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Family Names

AYERS, Jacob: 1799, York County

BARTON, John: 1810 York County

BENDER, Hans Adam: 1732 Lancaster County

BERKENBINE, Leah: 1821 Lancaster County - Do you know her family?

BUNTING, Mary: 1788 York County - Do you know her family?

DAY, Cristopher: Abt. 1651 Bucks County

GEIST, Philip: 1763 Lancaster County

GILBERT, William: Abt. 1747 Bucks County

GROVE, Abraham: 1848 York County

HARNISH, Martin: 1802 Lancaster County

KINZER, Jacob: 1709 Lancaster County

LOWE, Hugh: England

MORRIS, William: 1792 

STOKES, Joseph H: Abt. 1807 York County

SCHONBERGER, Balthasar: Abt. 1690 York County

WEIDLER, Michael: 1704 Lancaster County

WILSON, John: 1722 York County

Other Family Names I have knowledge of and original publications on. See books I own on Favorites.

ALDEN, John: The Pilgrim

CLARKE, John: England

FRANCISCO, Hendrick: 1700

FRIERMOUTH, John Adam: England

KYES, Asahel: 1764 Connecticut

MELVIN, Daniel: 1781 Maine

MYER, Christian: 1708 Germany

SMITH, Joshua: 1835 from England

STRATTON, Harvey: Canada

Please let me know of any broken links and if corrections are needed for any family lines. As you know our work in genealogy is never done.

Cheryl Grove McCosker, 1999. Last update02/02/2000

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