Calvary Cemetery, San Diego, CA

Calvary Cemetery, San Diego, CA

(now a part of Calvary Pioneer Memorial Park, aka Pioneer Park;
aka Catholic Cemetery, aka Mission Hills Cemetery, aka Old Catholic Cemetery)
1501 Washington Place, San Diego, CA 92103

"Dedicated to the Memory of Those Interred Within This Park"


Calvary Cemetery

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Calvary Cemetery is now a part of Calvary Pioneer Memorial Park which is located at 1501 Washington Place, San Diego, California 92103.  However, there are no signs at the park with a name or address. The park is adjacent to Ulysses S. Grant Elementary School, which is at 1425 Washington Place.

Calvary Cemetery (now a part of Calvary Pioneer Memorial Park) is in the community of Mission Hills which is part of the 'Uptown' community of the city of San Diego, California.

Click the items below to see different current and historical views of the Calvary Cemetery location.

Aerial view of the area

- view 1
  - view 2

Calvary Cemetery plot maps - created 1942
  Cemetery plot map (sheet 1 of 10)
  Section 1-North (sheet 2 of 10)
  Section 1-Central (sheet 3 of 10)
  Section 2 - North 2/3 of Section 2 (sheet 4 of 10)
  Section 2 - South 1/3 of Section 2 (sheet 5 of 10)
  Section 3 - North 2/3 of Section 3 (sheet 6 of 10)
  Section 3 - South 1/3 of Section 3 (sheet 7 of 10)
  Section 1-South (sheet 8 of 10)
  Section 5 - The Rows (sheet 9 of 10)
  Section 4 - Children's & Priest Plots (sheet 10 of 10)

Driving instructions

Legal Descriptions and maps of the property -

  Parcel # 443-640-11-00
  Miscellaneous Map No. 35 - Pueblo Lands
  Map No. 634 - Plan of North Florence Heights Addition to the City of San Diego, California, Surveyed May 1890
  Map No. 1115 - Map of Mission Hills, being a subdivision of a portion of Pueblo Lot "A" of the Pueblo Lands of the City of San Diego, California, Surveyed October - November 1907

San Diego County Assessor's Map Book 443, page index

  San Diego County Assessor's Map Book 443, page 64

Sanborn fire insurance maps

Topographical map of the area

U.S. Geological Survey National Mapping Information

Other items of interest related to Calvary Cemetery

  Map of Mount Hope Cemetery, San Diego, California
  Location of the gravestones that were taken from Calvary Cemetery in 1970 and buried at Mount Hope Cemetery.

  The City of San Diego Planning Department
    Uptown Community Profile
    Uptown Community 'Park and Open Space' Map
    Uptown Community Plan Land Use Map
    Uptown Historic Context and Oral History Report
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Calvary Cemetery, San Diego, CA

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