his district do not favour prohibition.
V.Otterbien, Heidelberg, ………the opinion that people in that district are oppsed to prohibition.
J. S. Hallman, Reeve of Wilmot, said that indifference prevails .……"

December 18 1893, Tuesday:
A Bad Fall
Rev. J. b. Bowman, Church street fell while proceeding along the sidewalk in front of the post office this morning and striking hi head with great force on the walk was rendered unconscious. He was taken home in a conveyance and a physician called in. At three o'clock in the afternoon he was still unconscious and no one was allowed to see him. We trust that his fall may not result seriously.

December 19 1893, Tuesday:
Lost A Finger
Mr E. Snider, Manager of the Berlin Pub. Co. had the misfortune to lose a finger by an accident this morning. About 11:30 o'clock, Mr. Snider, in company with an employee, was engaged in starting up the large press in their office, when he had his left hand caught in twp cogwheels, resulting in the loss of the third finger on his left hand. He was accompanied to Dr. Lackner's office where he had his hand dressed.

December 19 1893, Tuesday:
Personal Mention:
Rev. J. B. Bowman is recovering from his fall.
Mr. Hunsberger of Michigan, who was stricken with paralysis, on the mend. [Amos Swartz Hunsberger]

Mr. Sol. Reist, the teacher, is still very low, though a slight change for the better has been noted.

December 21 1893, Thursday:
Mr. D. S. Clemens formerly proprietor of the Sawmill at this place has sold out to Mr. Joseph Schantz. Mr Ezra Schantz will take charge of the business and run Sawmill and Jobber with new improvements. Mr Clemens has moved to Guelph with intention to start the same business at that place. [David Snyder Clemens]

December 27 1893, Wednesday:
Roseville Items:
Wedding Bells: - The residence of Mr. Ben Snyder, a short distance west of this place was the scene of a pretty wedding on Thursday afternoon the 12th inst. His daughter, Miss Tena, being married to Mr. Orlando Hallman of here, second eldest son of Menno Hallman, Esq. A large number of relatives and acquaintances were present. The Rev. Mr. Whittick of Plattsville was the officiating clergyman. That the bride was deemed a general favorite among a large circle of acquaintances was shown by the many handsome presents received, both from home and abroad. The following day Mr. And Mrs. Hallman left on a short honeymoon to Pennsylvania. [Orlando Groff Hallman]