Heirs of Hannah
Hannah's farm sold to Thomas Hartley:

At her death, Hannah appears to have owned a total of 180 acres of land. This deed transfer accounts for 160 of those acres. (The other 20 acres were sold by the heirs of Hannah Beall to Roy Hermon in October 1910 for $800.00.) This 160 acres included 80 acres in Section 19 on which the house, barn and other improvments stood plus 80 unimproved acres in Section 20 across the road. Incidentally, the 80 acres across the road in section 20 is the 80 that contained the rock near the James Hermon farm which Ross Hermon liked to use as target practice. Amazingly, these two 80 acres plots of land sold for $20,000 in 1913.

It appears, incidentally, that on the basis of the notary statements William, the eldest son, was the one to travel to Winterset to complete this deal.

One of the more interesting things revealed by this document is that William and his wife Clara were still living in New Mexico in 1913 after the rest of the Beall clan had moved to Oklahoma (except for Fred and his wife Martha who were already living in Oklahoma before the rest of the clan moved to New Mexico.)

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