The Clements Surname DNA Project
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DNA testing is the most accurate means of proving or disproving the ancestral lines of male decendants of a given surname.

There is now a DNA project for the descendants of the surname Clements, Clemmons, and other spelling variations. Due to the specific type of DNA used for testing (Y chromosome DNA), only a male of these surnames can participate and determine if he is descended from one of the various early Clements immigrants to America by comparing the matches with known descendants of the various lines.

If you are a female interested in joining the project please encourage your father, brother, uncle or male cousin who is a Clements to take part.

International (UK, Ireland, etc.) Clements males are also highly encouraged to participate. Your participation will help our understanding of the origins of the various Clements lines, as well as help you understand the path your Clements cousins took to America.

We will be able to determine genetic matches by using the 12 marker DNA test through Family Tree DNA. A 25 or 37 maker test can be used for additional refinement

Project Background


Most of the major known early Clements lines in VA and MD are represented in the project, most by two or more matching participants. All of the early lines have been thoroughly researched by family members who have been working on their Clements ancestry for years. The findings of their years of research have now been substantiated by DNA results. Just two of the major early immigrant lines in VA and MD are not yet represented by multiple DNA participants. And we need some Northern lines to be tested.

Project Goals

The major lines of early Clements missing from the project are a goal to be realized. Notably, a second descendant of Francis Clements of Isle of Wight Co VA, and another proven participant descended from Benjamin of Gloucester Co VA, as well as some of the larger, better known Northern lines, especially those whose later generations were found in the Southern migration, are an addition greatly desired to complete the cross section of Clements ancestors in America.

We are particularly looking for descendants from 3 lines, and we will pay for the test for a proven descendant of these lines; a Clement line from early Haverhill MA; a proven cousin of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain); and a proven descendant of the brothers Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and James Clements who migrated from Hunterdon Co NJ to Augusta Co VA in 1740.

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This same type of project has been underway in several other families with great success.

DNA is the greatest genealogical tool available to modern researchers. Please consider joining the project.


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The administrators of this project and the webmaster of this site are amateur genealogy researchers. No one but Family Tree DNA receives any payment (for the testing services) associated with the project. We are not associated with Family Tree DNA on a financial basis, and we maintain the project and this site as volunteers to further the cause of Clements family research.

For questions or comments, email Mike Clemmons