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William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia

A Study of His Descendants

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This site is devoted to a comprehensive study of William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia and his descendants.  It is also a companion to the CLEMENT-Benjamin mail list.

Our purpose here is to document the descendants of William CLEMENT (d.1760).  The focus is a thorough chronicle of William CLEMENT, his children and grandchildren.  Documents pertaining to subsequent generations are also included.

This project is a collaborative effort.  It is a result of the contributions of knowledge and research of many William CLEMENT (d. 1760) descendants and allied family researchers. Your contribution to the body of knowledge is welcome, encouraged and solicited.

Surnames of second generation descendants are CLEMENT, FORD, MAJOR, and PIGG.

Additional surnames found in third generation descendants include ABSTON, BUTTERWORTH, CLEMENTS, EVANS, GILBERT, HUBBARD, MANN, OWEN, ROBERTSON, and TABB.

Currently, there is no known evidence to support ancestry for William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia.

Please contact us if you are a descendant or have reason to suspect you may be. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Pages of this site may be freely linked to.  Information from this site may be freely used by individuals for personal, private, non-commercial use only.  The entire compilation and arrangement of information located on this web site or any major portion thereof or the HTML Code for any page or major portion thereof may not be duplicated without consent.  The copyrights of any contributor's material remain with the contributor.

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