I decided to set up this page to document the family genealogy I’ve managed to find over the past few years of searching, and will continue to update the site with new discoveries.


It might take me a little while to get all the information I have up on here but will try updating a bit more each day.


The best place to start, I suppose, is a little information about myself.


I was born at 9pm on 16 October 1961, in my maternal grandfathers house at 16 Cromlix Road, Perth, Scotland. So the start of my family tree looks like this:



     James Craik Clephane

  b. 16/10/1961

(Perth, Scotland)


                                         |                                                              |

                         Duncan Taylor Clephane                             Doreen Gairns Craik       

                                    b. 06/05/1936                                           b. 23/05/1932


According to my birth certificate my father’s occupation was Motor Lorry Driver and my parents were married on 27 February 1960.


I’ve compiled a quick summary of the genealogy of my parents as far back as I have traced so far which can be viewed here.